Double Dragon’s High-Def Throwback Headbutts Into Consoles In September

Double Dragon’s High-Def Throwback Headbutts Into Consoles In September

We’re circumspect that a console do-over of Double Dragon could have the same appeal as the quarter-sucking vacuum cleaner that lined arcade walls in the 1980s. The air-guitaring at a stage’s end seems to be a bit much. But Double Dragon Neon will get its shot anyway come Sept. 11. Majesco said the game releases that day on PlayStation Network and then Sept. 12 on Xbox Live Arcade. Price is $US9.99/800 Microsoft points.


  • Wait! September 11? DOUBLE dragon? TWO towers? And Taliban and Majesco having the same amount of letters in it?



    But is this the same game as that Double Dragon II HD remake that looked crappy? Because this looks good.

  • Still remember the days playing Double Dragon.

    Contact Amusements in Glen Huntly road Elsternwick. People smoking and you thought nothing of it. Playing Double Dragon with some random dude. Electric Blue by Icehouse blaring out on the speakers. Getting to the end of the game and random guy not knowing you had to beat each other up so you trash him and win, get the girl!

    • That move was godly, I never got tired of seeing the body completely fly across the entire screen with that move!

  • Is it just me, or does this game look TERRIBLE, gameplay and visually….

    i think ill stick to the master system version a while longer…

    how about sega actually pull a finger out and do a Streets of Rage game??? yeah i played the SoR Remake, that was pure awesome.

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