Halo 4 Will Work With The Surface Tablet

Asymmetrical gaming — it's the new buzzword amongst gaming exec types. It's what everyone expects us to want. Everyone's finding their own way to do it, whether it's via the Wii U controller, the Vita, or just tablets themselves. Microsoft wants to use its surface tablet for this task, and it wants to do it as early as the release of Halo 4.

Speaking at VentureBeat's Gamesbeat conference, Don Mattrick confirmed that Halo 4 would be compatible with the Surface. He didn't go into detail regarding how it would work, but it's interesting nonetheless.

I'd imagine the integration is most likely minimal, but it's a first step. You might say we've just scratched... the surface?

(I'm so sorry...)

Xbox boss: Halo 4 will work with Surface tablet [Venture Beat]


    Is it confirmed whether there will be steam on windows 8?

      Normal Steam runs fine on Windows 8. Don't think Valve's announced a metro app yet though.

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    Well it seems like Halo being Microsoft's flagship franchise they need to make sure it's at the forefront of whatever tech they're pimping this year. Halo:CE sold us the Xbox. Halo 2 sold us on Xbox Live. Halo 3 sold us Xbox 360s. They made sure Halo: Anniversary had Kinect-only features. So sure, I can see Halo 4 utilising smartglass. I hope it's not Surface-exclusive, particularly since Halo 4 will be out this year and (I'm assuming) the Surface won't. I mean I have an iPad, that'll be fine, right?

      I imagine it may be Microsoft exclusive initially simply because I can't see them having the app out on three mobile operating systems at the same time. But of course once the iOS and Android apps would be released I can't see why it wouldn't work with Halo 4 then.

        *shrug* there's an Xbox Live app for iOS that has already integrated some Smartglass features. I don't see why they couldn't launch a Windows/Android/iOS app simultaneously.

      It's been speculated that 'surface' will be launching in October.

        Interesting, I assumed we'd be waiting until next year. I was planning on getting one, in spite of the iPad acquisition. It's funny, because my wife desperately wanted an iPad up until the Surface announcement then I won an iPad like 3 days later. Whatever the case, I probably wouldn't be picking one up til next year.

        Still, it certainly does make it possible that there'll be Surface-exclusive Halo 4 features. Stupid, since they announced SmartGlass as working with any tablet or smartphone device. But possible.

    Aren't they just talking about SmartGlass implementation on Surface?

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