Apparently, I've Spent $5825 On Steam

Image: Valve

Steam this week unveiled a rather depressing little tool: the ability to see precisely how much money you've spent on your Steam account.

This isn't new, exactly: third-party tools have offered similar functionality, gauging the value of your Steam account against the cost of the games in it. That's never been quite accurate, however, as it couldn't tell whether you bought a game on sale or at full RRP.

Plus, there's something a little more secure about having this tool within Steam's garden itself. I'd rather not link my account to other third parties if I can help it, and since Steam already has my password and details on file, why not go down the rabbit hole and see just how much money I've burned? (The amount you're looking for is "TotalSpend".)

$US4300.73, or $5825.79.

Jesus wept. That said, I have had a Steam account since 2003. Nearly six grand on video games over 15 years only amounts to just over $388 a year, which is about $32 or so a month. Or six major game releases a year, if you're thinking about stuff in the $60-70 category.

That's actually not too bad.

But what about yourselves? How much have you sunk into the black pits of your Steam Library?


    $7500, also a day one 2003 account.

      I guess that's just over $10,000 AUD, although it's not really fair to use the current exchange rate as comparison since we had parity for a while a few years back.

      I'm not sure how accurate it is since it seems to think I've only spend $200 and I'm sure that's not right. While I boycott Steam where I can (three cheers for GOG) I've definitely spent more than that.

      Also day one account.

        Just occurred to me, is the total spend stuff you've bought *through* steam or does it count retail boxed versions? I much prefer physical media so I've got a heap of games bought at EB but technically they're steam games. Maybe it's not counting them towards the total?

          It won't include retail boxes, just money that went through Steam. It can't know how much you spent at retail.

            That number makes more sense then. It's only the odd steam sale bargain that I buy through steam itself. I kinda don't want to know how many thousand I've spent at EB though.

    TotalSpend 2018-05-15 00:30:14.007 $4,035.59
    OldSpend 2018-05-15 00:30:14.007 $3,307.48

    TotalSpend 2018-06-07 07:00:56.293 $938.45
    OldSpend 2018-06-07 07:00:56.293 $783.48

    Lucky me I guess, but I wonder if there's also amount spent on other sites like GOG, humblebundle, PSN, XBox Live and Nintendo eShop

    $33,335.67 since 2006.

    I had another account from 2003 that was on an email of an ISP that disappeared, and for some reason couldn't recover. That being said, all it had was Counter-Strike 1.6 on it so meh.


      Have you got kids?

        Nope. Still no time to play most of it still, lol.

        No one tells you you can have money to buy the things but no time, or time but no money to buy the things. >

          i feel your pain mate.
          7 years ago i had all the time and no money
          now i have all the money and no time

          and 2 kids to boot.

          Enjoy it and finish a game or two for me

      Found the guy that bought all that Train Simulator DLC

        Oh man, you'd REALLY need to love trains for that. TS DLC puts even X-Plane and Flight Simulator to shame for DLC costs.

      Was looking for someone to top my twelve and a half grand total. Glad there's at least one!

      Came for this. Wasn't disappointed.

      Good god man!

    TotalSpend $5,137.35
    OldSpend $3,087.05

    What I could do with that kind of money now.... I swear I still haven't played half the games in my library either.

    $3.9K US since... 2004 maybe though I never really started buying many games until a few years after that. It's actually lower than I expected but then I tend to usually only buy games during sales so I've probably saved a lot of money by doing so.

    Total Spend $352.83
    Old Spend $146.58

    I've got over 650 games on my account, so I can only imagine what I've spent on humble bundles and other sites, but I can't imagine its too outrageous.

    $1912.25 USD

    I feel like a lightweight compared to some people here, do you guys all buy your games at full price or something?

    Also does this estimate the cost on games you bought elsewhere and just input a key? Now that I think about it the vast majority of the full price new release games I put into steam I buy from other places either physically or key sites such as Fantatical or Greenman Gaming.

    Around $5K for me over a decade, I would expect it to be higher but this total doesn't include redeemed keys and that's been 95% of my steam spend for years now.

    Only $980, I imagine if I actually had a decent computer and didn't use my PS4 instead that figure would be a lot higher.

    Man I'm efficient compared to some here!

    TotalSpend 2018-06-19 07:36:59.147 $4,623.51
    OldSpend 2018-06-19 07:36:59.147 $3,385.23

    Mind you, I made a vow to get through my backlog and not buy new games until older ones are finished. Still, that's a lot of money for me since 2004.

    TotalSpend 2018-06-20 02:00:27.067 $13,492.30
    OldSpend 2018-06-20 02:00:27.067 $7,447.53


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    TotalSpend 2018-05-26 06:52:59.833 $926.47
    OldSpend 2018-05-26 06:52:59.833 $777.34
    PWSpend 2018-05-26 06:52:59.833 $0.00

    I'm really surprised. I've had a steam account since HL2 came out. I'm REALLY surprised to be honest. I've always been pretty frugal with games, always looked for deals but damn. Did not expect that.

    "Your purchase could not be completed because it looks like you already own one of the games you are trying to buy. Please check your account and your cart to verify you are buying an item you do not already own."

    Member since November 2004 and my total spend is $451.82.

    Like a lot of others here, my 290 games on Steam was mainly built up with a mixture of Humble Bundles and holiday specials.

      Okay, you got me curious, so I logged into my Humble account and checked that out.

      Total Humble spend is $378.37

      That makes the amount I've spent on my entire Steam collection : $830.19*
      Average cost per game : $2.86

      *Doesn't include the cost of Half Life 2, the only game I've bought retail and added to my Steam account.

    TotalSpend 2018-06-11 11:55:05.607 $1,064.73
    OldSpend 2018-06-11 11:55:05.607 $790.89
    PWSpend 2018-06-11 11:55:05.607 $0.00

    247 games over 11 years, but as others have said a LOT of them came from Humble Bundles and trading.

    What does the OldSpend bit mean??

      Just worked out GOG and Humble Bundle too, $63 and $263, so $1390 over 11 years. Pretty good really, although I didn't have a PC for at least 3 of those years.

    TotalSpend 2018-06-09 18:40:49.077 $44.16
    OldSpend 2018-06-09 18:40:49.077 $0.00
    PWSpend 2018-06-09 18:40:49.077 $0.00

    Okay. Not bad for 400+ games.
    My Humble Bundle and Bundle Stars accounts however...

    This also appears to be the same amount at the top of the "STORE & PURCHASE HISTORY" section on your Account Details page, but it's already done the currency conversion for you.

    TotalSpend 2018-06-12 02:11:59.263 $3,907.19
    OldSpend 2018-06-12 02:11:59.263 $2,875.00

    Member since 3 February, 2012.

    $4K USD in 6 years...

    $968 so not too bad as most of my games were bargain hunts in the steam sales I very rarely buy any pc games over $20. I also have a fair few humble bundles but even then its still not that much considering I have over 500 games

    TotalSpend 2018-05-21 22:06:33.257 $152.43
    OldSpend 2018-05-21 22:06:33.257 $152.43
    PWSpend 2018-05-21 22:06:33.257 $0.00

    Started 2007 with the Orange Box. I win the no prize!

    I have 1,339 games in my steam account ( i know i bought two too many lol) and I'm only at $3,697.66. I seriously can't believe the amounts some people have spent on steam - I just wait for a steam sale or buy the keys elsewhere, don't think I have ever bought a game on release through steam with their horrendous USD prices.

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    $0 - don’t even have a steam account.

    But I’d be interested to see my Xbox/psn/Nintendo spend

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