This Magic Film Can Turn Your iPhone Into A 3DS (Well, Sorta)

With the 3DS, Nintendo brought us 3D imagery without the use of dopey glasses. Now, a company in Japan has developed a peripheral that can turn your iPhone into an instant 3D device.

At the Wireless Japan 2012, an expo for wireless and smartphone devices and apps, Nippon System Project displayed its new "Picasso 3D Film". The film is like most screen-protecting films that you can stick to your iPhone of iPod touch. The only difference is, by applying it to your mobile device, it turns an otherwise 2D screen into a 3D-compatible screen.

The film utilises parallax barrier technology, much like the Nintendo 3DS, to create the illusion of 3D. Even if you have no 3D content on your iPhone, Nippon System Project has a free app available that will allow you to utilise your phone's camera to take and create 3D pictures of your own. There are also apps for converting images and video to 3D. The film is available for the iPhone 4/4S and iPod touch for ¥3990 ($52). Models for the Galaxy S II Android phone, PS Vita, MacBook Air, iMac and the Panasonic Let's Note laptop are currently in development.

Apparently, 3D effect of the Picasso 3D Film is a little less impressive compared to 3D-specific devices like the 3DS. Even so, the ability to conveniently slap it on and have an instant 3D device is quite appealing. It could also allow for the development of 3D games for consoles that have been traditionally 2D. As gimmicky as 3D technology in itself can seem, the potential for such a 3D-enabling film is quite exciting.

スマホに貼り付けるだけで裸眼3D視聴を可能にする「Picasso 3D フィルム」 [gigazine]


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