While You Were Sleeping

Hey everyone, breaking news: Melbourne is cold. I'm currently writing today's While You Were Sleeping from the cozy comfort of my bed. And I'm considering staying here all day. But anyway — to the overnight news mobile!

According to this story, it looks as though Nintendo is about give up on 3D. This features is a good look at all the reasons why this is a good thing, but I always thought that glasses-free 3D was pretty cool. Sure it was a gimmick, but I rarely play my 3DS with the 3D off. That's just me, personally, what about you guys?

Radical Entertainment, the creators of Prototype, have been around for 20 years. But today it's announced that it's closing its doors. More details here.

The creators of Angry Birds are working on a game that features an actual human being, this gaming mouse is bloody ridiculous, and Guild Wars 2 has a release date!

Have a good one everybody!

In Short Nintendo Seems Ready To Give Up On 3D And That's A Good Thing This Gaming Mouse Has A Spinning Fan Guild Wars 2 Leaps Into Action August 28 Prototype Creators Shutting Down Angry Birds Creators Next Game Stars An Actual Human


    Have a warm cup of Pepsi Max and toughen up Mark! Some of us have to live with that icy melbourne cold every. damn. day.

      +1. I'm too used to Melbourne's icy winds to not rug up when I head out the door these days.

    But, if you're in Melbourne, it's Tim Schafer day! They're even going to be broadcasting his talk live on the fed square big screen tonight.

      yeah im spewing i didnt get a ticket on time... been trying unsuccessfully for the last few days

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