Watch These Guys Beat Diablo III On Its Most Unforgiving Difficulty Setting

You may think that you play Diablo III, clicking on enemies and looting bodies, but there's a good chance you're actually playing a kiddie version of the game.

At the game's higher difficulty levels, it opens up into something far more difficult and engaging than its borderline Facebook-game-level normal difficulty. And at Inferno, Diablo III's highest difficulty, the game becomes a nonstop adreanaline rush of near-death, where the tiniest enemy can lay your character low.

(Or, like, so I've heard. I'm still in the kiddie pool.)

If you want to make the game even harder core, you can play Inferno difficulty on "hardcore" mode, where if your character dies a single time, he or she is dead forever and you lose all of your gear and progress. As we saw last week, losing a high-level character on hardcore mode… well, it sucks.

Die-hard Diablo-heads Kripp & Krippi have become the first gamers ever to beat the game's final boss on inferno difficulty in hardcore mode. According to Kripp, they decided to beat the game before Blizzard's 1.0.3 patch "nerfed" Inferno and made the bosses easier.

"We wanted to beat the game when it was hard, at its hardest point possible," Kripp says in his livestream. Dude. Yes.

When they got word that Blizzard would be pushing out the update (which had other egregious problems than just its difficulty nerfing) the next day, they knew that their time was running out.

The video above shows the final boss fight (spoilers, obviously), but for a real treat, watch this longer video from's archived livestream.

My hat is off to you, gentlemen. Holy crap.


    apparently they werent the first... as spoiled by a twitter post by a blizzard employee.

      He latter appologized for that tweet and confirmed that they were in fact the first

      Then taken back by the same blizzard employee as a mistake on his part. He was reading a spreadsheet of people who had unlocked Inferno, not those that had cleared it. They are the first:

      Bashiok admitted that he was wrong about that.

      The act skipping glitch makes it a bit murkier if they did it first or not. First legitimate Diablo kill, maybe not first actual Diablo kill.

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