The Humble Indie Bundle 7 Contains Cool Games (And A Movie)

The Humble Indie Bundle 7 Contains Cool Games (And A Movie)

It seems like the THQ Humble Bundle just finished up yesterday, but now there’s a new bundle. As per the usual, it features a large number of quality games you may or may not have played. It also featured a movie.

That movie is, of course, Indie Game: The Movie — a movie which I thoroughly enjoyed. If you haven’t seen it, and you haven’t played some of the games on the list, this is a pretty decent bundle all round.

The total list of products on the bundle are…

Dungeon Defenders (plus DLC) Legend of Grimrock Snapshot The Binding of Isaac (plus DLC) Closure Indie Game: The Movie Shank 2 (unlocks if you pay more than the average)

The current average price is $6.15, and over 65,000 bundles have been sold at time or writing.


  • Nice!

    I implore everyone to get this for Binding of Isaac. Such an amazing (although messed up) game.

    Indie Game: The Movie is a good one too, definitely worth checking out and it’ll make you appreciate certain games more (while simultaneously making you dislike one).

    Also here’s the link for convenience:

    For once the bundle isn’t broken up into Bundle + Paid over average packs for Steam keys. The games are individual. So feel free to buy it and gift away games you already have/don’t want 😀

    • Snapped this up the second I got the email!

      Funny thing is this is the first time the keys have been individual and also the first time I own NONE of the games. So I won’t be giving away any!

  • Just correcting – it’s Dungeon Defenders and the Legend of Grimrock that you unlock by paying extra. The asterisk next to Shank 2 references that it’s in beta on the Mac.

    • I can’t remember if the last copy of BoI I got included the DLC. I’ll probably just give it away since I’ve only played it for like 5 minutes anyways.

        • I agree it’s amazing but I’ve been doing other things. I FFFFUUUUU-‘d so hard when I got the spider eyes powerup (for extra shots/tears) in my first playthrough, before I realised it was a roguelike/randomly generated dungeon and I died carelessly while still learning the controls and didn’t get them on any of my subsequent attempts.

          • The Mutant Spider is a pretty common pick-up. When you squander a Mom’s Knife + chocolate milk, then you will know real pain.

          • I apparently only have 27 minutes logged on BoI on steam, so I didn’t know that. Thanks for the heads up! 🙂

  • I’ve skipped the last couple bundles (mainly because i’m not a PC gamer) but I will buy this for BoI and IG:TM.

  • The problem with the last few bundles is these are all games that have been out for some time and have already been bought by thousands of people.. it’s really started to stretch the line on what the Humble Bundle was about to begin with.. these are not new starter indie developers needing the financial support of the Humble Bundle framework anymore.. sure, the same philosophy is there.. get money for developers and charity.. but the games on offer don’t seem to be reflecting the original idea.

    • If you take that stance, then it’s been stretched since day 1. Even the first HIB included titles that had already been in the marketplace for some time, or released by established indie developers.

  • I bought the last bundle, and had an issue immediately. Super Meat Boy was not playable in full-screen mode, or even a large window, just a small window that took up approximately one quarter of the screen. There was no way to adjust this. Pretty disappointing. I won’t be buying another bundle.

    • Really? I’ve had no issues running SMB in fullscreen. Did you redeem a steam code or install it manually? It shouldn’t make a difference but maybe it does?

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