What Are You Playing This Weekend?

Yeah, laugh it up guys. While you're all having fun playing video games on Saturday, I'll be busy making the nine-hour drive from Melbourne to Sydney. Yeah. No video games for me. But what are you guys playing this weekend?

The thing with the drive is I'm going on my own, which sucks majorly. I won't have anyone to talk to. I won't have anyone to change my CD, I won't have anyone to share driving duties with. Bleh. I'm thinking about downloading an audio book and listening to that on the way. Any suggestions?

So — games you're playing this weekend. And ways to help me pass the time! GO!


    I'm going to kick off Shameless Gaming Month with some Half Life 2.

    Leaving Melbourne? But you'll miss Oz Comic Con.

    I can't play my laptop, ever since I saw smoke coming out of it...

    Deus Ex (1), Thief Gold, and Sins of a Solar empire Rebellion.

    Well my 2 weeks of holidays are drawing to a close and while I had planned to put a dent in my pile of shame (mostly a Dark Souls shaped dent) the first week was busy and full of disasters which ended with my PS3 dying and me losing my save files (and I was unable to resurrect it temporarily to retrieve them), so this week has been spent replaying Dark Souls on my new PS3 and I am almost up to the point I was before. So basically I have come full circle and achieved nothing, but at least I had a better idea of what I was doing.

    So Dark Souls this weekend, as well as quietly weeping because I'm back at work on Monday.

    Dragon's Dogma still. So awesome.

    The long walk to freedom audio book is really good - probably able to get through it in a 9 hours sitting. Otherwise, the twilight zone ones are always funny.

    Gamewize - finishing mass effect 2...slow and steady wins the race

    I picked up Lego Batman 2 on Wednesday so hopefully I'll find some time to play that.

    Dragon's Dogma here I started a new character a pure sorceror strangely it is no-where near as powerful as my warrior as all the mobs just have so much resistances or are so aggressive its hard to channel anything but I'll stick to it.

    Metal Gear Solid HD on the Vita! Got it yesterday and im pretty impressed - it looks awesome. Probably play some Uncharted Golden Abyss too....

      I've been pondering with the idea of getting it. What exactly do you do in MGS? I've never played any MGS before.

        For shame. Go to YouTube right now son.

    If my copy of Saints Row 3 doesn't arrive today, I'll be either Need for Speeding or Oddworld Strangers Wrathing.

    Given my Housemate just bought hisself his own PS3, good chance we'll be Borderlanding also.

    Audio suggestions:
    1. A really long podcast like this week's 3 hr Giant Bombcast
    2. The ricky gervais show- it's really funny and time will fly by quickly.
    3. Audiobook- World war z

    What am I playing this weekend:
    1. Skylanders: Spyro's Adventure
    2. Medal of honor

      I can't believe you're suggesting Giant Bombcast over Potaku! The super-awesomasaurus First Lady edition should coming soon.... :P

        Hanging out for Esp 5 of the pure gold that is Potaku!

          Uh oh...I hope I didn't get your expectations up too high, I'm on it and may have been a bit blathery in my nervousness. :P

            Lol im sure it will be fine ( i an understand that as id be pushing out bricks!) Blathery just adds another level of fun.

        Ha Ha. My apologies miss. I will rectify this immediately:

        MARK LISTEN TO POTAKU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      I suggested World War Z aswell. Hope the movie does the book justice.

    I've been thinking about Shameless Gaming month and I think I might try and finish Alan Wake or start Deadly Premonition.

      Oh! And I'll also be playing through the ending of ME3 again to check out the Extended Cut stuff.

    Some Infamous 2 (which appeared on PSN+) and maybe go for the last couple of Flower trophies. And maybe fix the PC so I can start the big Mass Effect New Shepard Playthrough, but I'm guessing the fixing the PC will take most of Sunday.

    Well since my net has been 100% farked since TPG broke something last week I will be attempting to play League of Legends with constant disconnects and screaming at my monitor the injsutice of it all.
    Other than that hopefully get to have a game or two of the new Civilisation expansion and preparing for a gaming friends who are flying in from New Zealand and New South Whales for a week.
    Looking forward to actually meeting the people I've spoken to most every day for the past 6+ years >_>

    Spec Ops: The Line, which I'm really enjoying (mostly because every time I think I know what's really going on, the game provides intel that proves me wrong), and likely quite a bit of Anno 2070 (up to the last chapter of the campaign, and will start a continuous game once that's done).

      Also, if you can find it (and haven't heard it before), a great listen is the old Lord of the Rings BBC Radio series.

    Guild Wars. Still need to get 8 more points on the Hall of Monuments before my character's descendent is born in GW2. Aug 28th... tick tock!

      I'm just curious how my Asura, Sylvari & Charr will have a mutual ancestor with my GW1 characters. (They're all brothers & sisters)

    Shameless Gaming Month
    Deus Ex:HR (gota love steam sales)
    The Darkness II
    Torchlight (another run thru, warming up for TL2)
    My daughter will be trying to finish Botanicula and Machinarium (guess il get hit up to help with those :-)
    Safe driving bck to Sdy mate

      I really need to get my 360 version of DXHR back from my friend. I was so tempted to rebuy it on steam last weekend but my wife talked me out of it. Plus I'm only just above the minimum system requirements, so it probably wouldn't run too well. I need to upgrade my PC already. -_-

    I want to get a handheld tonight and play with it all weekend (the handheld). I don't know if I should get a 3DS or Vita. Hmmm...

    Ratchet & Clank, will smash this out over the weekend, started it last night and was loving it all over again!

    Playing Deus Ex: HR again. I forgot how awesome this game was!

    Walking Dead Episode 2. I thought it was out tuesday but that was just steam updating my achievements in prepartion. It actually releases today. Since it'll probably only take 2 hours, I might get stuck into Prototype 2 and Ghost Recon Future Soldier, which both arrived this week from ozgameshop.

    My wife will probably try and convince me to get all the achievements in Lollipop Chainsaw since she managed it, but I don't think I have the dedication. I think that is something I will do gradually rather than sit there and let one or two achievements drive me loopy for an entire day.

    Other than that? Well getting a wired controller for my PC has meant I've been able to actually go back and play some games I got cheap on steam that I really wished I had on Xbox, like Super Meat Boy and Bastion. I might try and wind those up, though Bastion is already becoming a bit repetitive and Super Meat Boy is still difficult even without struggling against keyboard controls.

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