What Are You Playing This Weekend

I hate to do this to you all but it's time to get smug. I don't do this often but, yes, I have a copy of Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance and, yes, I've had it for a while. Yes, I will most likely be playing the game this weekend. What will you all be playing?

I've still got Dead Space 3 wrapped in cellophane. Is it worth playing? I really have been hearing mixed things and I could do with avoiding another game where I just mindlessly shoot things. I'll probably continue with Puzzle Retreat on iOS. That game is pretty special. I've finished all the free levels. I suspect this game has hooked me badly enough that I'll probably start buying all the super expensive DLC.



    ive finished revengance. THe ending is fucking balls out crazy. Kojima certainly had a hand in this game, the cut scenes are just mental :D

    Eb have MGR now but wont sell it till tuesday, I'll be playing crysis 3 again in a hard and dynasty warriors 7: empires

      I just went and picked my copy up from my local EB. They posted from their Facebook page that you could pick it up today, so I called my local store and they confirmed this. Oddly though, a few minutes ago I got one of their automated text messages saying that it would be available for pick up tomorrow.

    BTW out now at JB


        Denied at JB.

        Where are you guys?

          it says it's available now on their website, including ebgames website.

    I'll be playing a new game called "Shoot Mark Serrels because he has Revengeance and you don't".

    All in my mind.

    Have two dungeons to go in tales of vesperia. Order tales of graces for my PS3. Go to finish vesperia first and my Xbox RROD on the day graces arrived on the post! Looks like it will be tales of graces and dark souls this weekend.

      Awesome game that Tales of Vesperia. I was annoyed that we never got the PS3 version.

        Yeah it's awesome game, I just wanted to finish it at last :p tales of graces looks cool from the first hour I've played, combat seems different enough that it wont feel like playing the same game again

          Yeah it's a lot different from Vesperia, the combat was better I think. The story is a bit slow to start though.

            Was wondering about the story since I found someone who probably has amnesia within the first ten minutes, RPGs....

    With the announcement of Legend of Grimrock 2, I think I'm gonna do the solo playthrough of the first one as Toorum!

    Don't Starve
    Just Cause 2

    Will be at Soundwave on Sunday, no gaming then just pure heavy metal goodness

      Soundwave baby!!!! Sat is going to be crazy good, how incredible is the lineup!!

      Wait Sunday....? you're not brisbane im guessing

      Last edited 22/02/13 12:01 pm

        Sunday baby

        Sydney for me man :)

      Pure Heavy Metal at SoundWave? I put it to you there will also be rock and punk, good ser.

        I said it would be pure

        Not that it would be purely heavy metal

        I myself cannot wait to see Motion City Soundtrack and Stone Sour *these guys for the second time*

    I'll probably finish off a long overdue far cry 3 ... Work my way thru the pile of shame and then have a few rounds of FTL before crying myself to sleep because I can't get past sector 5.

    I'll be finishing off Hitman: Absolution (about halfway through), then Aliens: Colonial Marines (finished the second mission). After that if I get time I'll try and finish off Far Cry 3 or Borderlands 2.

    Actually scratch that, after Hitman I'll finish off Bioshock 2, I just got past the Big Sister and for some reason or other I stopped playing. I want to get it finished before Infinite comes out.

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      I've just finished the gun shop level on Hitman, fantastic game! Will be playing this and Crackdown 2 which I'm almost at the end of.

        I'm up to one mission after that. It is a great game. I'm right on the last bit of Crackdown 2 as well, I haven't picked it up in ages though.

    I've sworn off Binding of Isaac this weekend. I will either restart Dishonored or I will install and play something I have on Steam that I haven't played before. Either Legend of Grimrock or To the Moon.

    Finishing off Dishonoured. Great game, but Thief and Bioshock are still a cut above.
    Really needs dual hand control like Bioshock 2, and rechargeable Mana - I'm so sick of having to re-equip Dark Vision when sussing out an area!

    Looks like I'll be playing some Killing Floor, maybe Artemis Bridge Simulator and probably more Borderlands 2.

    More Ni No Kuni!
    I'm level 50, so I must be getting closer to finishing it.

    Xenoblade! And maybe some more of Ys: Oath in Felghana. I knocked out Ys I & II on Steam last weekend and the series has its hooks into me.

    2013 is Pile of Shame year - this weekend - Bastion.

    Continuing my epic Mass Effect playthrough on PS3. I've finished ME and ME2, clocking in at around 103 hours combined. Now I'm on ME3. Not the first time I've played it so I have come to terms with the ending :-)
    Other than that, some Gravity Rush and Lumines, maybe Dokuro or Escape Plan depending on opportunities to bust out the Vita.

    My new VIIITTTAAAA!!!

      Quick, go into the future and get the FFX HD remake!

    Dishonored. Slowly making my way through my no kill/stealth playthrough. Had to replay the campbell mission a couple of times, but its been smooth sailing since. It's great seeing a completely different side to the game too. Many different paths to objectives that I had no idea existed in my first playthrough!

    Euro Truck Simulator 2 - easily the most unexpectedly enjoyable game ever.

    They may not have stock yet, but it is available at stores that have stock.

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