New Super Mario Bros. 2 Gets An Aussie Release Date

There is a competition in my house. It's a slow burn competition. It's a 'let's see which handheld can collect the most dust' competition. At the moment the 3DS is in the lead, mainly because I spent a fair amount of time playing that awesome Rayman game in bed. Pretty soon, however, I expect the 3DS to get the feather duster treatment, because New Super Mario Bros. 2 has an official release date for Australia and New Zealand!

That release date is August 18.

Seriously, it's about time I had a reason to play my 3DS again, because I actually really like the thing. I thought Super Mario 3D Land was actually one of the best games of 2011.

I just need more games for it, because it takes something special for me to actually seek out the device and carry it on my person instead of just relying on iOS games on the train.

August can't come soon enough as far as I'm concerned.


    Super Mario Land 3D nearly made me cry. After spending years online arguing "there's a difference between 'childish' and 'suitable for all ages'", it's the first Mario game that's made me think "Wow, this is... really made for children."

      Didn't realise you had played it yet. Or are you just using your psychic abilities?

        I've never played it or heard anybody make this critisism.
        What about it makes it more "for children" than other Mario platforming games?

        It's never been an issue i've had with any of the Mario games. Even games like Mario Party which are clearly aimed at children (in a narrative sense).

        " Super Mario 3D Land was actually one of the best games of 2011"

      Same here. I finished it in a few hours, and I had it hundred percented within 3 days. Sadly, the final level wasn't challenging, it was cheap. You had to jump IN to the screen, and determing depth was a bloody nightmare so I was like... meh, fuck this then.

    Cannot wait! Also cannot wait for the Wii U.

    You mean you haven't been playing Kid Icarus, RE Revelations or Shinobi? Tsk!

    I don't know what it is, but I just can't seem to get into the latest Rayman.. It's very tightly made and I should love it but there's something missing I can't quite put my finger on

    My 3DS isn't collecting dust, but that's sadly only because of the Ambassedor Program, and enjoying Metroid and Yoshis Island more than a majority of 3DS games. Waiting for Paper Mario, Luigi's Mansion and Animal Crossing before my 3DS can really be a part of my handheld family. That, or Sonic Generations to get a decent price drop. It has a remake of my favourite Sonic level that the console version didn't get. /shake fist

    yay, for a minute I was worried that they'd do something stupid and release it a month after Europe.

    Having said that I'll probably still import for the cheaper price (out of 8 3DS games, 2 are local copies) so will end up waiting anyway.

    They should totally make a "New Super Mario Bros. 2" which is based off of the 'Yume Kōjō: Doki Doki Panic' Super Mario 2.
    Modern day turnip throwing.

    What?! What exactly could you be playing on the Vita that could cause that to collect LESS dust? The 3DS isn't exactly overflowing with titles but compared to the Vita it's an erupting volcano.

    I just finished 3D Land last week (you play a level at a time) although I prefer Mario's 3D adventures - I'll still get this.

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