What Are You Playing This Weekend

The first thing I'm going to do when I get home is light some candles, loosen my shoulders, sink into my giant couch and get intimate with Assassin's Creed Brotherhood.

Then Mrs Serrels will come home. Blow out the candles, rip my 360 from the wall and turn on Neighbours.

It's the circle of life people.

But yeah, I've got a lot on this weekend, so I don't expect I'll get too much gametime in. I've got a feeling that anyone who visits will probably get the Kinect tour, so I'll probably spend a decent amount of time on Dance Central.

What about you guys? What the plans for your weekend?


    Spend the weekend with family, before continuing Assassin's Creed Brotherhood

    Ewww Neighbours!! :p My weekend will be filled with Gothic 3 and Heretic running in HD on jDoom! 90% Gothic 3 though I reckon.. So addicted again ;)

    I'm sharing in 900km of driving up and down the NSW coast this weekend. When I'm in the passenger seat I'm going to be putting in some DS-based quality time with Super Scribblenauts ($30 from Big W last weekend!) and finishing Miles Edgeworth. Almost makes me look forward to spending half my weekend in a car...

      I really loved Miles Edgeworth. Great little game.

        Ehhh I dunno, I want Apollo to come back :'(
        I think I'm one of the 5% of PW fans that loved his installment (despite the short length).

          I guess I must be part of that 5% too :) I really enjoyed all the Ace Attorney games and have had fun with the couple of cases I've played in Miles Edgeworth too. Though 5 games in, the text speed still pisses me off - I'm a fast reader and a busy man Capcom!

            I want more Apollo because I want more hobo Phoenix.
            It's not that I dislike Edgeworth (although I did find his over-arching game story a little convoluted), it's just that after being Phoenix for 3 games, and seeing what happened to him throughout the 4th, I want to see him back in action. And I want to know what's up with Maya and Pearl. I know people criticise Capcom for character recycling (oh god, Wendy Oldbag), but when a timeskip occurs, I just want to know what's happened to all the characters I like in the previous games. TELL ME

              Ditto. Hobo Phoenix for the win! :D

              And yes. Wendy. Errrrrrgh...

          wow, i'm also one of my only friends who liked apollo justice more than the others

          but i think edgeworth was the best, just that there was more breaks between doing things, like, you'd cross examine someone, then do investigating, then cross examine them again with the evidence
          better than, click on everything to find that one piece of evidence, then loads of cross examinations, then evidence again, they got the varying between the two gameplay styles perfect!

          so to the original poster, i hope you enjoy edgeworth as much as i did :)

      So jealous, I can't go 5km in a moving vehicle playing a game or reading a book without motion sickness. So I usually end up driving.

    I bought a second-hand Xbox 360 that I'm picking up on Sunday. It's my first console. Hope it doesn't hurt.

      Lubricant and Barry White - i can't stress this enough..

      Just treat her right and she shouldn't red ring on you.

        I don't have Barry White! Will Katy Perry do?

          No! She will never do, for any circumstance! Gah!

          Nah, not Katy Perry, unfortunately. And pictures of her will just cause heat problems for the poor thing.

          How about Burt Bacherach, Frank Sinatra or at the very least some Meatloaf?

      I sure hope it's a later version xbox 360 or your likely to come away very dissapointed when it red rings on you.

        It's 2nd gen with improved cooling or something.

          I've got one of them, keep it horizontal, give it plenty of room to breathe and install games.

          You may need to connect to LIVE for the update that includes installing. If you can't make an avatar you can't install (I think).

      I hope you're buying it from somebody you know/trust. You wouldn't want to buy it, take it home and set it up only to find it's one that's been banned from XBox Live during one of MS's occasional purges. That would be disappointing.

        The person organising the whole thing is a good friend. He'd be mad to pull a shifty on me, because I totally know where he lives.

    Assassin's Creed Brotherhood and NFS: Hot Pursuit. Awwww yeeah!

    Glad to see we have something else in common there, mate.
    My lady is a Neighbours fanatic too, so i leave all my gaming until after that.

    This weekend will be continuing mass effect when i get some time to sit down and play it.

    Also installing a new PC at my hairdresser's shop and hopefully going to see RED with my old man.

    Oh and dinner with the in-laws followed by GALACTIC CIRCUS!

      You'll enjoy RED. I did.

      Much more than Skyline. I've blocked that one out of my mind for a reason.


      .. *inhales*


        Did you say Vagina Aliens?

        How could that possibly have been a bad film?

          Easy - there was probably no Captain Kirk to defeat them...

            I don't think Captain Kirk would try to 'defeat' Vagina Aliens... unless the meaning of defeat has changed!

          By all means, go and see it to find out. Aliens that are immune to explosions, bullets, nukes, and yet one gets foiled by the main character's haymakers. That, and it is BOOOOOOOORING.

          Still, Vag aliens isn't as awesome as you would think, It's just a Vag face. All of the Aliens are ripped directly from Matrix's Sentinels, or the Rancor from Star Wars.

          Movie sucked so bad, as nothing happened.

            Anyone watched the trailer for Battle: Los Angeles? That looks pretty cool. But I guess I thought the trailer for Skyline looked pretty cool, too, and look what happened there.

              I actually want to see that other one.. forgot what it's called now, but it's a comedy where some hitman runs off with the woman he's supposed to be killing to protect her..

              looks amusing..

              wild target maybe?? *shrugs*

                Yes that is wild target

                i know all of the movies coming out because i work at a cinema...

    Unfortunately, not much this weekend. Final week of Tafe next week, have ... 5 assignments due that I need to finish off. Might have a bit of time for Black Ops multiplayer though.

    Feels bad man.

    Hot Pursuit is going to be a go-er this weekend. It is really quite good and with the autologger thing, gives an incentive to smash your mates times and stuff. Also got Zombie Driver on steam for 5 bucks, bloddy addictive. Oh, that Donna chick on Neighbours is hot as! My mate thinks Susan is hot too..

    Not much really, even though I'm off from work today...

    Wedding today
    Bucks Night tomorrow
    Recovery on Sunday

    But the days will go quickly thus, GT5 will be here sooner! :)

    I'm actually craving a replay of Valkyria Chronicles. Can't find much to interest me recently and I keep thinking about how awesome that game is. Though I'm not looking forward to those cutscenes again -_-

      Oh, oh! I should add to that, Gray Matter and Captain Brawe. The latter is pretty awesome, but JJ's latest effort has left me a little disappointed...

    Not much on this weekend and I'm a bit crook, so I plan on gaming a fair bit. Undead Nightmare, Black Ops, Valkyria Chronicles 2 and I might start something from the pile - maybe Castlevania: Lords of Shadow

    Deadly premonition- trying to find the petrol station!
    Dragon Age: Origins- replay as an evil, bisexual, two-handed warrior with a big white beard.
    Fallout 3- DL content.

    Time permitting of course...

      Re: Dragon Age

      He better be a Dwarf. Called Fistbeard. Who gets smashed every night and wakes up surrounded by his naked party members, that dog, and that Golem.

      Awww Yeeeah.

      Wait, what?!

        yeah cos I often steal names from the internet.

        He's called Maximillian, because...I don't know but I laughed hard when he got down with Zevran.

          Oh and he's human, in my mind only caucasian humans are evil.

          Before anyone starts slinging racist remarks around, I AM A WHITE AUSTRALIAN MALE!

    My last real weekend I have free until Christmas due to weddings and bucks nights. I should be doing christmas shopping but I'll probably be playing Assassins Creed: Brotherhood for most of it. So far = so very good.

    Need For Speed Hot Pursuit... a part of me says I don't like racing games but the other part is saying looks like fun. Need advice, should I pick it up?


    There's an easy way to make it through an Episode of Neighbors in one piece.

    Imagine certain characters getting butchered by Altair / Ezio / Raiden / Kratos / Mario during certain scenes, or even better: replaced by them.

    Those scenes in the highschool are made all the more awesome if you imagine the typical bitchy girl replaced with a muscly, angry Kratos in a schoolgirl uniform.

    I'll be trying to win every season event in Split/Second. Might also make a new Mass Effect character. 5 Shepards to import into Mass Effect 2 and they all


    saved the council. Being evil is hard.


      Hehe. My guy was meant to be totally virtuous, yet I did destroy the council! The way I interpreted my choices, I thought it was the only safe way to destroy the final threat. Turns out it was the bad choice and I spent the end of the game (and the beginning of ME2) copping criticism from everybody around me. They seem to have forgotten that I SAVED THE GALAXY!!

      Funny thing is, I managed to inadvertently take the flawed option in ME2. Guess that's just part of Batguy Shepard's character - totally awesome, but really screws up on the biggest possible decisions.

        It's nice how personal our Shepards' stories can be.

        I had a female Shepard from ME1 turn evil in ME2 for the entire game; during the finale, I made her see the error of her ways, and she took the paragon option.

        And now it's time to save the galaxy as Boris Shepard: Vanguard and super-dick.

    Playing the pipes on Saturday and Sunday.
    How may freaking Christmas Pagaents does one city need, dag nabbit?

    I picked up a copy of Bully last night, so I might try that... but if I have people around it will probably be this instead: http://www.penny-arcade.com/comic/2010/11/15/

    I'll work on grabbing some of the remaining trophies for Bayonetta. Most likely just the easy ones as I can't be stuffed playing through the game on Hard and then Climax difficulties.

    Once I get sick of that I'll go back to Yakuza 3.

    going away with my fiance this weekend so won't be much gaming happening

    prob play some WoW tonight and sunday night upon return... want to hit 80 before cata is released

    I managed to avoid buying a Kinect so far, so without that minor distraction I might finally finish Resident Evil 5 with the Move.

    Still have to knock off Goldeneye as well.

    For those losing console time to Neighbours, geez buy a 2nd TV!

    I'll be playing air guitar at Metallica on Saturday night and probably sleeping on Sunday.

    If I get round to it, I might finish Halo 2 again. My attention next week will be preparing for my new I7 desktop with a GTX 580, at which point I'll be investing some time back in Starcraft 2!

    Gonna try and fit in some Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, distracted by other stuff yesterday and haven't been able to start it yet.

    That counts as history study, right?

    I bought Force Unleashed II off eBay, hoping it arrives today... else, I might have to continue to slog through Lost Odyssey.

    I'm finally picking up Black Ops tonight, but after giving Undead Nightmare a go yesterday, Black Ops will have to take a backseat to a weekend of zombie madness. And TF2.

    Picked up Super Meat Boy, Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, Need for Speed and Ninja Gaiden 2 in the last couple of days. Together with (finally) finishing off Dragon Age, Fallout 3, Eternal Sonata, Lost Odyssey, Dead Rising and F1 2010 (...didn't realise I slackened off so much) it should keep me occupied for the next 3 months, let alone this weekend.

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