How To Find Out Just How Many Hours You’ve Spent Playing Games On Steam

How To Find Out Just How Many Hours You’ve Spent Playing Games On Steam

While Steam tracks the time you’ve spent playing individual titles, it doesn’t keep track of how much time you’ve spent on the service overall. For some, that’s probably for the best, but just in case you actually want to see that tally, now there’s a way.

This handy site lets you enter a Steam ID then wham, your total playing stats are presented, along with some very nice pie charts breaking everything down in picture form.

A word of warning, though: it actually didn’t work for me, so if you’ve got a lot of Steam games, don’t freak out if you get a “0 hours played” result.

Steam Profile Analysis [Lambent Stew, thanks everyone who sent this in!]


  • It is quite a legitimate site. You have to insert the name of your steam URL, not your steam name.

    • no need to be ashamed. I spent 1000 hours on TF2 + M&B + DA:O alone. Then I still have to add all the games I spend roughly 100 hours on like DD, Torchlight, Oblivion etc. In total I’ve probably spent close to 3000 hours on steam games

  • If you have a space in your name, use an underscore. At first I failed, then I was able to get it to return data. For some reason though I can’t sign into steam anymore.

  • Also, the statistics obviously have some kind of use-by-date as I have played far more of some older games than I have of some of the ones listed as my primary titles.

  • “While Steam tracks the time you’ve spent playing individual titles”

    No it doesn’t. At least not with any accuracy.
    I have games I play most weeks that show total time played going up and down by varying ammounts each time I play, and my two most played games both claim I haven’t played since January.
    Steam’s player tracking stats are waaayyyy out for me and most (but not all) of my friends.

    • I think it depends on whether or not your game uses things like GFWL etc. Those games’ playtime tend to be really really off. The games that are directly from steam are usually very accurate.

  • 1672, although very ashamed of the 43% of my 70 games I haven’t played yet. Its a bit bs cause all my HL/HL2 hours aren’t accounted for. In fact i think more than 50% of the ones I have never played have been played extensively or finished completely.

    • I couldn’t get it to work even with the guide but i found that chucking
      in the URL bar and replacing “awfurious” with my own username worked for me ^_^

  • Only 355 hours for me so that’s pretty weak.
    Coming into pile of shame month:
    Played: 18.3%
    Never Played: 81.7%
    Likewise with Grant, DAMN THOSE BUNDLES!!

  • OMG,
    926 total hours…..but 129 playing Alien Swarm….how did that happen three solid weeks wasted playing Alien Swarm…

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