EA Confirms Battlefield 3 Premium

While this trailer spilled the beans a little early, EA has today confirmed its Battlefield 3 Premium service, allowing users to pay for stuff like new dog tags, DLC bundles and upcoming expansions that include motorbikes amongst other things.

It'll cost you $US50.


    It's been confirmed for awhile now and for any Aussies wondering on the price, it's $50 AU which is pretty decent seeing as earlier claims had the price at $80 AU.

      That's odd, I remember reading that as well, it should be AU$50.
      Might be because they haven't changed the price yet (as of 8am today).

    Neras: it says in the article $50USD not $50AU ...

    Personally EA and their greed have put me off buying and more games in this series.

    I hate DLC, but this offers all the DLC's for 50.
    So i am tempted by this cause i do enjoy BF3.

    79.95 for the premium content is too much for me, but, i did notice that when you read the terms n conditions it states
    this content can be activated on two consoles.
    Can anyone confirm if this means my brother and i can just go halves and each recieve the new content on our console?

      Do you have it on PS3? If so, then yes, you will both be able to get the Map Packs. Although I am unsure if you both gain Premium Status

      No. It means you can play it on up to 2 consoles. If you need to play it on a 3rd console you will need to deactivate your account on one of the other consoles first, but it is still tied to your gaming profile.

    Bought and paid for. $50Aus plus like $2 gst or something

      dude, it is still clearly 79.95, at least on the playstation store.

        It's $50AUD on store.origin.com; bought and confirmed at that price

    Will not buy, cant even re-sell my BF3 copy for Playstation as the online code is single use. Do Blu-Rays burn well?
    If you look really closely, you can see the death of gaming in slow motion.

      You would have thought buying it new and getting your 'online pass' would be enough to get all the DLC included, I'd be happy with that business model, and it would serve them well also. Not buy it new, get an online pass, now buy another pass for as much as the game again. And what about those of us that already have B2K, is there a discount? I dont want to pay for something that should have been included on disk twice.

    Yeah, i think now i have had some time consider it i agree with you. I will buy CQ when it is available, but im not outlaying the amount of cash equivalent to a new game for something i cant fully play and experience until march 2013. I also think its a joke they have the CQ map pack release date as 4/6, yet if your to buy the premium pack you still cant play them until the 12th, looks like false advertising to me.

    I blacked out. When i awoke - i had purchased Battlefield Premium.

    Just went to buy and it's ACTUALLY $80. Booo-uurns!!

    For the PC, will we be paying 50 or 80?

    Yeah, I really wanna know if its gonna be $50 on the PC

    Well it's definitely $50 on Origin.

    theres been adds on the playstation store for at least a week.

      What price was it advertised as?

    lol 79.95
    30 more than America
    it costs alot to ship it over here

    $49.99 AUD on the Origin store, i just checked

    Ea is coping a massive backlash on the battlelog forums from your Aussie readers and gamers! People are filthy about the price disparity!
    New thread, with all important info in the OP!

    This thread was over 1400 posts long before mods locked it!

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