Minecraft... As Gooey Cute Japanese Anime

With the Xbox Live version of Minecraft, anime fans thought now would be as good a time as any for this. What's this? This is anime Haiyore! Nyaruko-san mashed with Minecraft. The original light novel and anime stars a Cthulhu deity named Nyaruko and the title refers to "crawling" or "creeping".

Fittingly, the mash-up is titled Haiyore! Creeper-san.

It looks like the original anime opening has been wiped from YouTube — a shame because it's amusing. You can catch glimpses of it in this live concert footage in which the theme was performed.

【Minecraft】匠曰く爆ぜよハウス(HD) [YouTube]


    That's weird as hell... But I'd watch it

    what the hell did i just see!?

    Okay... the ending was brilliant. The whole thing was, really.

    hahahaha, I've just finished watching the series It's based off on crunchyroll "streaming site" and they got this down good XD
    but yea, do not want creepers >_>

    Hahaha ending has a nice spin to it compared to the actual anime, now if only they could some how rework and entire episode, now that would be awesome.

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