I’m An Indie Developer, Give Me Cheap Tickets To See Indie Game: The Movie!

I’m An Indie Developer, Give Me Cheap Tickets To See Indie Game: The Movie!

Indie Game: The Movie — we already let you guys and girls know that Sydney was having a showing of this movie a couple of weeks back, but now it looks as though there was enough demand for a second showing. So if you’re interested in heading to watch the acclaimed documentary with a group of like-minded people, this is your chance.

Also — for the Indie Developers among you, there’s actually an ‘I’ve got no money because I’m indie’ reduced ticket price! For you guys it’s only $5! That’s a pretty solid price.

Now how can I go about pretending I’m an Indie developer…


  • Saw this at ACMI in Melbourne on Friday, it was great even though I can hardly develop a board game on a coffee table. Amazing access to the developers lives, especially the super meat boy team on the eve of launch. See it!

    • I was also there and agree with all the above statements. If you haven’t already got a ticket go and get one! Even if you’re not an indie dev!

          • The audience laughing at the moments that weren’t supposed to be funny, however, was significantly less than great. People didn’t seem to understand the tone in some scenes. That being said, amazing film, made incredible by Jim Guthrie. Best end credits music.

  • Brillant movie. It made me fall in love with the Team Meat guys, and made me slightly converned for the well being of Mr Fish.

  • I was also there at ACMI and I thought it was an excellent film. It’s truly a tribute to some amazing developers. Well worth the price of admission.

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