Dawnguard Has Been Released, And So We Return To Skyrim

Today marked the release of the first piece of downloadable content for Bethesda's world-crushing RPG Skyrim. It's called Dawnguard, and as you may have heard… bats are involved.

However, not all of us got to play the game today — specifically, those of us who play the game on PS3 or PC, since Dawnguard is exclusive to the Xbox 360 for an unspecified amount of time. We can only live vicariously through the coverage of others. And you know what? That's just what we're going to do here.

Everyone with Skyrim and an Xbox 360 has returned to the tundra, fields and mountains of Tamriel's most Vikingish province, where they either became a Vampire Lord or joined the Dawnguard, presumably to try to kill Vampire Lords. (Again, I ask you: who the heck is going to play as Dawnguard?)

Actually, that merits more than a parenthetical. I really want to know. What are you first going to play if and when you get Dawnguard?

"How to Get the Crossbow."

The title says it all! This welcomely straightforward video shows how to obtain a crossbow in Dawnguard.

So that's that. Happy Dawnguarding, Xbox owners! Get your yuks in on us PC folks while you can, and try not to fall through the world.


    I'm playing as dawnguard...

    Well it won't be exclusive for that long I'm sure and in the meantime I still have the imperial playthrough to do. Also I'll do it with SkyUI installed so the interface is far better. Seriously, the original interface was pretty bad even with the console limitations, it felt like a placeholder

    Definitely playing as Dawnguard. I hate vampires haha.

    Dawnguard, vampire ra ra raaaa WHAT ABOUT THE AMPHIBIOUS DRAGONS?

    Vampire all the way baby. Fiiinaly be able to walk around during the day in towns and not get attacked on sight.

    That got really old really fast. Least now i will only get molested if i go VAMPIRE LORD ON YOUR ASSES when people are looking, haha

      no they will attack u too lol im going dawnguard

    Bought Witcher 2 at the JB sale, so for the moment I'm playing... Geralt.

    I'm currently a werewolf.... so I can't get infected and become a vampire, unless some how I can become a Vampire Lord who can also transform into a werewolf made of bats?

      when you "choose" to be a vampire in dawnguard it gets rid of your werewolf blood

    when will it be out for ps3 and how do you get it

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