Just When You Think You’re Out, Steam Sales Pull You Right Back In…

Just When You Think You’re Out, Steam Sales Pull You Right Back In…

Since I don’t do that much gaming on PC, I usually manage to make it through Steam sales with my bank balance intact. But for those who’ve been frothing at the mouth, and hopping into frequent cold showers in an attempt to avoid the kind of impulse shopping that would bankrupt Warren Buffet, I have bad news. Steam has just launched a final assault. Be strong my friends.

How does 50% off Max Payne 3 grab you? It’s a decent effort, especially the first two thirds of the game. I enjoyed it for the most part.

Or are you one of those folks who’ve been holding off on Skyrim for some reason? Guess what — that’s 50% off as well. Sweet mercy. Skyrim was pretty much my favourite game of 2011, so yeah. Worth playing.

The real humdinger of the final Steam assault is Saint Row 3. You can get all the Saints Row 3 content — the game along with all the additional DLC — for $14.99US, 75% off. Pretty incredible deal.

Good luck guys and girls!


    • That probably happens because you’re visiting the US version of the site, but once you’re logged in, it’ll show the correct (read inflated) pricing for our region.

  • I’m begining to wish every single game site would shut up about steam sales..I mean god…

    ………dont mind me

  • I… haven’t bought anything in the steam sales. I think I might buy the Ubisoft bundle today though. But by the way my keyboard’s acting lately I think I might have to skip that and buy a new keyboard first!

  • Skyrim suffers from AU price gouging. That’s all that’s stopped me buying it. YOU HEAR ME BETHESDA?!

  • Damnit Serrels, you just to tell me about this. I’ve spent quite a bit during this sale though an extra $9 won’t hurt

    • It’s only an extra $9!
      Oh look! Bastion is only $4!
      It’s ok, its only an extra $13 all up.

      Oh hey, Splinter Cell is only $5 too!

  • I’m not buying Max Payne out of principle, if it was $29.99 like it is on the US store I’d buy it, but it’s not, it’s $44.99

  • I hardly bought anything this time round. Alan Wake and LA Noir were the only things that grabbed my attention…

    • Same, I bought bioshock (since I traded in my 360s version) LA Noir for my other half and Alan Wake for me. That being said I did grab Sonic as well..

    • The sales are usually worth it. I normally end up buying 5-6 high profile games I want and then generally 3-4 indie or odd ball titles that look fun!

      Sadly this time I think I only got 3 for myself..

  • this being my first steam sale I have to say I was not prepared…
    I-I’d heard the stories but never could I have imagined…

  • there’s been a few people commenting that they purchased Saints Row: The Third with the DLC pack and the DLC aren’t appearing as they play the game.. will have to investigate this myself ;p

    • It’s a known bug. I was reading about all the problems with SR3 after I purchased. Hopefully it’s ok. I did have a bit of trouble with the Just Cause 2 DLC, but got it to work eventually.

  • I only had 20 games on my PC before the sale. I now have 80. I am now a PC gamer over console. I was able to get AMAZING games with a great budget. I now have enough games to keep me covered till the next summer/christmas sale. LOL Thanks Valve, you’re amazing. <3

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