What Are You Playing The Weekend

Dear friends, I've done a silly thing. After golding every track on Trials Evolution. I said I would stop. But I didn't. It's still the only game I play. I'm now attempting to get Platinums, and it's a seriously slippery slope.

But I do have plans to play other games if I get the time — mainly Gravity Rush on the PlayStation Vita and Max Payne 3. I'm pretty close to finishing, and I might as well see it through now.

I'm imagining that you guys are pretty sick of me waffling on about Trials, so I'll leave now. Kindly inform me of your fully sick gaming plans for the weekend in the comments.


    I started inFamous during the week and I've just completed the first island. So I'll see how close I can go to finishing it this weekend. Don't love the game as much as I was expecting, but it's enjoyable enough to see through to the end. Don't think I'll be playing the sequel afterwards unless it dramatically improves over the next few hours though.

    I also need to put some more time into multiplayer Diablo III.

    And of course I will spend a couple of hours on Trials Evo to chip away at the tournament/extreme golds and other platinums, while staying at the top of the mokoTAYbikeu leaderboards!

      What are you up to in Diablo? I've got a lvl 58 Monk that I've been jumping around Acts 2 and 3 of Hell difficulty with (need to really just do all of the Act 2 quests already) and a lvl 50 Witch Doctor in Act 1 Hell that really needs some better gear, or to just be a better class of character entirely.

      Seriously, what's with the cooldowns on the WD?

        I have a level some-teen monk at the start of Act II and that's it. I just haven't had much inclination to sit at my laptop to play in the past couple of weeks.

        My brother has a comparable character and is free to play most nights when I feel like it, but let me know if you want to catch up and play! You should have my email around somewhere, look me up on battle.net.

          I have some low level characters that I could easily get up to where you are. I'll track down your email later and add you.

      It does get better the more powers you unlock. InFamous 2 is also a very good game as well as the DLC - Festival of Blood.

      I only hit lvl 30 on my Monk last night, so more Diablo 3 for me!

        I went straight from 1 to 2 and was thoroughly fatigued by it just a couple of hours into 2. Haven't gone back yet.

          I had the same problem. Will probably go back to Infamous 2 at some point though. I did rather enjoy the first game.

        Wait till you guys hit inferno with the monk :( my little guy is getting smashed in act 1! Make sure you save up gold throughout the earlier difficulties to buy sime gear for inferno...

          I'll be farming Act 4 and Whimsyshire in Hell for a while. Love the One with Everything passive. Been stacking Poison Resist and getting some damned good damage mitigation out of it. Barely threatened by anything in Hell at the moment but my DPS is a little low.

            Yeh good move. I'm going back to farming hell act 3 and 4 as well. My dps is at 9k at the moment unbuffed and my res is at 320 but it should be at around 17k dps and 600 res for inferno :(

      Personally I loved infamous. It's not for everyone though, If by now you're not entirley sold, I doubt you'll find the remainder of the game anything fantastic. Having siad that, I personally think infamous 2 was the better game. Cool story and new powers.

    I'm getting as much time in with Diablo 3 before Shameless Gaming Month kicks in.

    just finished lollipop chainsaw so nothing gotta find something to play

    I am playing The Footkill game. Aka, Supanova. Tonight, I play the Don't Sleep Til Costume's Finished game.

    These games suck.

    Up to extreme difficulty in MGS2 while collecting dogtags. Just about up to Fatman (first proper boss fight) so we'll see how I fare. Not looking forward to the end of the game with the tengu fight and metal gear rays fight :S

    After that I'll probably move onto Dead Space. That's the next on my pile of shame anyway

    I'm gonna try and get The Secret World beta running on my ancient lappy. And maybe make more smoked salmon, because that rocked last weekend.

      I've been asking everywhere how that went. You promised you'd let me know...I asked in TAY and in Monday's "While You Were Sleeping", and in Tuesday's thing about how people spent the Queen's Birthday. :P

    A weekend full of Lollipop Chainsaw and some Trials Evo for me too.

    But Back to the Future is on the big screen at Greater Union Cinema tonight so I'm keen as for that!

      Dude I wish we had that at our cinema - but we've already scheduled in Back to the Future 3 on Sat night to complete another run through the trilogy - gotta be one of the best trilogies ever. But after 3 it's all gone! Anyone got any suggestions for another trilogy to start next week?

    In preparation for shameless gaming month I will continue to procrastinate over the pile of shame and not touch any of it.
    Being away for work all weekend doesn't help either.
    Might unwind with a bit of minecraft when I get home Sunday night.

    Probably Pro Evo 2011 still... Damn you master league!!! Why must you ruin me!!!

    I need to force myself to get back into Uncharted, that had a pretty interesting start... if only it would also let me manage a world class football team in between gunfights... and let me hire messi to do my shooting...

    Maybe some Skyrim, Awesomenauts, Halo: Reach, Warmachine, Ghost Recon, Dragon's Dogma. Never really specify anything.

    Of course, I'm also up for any co-op games people are still interested in playing, like Rainbow Six, ODST, etc.

    Bashing my head into succession laws in Crusader Kings 2.

    Ill be playing DayZ, if i can get arma2 to access its characters.pbo file >.<

    Grinding through Guild Wars storyline with the missus in preparation for GW2 later this year. So far have avoided all Betas. Hate playing them getting excited about a change, then going into next beta and seeing it changed/modded. So will wait for the actual release.

    I really need to get back to Valkyria Chronicles. I'm not even a third done. Been looking over the art book this week and its lit a fire under my butt to get back into it. Fell in love with the games art before I played it.

    It'll be VC, mixed with Battlefield 3 (CQ expansion is a bit too COD like) and some Diablo 3 if I get the chance. Oh and exercise. My brother will kill me if I don't get off my butt this week and actually do something physical. The downside to paying him to train me (Brother=Qualified Personal Trainer)

    Since my copy of Lollipop Chainsaw won't arrive til next week I will probably primarily be playing Mass Effect 3 multiplayer, though I unless they do something about the lag and glitches they added with the last patch I probably won't last long with it.

    Good thing I have Humble Bundle games to work through! I really want to get stuck into Psychonauts and Amnesia.

    I might even try and finish up the Battlefield 3 campaign, just to get it off my pile of unfinished games. I don't consider BF3 to one of my "shameful" games, but I'd like to get it out of the way nonetheless.

    Picked up 'Golden Sun: Dark Dawn' in the GAME sale. Talk about nostalgic! I'm looking forward to getting back into that series!

    BF3 with Close Quarters.

    Game of Thrones (the game) came in the mail. I've heard it's all kinds of shit, but, ya know, it's GoT.

    Castlevania: Lords Of Shadow. Loving it so far, & keen to see the apparently awesome ending.
    Ive been on the last chapter of Alice

      Oops didn't finish my sentance lol
      Ive been on the last chapter of Alice: Madness Returns for months now so I might finally finish it off. Also some Everybody's Golf on Vita, im hooked on it!

        After Alice: Madness Returns, you need to play the original.

          I did get it free with Madness Returns, so I think I will. Thanks:)

    Double XP weekend for BF3 this one too guys, thats where'll I'll be.

    Waiting with eagerness for my new PC to arrive :D

    Trying to Platinum CoD: MW3... Veteran'ed the Campaign last night, but I think these Spec-Ops missions are going to send me off the deep end. Oh, and Mortal Kombat on Vita'.

    The Dig.

    I mean, Dark Souls.


    Minecraft, started a project last night, i am making an giant underground city, i dont know why, i think it's just a time waster.

    I was thinking of maybe finishing Uncharted: Golden Abyss, i haven't touched my Vita in months so maybe it's time to justify me trading in my 3DS which also hadn't been touched in months.

    More farming in d3 :( i refuse to spend real money!! Also some arkham city if i get the chance...

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