Meet Gary, The King Of Nintendo 64

Gary went to Otakon 2012 in this costume. A costume made almost entirely out of Nintendo 64 consoles, controllers and cartridges. He called himself King Nintendo 64, but just for today, he is also King of the Internet.

Memes in meatspace: Costumes inspired by the Internet [The Daily Dot, thanks everyone!]


    It's the new tron guy...

    For a moment I thought he was standing on a platform made of more
    cartridges but then I realised it's just the carpet pattern. I
    wonder how much that stuff weighs?

      64 kg, obviously.

    More like Gary, king of the virgins

    Nintendo 64 kid really held on to his obsession huh?

    (I know that's not him)

    i would be super mad if it was made from snes cartridges

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