While You Were Sleeping

I am getting so tired of putting my contacts on in the morning. This is the price of vanity. I'm also tired of waking up in the morning. But I don't get tired of waking up to a whole heap of gaming news. (Sometimes I get tired of waking up to a whole heap of gaming news.)

There's more Ouya news (Ouya is noise Street Fighter 2 characters make when they get knocked out). First off the Ouya Kickstarter has ended with bloody millions in the bank. Good job guys. And with that, it's now possible to pre-order the Ouya console, which is kinda the same as giving them a certain amount of money on Kickstarter.

This is the greatest studio logo ever. Seriously.

This is errythang you need to know about Halo 4's guns (that wasn't a typo, I'm trying to type like a rapper) and here are some details you may have missed in the new Black Ops II trailer.

In Short Epic Games Announced Best Studio Logo Ever You Might Have Missed These Important Details In That New Black Ops II Trailer Ouya's Ridiculously Successful Kickstarter Ends With Millions In The Bank Everything You Wanted Or Needed To Know About Halo 4's Guns You Can Now Pre-Order The Ouya Console


    Also while you were sleeping Blizzard got hacked

    Now that people have binged on Ouya, can we please rescue Shadowrun Online before its Kickstarter fails?

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