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    Happy New TAY, everybody!

      I treat every TAY like it's my last

        That's... a bit morbid.

          It just means I love TAY a lot. Or you're starting to run off in me Bish.

            Also you've got to seize the TAY Bish.

            *sigh* I don't think there's any point in correcting this stupid phone.

    Mornin' all - A question regarding Mount and Blade. Is it ok just to get with fire and sword or is it worth getting the whole bundle?

      I've heard that the previous 2 games are much better then the new one. So I would say get the whole bundle thingie.

      Warband is the standalone expansion (IIRC) which is considered the 'best'.
      It's good fun. I don't remember if I have Fire & Sword, though.

      My opinion: get Warband. Fire & Sword is OK, but if you haven't played the series before you're best not to jump there.
      Guns, man. They huuurt. Plus, Warband is awesome.

      Get warband. It's a straight up expansion of the original and better in every way. Fire and sword was a bit meh.

    Happy Monday TAY! The one advantage of having a Mac (apart from the fact that it just makes you naturally cooler than everyone else) is that I'm largely impervious to Steam Sales. Although I did pick up a couple of things. The Binding of Isaac, Plants vs Zombies GOTY edition and the Dungeon Defenders pack with all the bells and whistles.

    After looking at Dungeon Defenders for ages and thinking that it looked pretty fun, I'm quite happy with how great it actually turned out to be. I'm playing as the EV Robot at the moment. She's pink, naturally, and I called her ElitaOne. It's actually really fun, when you don't get lumped in with a bunch of high-levelled dudes who kick you out of the group immediately.

    how was everyone else's weekends? Did the sales do much damage to your wallet?

      I would say that having a Mac has stopped me from impulse buying too much... but... I don't think it's working. I spent quite a while yesterday looking at getting a Windows partition on this computer :P

      The one game I actually wanted is on sale today (The Walking Dead) but it's "only" 40% off. I might wait until all the episodes are released.

        Yeah I've looked at running Bootcamp too, but I'm trying to resist the urge to look into it too seriously :P

        Yeah, I've been eyeing the Walking dead series as well. Everyone seems to be raving about it.

      Haha, you can still play some of the good games on steam, which is is good means you don't miss out on some of the rather good games.

    Mornin' TAY!
    Once again, brilliant game of Brink last night. And we barely even sucked!

    How's everyone going with the Steam sale? More specifically, how many deals have you turned down only to regret later?

      Quite the opposite, my good man!
      It would appear that I should be suffering from buyers remorse, although I'm too busy looking at all the pretty gaems ^.^

      Half Life Anthology. I missed out on that one /o\
      I also turned down Space Marine, because there were other games I needed to spend my money on, but I woke up this morning to see that CrazyGuy had gifted me a copy of it :D

      I've bought 14 games so far, only spent $35. I think I'm doing pretty well.
      What's that? "Shameless Gaming" you say? Never heard of it. :P

      Sorry I bailed early. I hope I was more useful than a bot for the few rounds I played.
      Was fun, I died a lot.

      I turned down The Witcher 1 and KOTOR, and I'm starting to regret them a bit, but there's still a chance they'll turn up as daily deals for the same price, so it might not be so bad!

      Brink continues to be a lot of fun. Once I switched over to engineer, I started getting a lot more exp...

    I think I've given up all hope on Shameless Gaming... 7-8 new games added over the weekend /o\
    But hey, anyone that HASN'T been enlightened by the Secret of the Magic Crystals needs to do so, RIGHT NOW. Even if you're at work or otherwise preoccupied with matters of supposedly great importance.
    NOTHING is as imperative as your playing Secrets of the Magic Crystals.
    It's only $1.25, too!

    And how are we all this morning?

      I will have to add that to my wishlist.


        I was thinking of gifting it to you yesterday but wasn't sure if you actually wanted it or not :P

          Everyone wants it. Sometimes they just don't know it yet.

      I obtained 15 games so far... Doing this right, yep. Don't care what anyone says!

    Bah, accursed steam sales. WHAT HAS THOU DONE TO THINE WALLET!

    I finally completed Dark Souls last night! That's gotta be worth the same as completing 10 normal games for shameless gaming month, right?

      WOOOO DARK SOULS!!! Now if you beat Demon Souls you will have beaten 20 games for Shameless Gaming Month!

        I've already completed Demon's Souls.

    Morning y'all! I got some questions about Killing Floor and Left 4 Dead 2 and would appreciate any help :D.

    I was thinking of getting Killing Floor since it's on sale, however, some people (Rize and faction?) said it's been crashing lately and it's hard to play online. I was mainly planning to get it just to play online co-op with you TAYbies but if there's problems I might just skip it. So has anyone played it lately and are there any problems?

    I have the censored version of Left 4 Dead 2 and I was reading some ways to make it uncensored. One them involved using Left4Uncut and another involved changing some files from 550 to 510. I was wondering if anyone has used either of those techniques and were you able to play online? I'm mainly concerned about having my Steam account banned for using either of these or having both of them work but not being able to play the uncensored version online. I saw the comparison video ages ago when L4D2 first came out but I can't really remember how bad the censoring was, so it's not really a big issue but if it's easy enough to uncensor it, and still play online then I might as well do it.

    Thanks in advance. :)

      If you edit the file, you can only play with others who have done the same.

      If you run Left 4 Uncut, you can play with anyone. I've done it. Had no issues whatsoever. Definitely worth doing because it is a completely different game uncensored (corpses disappearing straight away is really weird).

        I read that you have to run Left 4 Uncut every time before you start the game, is this true?

        And does using it allow to open it through Steam? I read that using the 550 510 thing makes it crash through Steam and you have to open it using a short cut. Not a major issue just more out of convenience I guess :P

          Run Left 4 Uncut, open Left 4 Dead through Steam, play.

          That's it.

      yeah left4uncut works fine, and unlike the 510 method, lets you play with other non 510-ers

      Despite what I said, there *are* plenty of people that don't crash :P

      KF is a pretty great game, once you learn the ins and outs of it, and pretty sure a fair few TAYbies already own it.

      Hi Greenius, changing the AppID no longer works I believe, I have the uncensored version but ive set my friends up with Left4Uncut and it works a treat on both l4d1 & 2.... they've been using it for about 3 or so years. We've been playing since!

      Never had a problem with KF ever. GET IT

    Hey peeps. Turns out I have this thing called data on my phone. So yea I'm TAYing from my phone like it's the future.

      Next thing you know you'll be able to buy games from your phone and have them downloaded and ready to play when you get home! FUTURE!

    Morning everyone,

    I hope your day has started well. I'm ok, just hoping to send twice as many job applications today and hope for the best.

    Anyway, I want to thank everyone who participated in the inaugural TAYCINEMA over the weekend. We peaked at 10 people which was kind of cool especially if you consider the short notice given on the day. Otherwise we had an average of 6-7 people throughout the night. Thank you to everyone who participated. The Pre and post movie entertainment was cool and the stream actually went on till 1am.

    As a first time effort I made a few mistakes, chief among them the movie choice. I randomly chose it and it was really boring. The problem was I just looked at the featured list and I didn't go into the highest rated sub category. I usually check the ratings and stuff before I consume any media,I guess I was just excited organising the damn thing. :-) I did it a lot on the night but I'll apologise again here-I'm sorry.

    Thankfully the chat was interesting and we switched between that and tiny chat throughout the night for some Dan and LastQuestion related shenanigans

    Hopefully we can make this a weekly thing and more people can participate as the event grows. For those of you unaware of what the event entails, it's just a group of people watching a movie together online. The movies are from the YouTube movies section and we pick the free ones to ensure everyone has access to it.

    So TAYCIINEMA is still on this week if you're interested and I encourage everyone to go to the YouTube movies link above and just browse the various categories and suggest a movie for this week. It can be any genre, preferably under 2 hours long.


    Finally, thank you to everyone who has been sending steam gifts to each other. I was lucky to receive a game or two(thank you Rize,Noob, McGarnical and Jo) and if activity on my twitter feed is any indication, many of you are giving and receiving gifts as well. It's kind of cool how despite the steam sales denting our wallets people can still be kind and share the spoils. I expect a lot of co-op PC gaming sessions in the future.

    THIS WEEK'S PS3 COMMUNITY PLAYDATE GAME IS MOTORSTORM APOCALYPSE, SO I HOPE PS3 OWNERS CAN GET IN ON THE ACTION. WEDNESDAY AT 8.30PM EST It's free on PS+ for those who have it and if you don't have plus, get it!

      I AM KING OF MOTORSTORM (well compared to you and Freeze :P)

        Ha Ha. You're so good you only win when you're chatting :-)

      I don't remember giving any gifts!

        Oops, my mistake. It was Welbot who gifted me a copy of Shatter. THANK YOU WELBOT!!!

        Sorry McGarnical, I was looking at my twitter feed and the tweet from Welbot was next to one you sent me and so I got confused.

      I wonder if we could stream a paid movie via synchtube? I guess it depends on whether you're given a unique address or not, perhaps.

        I was thinking about that as well. Most of them are like $3-$6 to buy.

          I'd be more than willing to chip in for a movie, or hell, rent it myself if I knew I could share it with fellow TAYbies.

      i vote for the movie titled "soccer mom"

      i have no idea what it's about, but the name rings of a quality movie

      How do we join the same game again?

        Are you talking about motorstorm? If so, the person hosting the session will invite you.

          \o/ I'll see if it's possible to be around, then

          \o/ I'll see if it's possible to be around, then

    So TAY, has anyone else run into some... issues, which seem to coincide with the Steam Sales?

    With regard to Steam itself, I'm averaging 20-50kb/s download speeds. I assume this is due to an elevated level of traffic, but still. When I'm trying to download 29GB for one game, it can be a pain. Isolating the other downloads doesn't seem to help any, either.

    Saints Row:3 had some trouble this past weekend, too. After downloading, I ran the game, and it opened in windowed mode. Fine, I can just change it in the settings. Game crashed prior to getting past the developer logo. OK, it's the first DX11 game I've run, I probably need updated video drivers. Let's do that.
    OH WAIT! Now SR:3 needs to "update" with a further 2GB download. 20kb/s

    And thirdly, I bought From Dust, and now UPlay is down. (To tell the truth, I was a little taken aback that I needed to sign up for yet another gaming platform)

    So, what roadblocks have you run into?

      The only roadblock I've run into is my 30GB/month usage (we upgraded just before the steam sale coincidentally), so I haven't been able to download all the games I've bought...
      Speed wise, it's been going good, been getting around 100-200kb/s which is usual, no slowdowns here, and all the games I've tried have worked fine.

      My (unplayable) copy of Anno 2070 slowed to 0kb and I paused and restarted and it went to 2mb.

      But now I can't play it because uPlay.

        Supposedly resolved now if that helps

    Good morning and salutations humans, I hope you enjoyed your weekend. I got some time in for Heroes of Might and Magic VI, and I found they've updated the town/castle views to a full view of the castle/town as they've always done in the previous games. I'm really happy they've done this, the game's truly gone back to its roots :). Sister units still suck though... why aren't you ranged?! :P

    Also passport application has passed through on Saturday successfully! \o/

      Wait, there's another HOMM fan here?
      *wide full shiny eyes*

      I mean, how's it play? 4 was pretty terrible and 5 was pretty decent, but still hoping for the heights of 2&3.

        It's pretty much looking better than 5 in terms of world and combat, hero customisation is a huge plus as well, and they have light/dark side mechanics too, like letting a fleeing enemy go gives you "Tears" and persuing them gives you "Blood", both of which gives you bonuses in different directions. They did fall flat on launch with the towns view, which was just a small window that never changed, but now that's been updated to an actual town view as it used to be in say Heroes 3/4, not like 5, it can't rotate. By the looks of it they changed the world once again, no characters or names I recognise from 5. So far I've seen Haven, Infernal and Necromancer factions in the campaign as well.

        By combat being better, there are elements that can randomly appear each battle, like a light form a statue that grants buffs to the one standing in it, or a mana pool that one of your units stands in to grant mana back to your hero. And your hero can make a move once per turn at ANY time during the turn, which is another big plus. You can cast a spell/attack anytime you want with your hero during that one turn, but again, only once per turn. There's also special abilities that can be cast when charged up. The one I use currently grants invulnerability for one turn to a single unit.

          That actually sounds like they haven't completely botched this version. I might have to get it.

          I really hated the way your hero was suddenly treated as (essentially) a regular unit in 5(?). I liked sitting back and throwing spells around/passive bonuses in 2 and 3.

            Well they got a bit mixed this time around as I said, with the hero able to use one action per turn at any time during the turn. Gorzy and I have got it, our first try of this game was very unpleasant as multiplayer was down (Conflux, their third line of DRM)

            First line: Steam (Okay!)
            Second line: uPlay (Crap and unnecessary, needed to run the bloody game)
            Third line: Conflux (Multiplayer and singleplayer services apparently [yeah lost my saved games on this I tried playing while conflux was down] which was abysmal on launch, we couldn't use it all at first, Saturday I was able to get in)


        2 & 3 were easily the high point of the series. The last one I played was 5 and it's just not as fun.

          3 was by far my favourite, I just loved the art style they used more than anything else.

    I swear, the next old guy that comes in yelling at me because a key cost him 50c in 1976 is now $7 is going to cop it.

      7 bucks still seems cheap enough!


    I went to Metacritic to check out a game score and BAM 98 already. Generally I don't care about all the non-game reviews on Metacritic (but to be fair I barely care about them too) but WOO!

    Is anyone else not able to vote for Just Cause 2? I've tried about 5 times but every time I click Vote it refreshes the store page and nothing happens...

      Same here...odd. I hope it's actually counting all our votes, cause I'm just going to keep clicking it until it works :P

        Logged on the mobile and it doesn't work either, definitely something wrong on Steam's end :P

        Now it's not going to win because people will vote for the others to see whether the voting is broken or not and it'll end up counting :'(

          What else is up for grabs?

            Dead Space 2 and GTA IV.

              JC2 is the same as GTAIV anyway, isn't it?
              BUT GRAPPLING HOOKS!

        I just managed to vote for Just Cause for you guys. Worked fine for me.

          Yep I tried again around 10 minutes ago as well and it counted my vote this time. Thanks Strange!

          Although I'm seeing that many Community/Flash deals are becomming Daily Deals and Community deals are also becoming Flash Deals. So even if it doesn't win this time I'm sure it'll be down to $5 or so by the end of the sale :)

      I've been having similar issues with voting as well.

      I voted for JC2 fine, I was having issues the other day voting right when the options changed.

      Also JC2 + all DLC for a little over 6 bucks? I WANT!

      It looks like it is countin gyour votes even if it doesn't refresh. I voted at home (multiple times) but it didn't refresh so figured I would try at work work. When I got in here and went to the store page it was already done

    Secret of Monkey Island SE Bundle for $3.74? Okay Gaben, if you say so! *grab's wallet*

    I'm starting to re-prioritise my list. It doesn't matter if I don't get Crysis now, I just need to make sure I have enough money to buy Just Cause 2 and Arma II...

      I have Crysis 2 Maximum edition, if you'd like it.

      I'll need your address though, as it's a physical copy.
      Also, in no way is this an attempt to find out where you live so I can fog up your windows while I watch you sleep.

        Sure, if you don't want it! :D
        What's your email address? Or should I send it to you via Twitter DM?
        Physical copies are better anyway, no downloading needed, plus it gives you something to look at, because we all know people spend more time looking at the game boxes than actually playing them :P

          I've hardly even looked at the box :P
          jpldouglass at google's mail service dot com ought to do the trick ;)

      i think everyone is waiting for arma II to go on sale... well... to go MORE on sale

        I said this on twitter yesterday, but I think ARMA II is at a good price right now, I'll buy it for that much if it doesn't go any cheaper. I just don't want to buy it right now only for it to go cheaper like an hour later or something...
        Plus I only need to get Operation Arrowhead, already got a copy of ARMA II, so that's only $16 I need to spend.

      Everyone should get Monkey Island. So good.

    Scarlett just won WCS Canada. She's the Canadian National Champion.

    Did not want to do an interview after the game. Damn is she introverted. Ran off the stage, got dragged back, said about three words, got her trophy and was off again.

    So you guys are awesome. I logged into Steam yesterday to check out the sales and put games in my wishlist while I decided on what to get...and almost instantly I received gifts from Beavwa and Jo! Thanks guys, it's very much appreciated. :D
    Especially considering when I tried to buy something this morning it was denied...turns out my bank had frozen my account due to "suspicious activity". Which was just me trying to buy stuff from Finland online. Apparently buying metal hoodies is "suspicious". :P

      Any transaction over $1,000 is considered suspicious for me, I'm not sure what else raises a red flag for the bank. They're ok with me spending money in the US, NZ, China, Italy etc.
      I don't think I've purchased anything from Finland yet. I'll have to remedy this!

        My purchase was only $130ish. No idea why they thought it was suspicious. And them blocking my card made me miss out on Legend of Grimlock at the superspecial price they had it for this morning. It's okay though, I've now made up for it by buying The Walking Dead.
        Yup, I made up for not being able to buy something at under 5 bucks by buying something for 15. :P

      Well you will be corrupting our youth and scaring old people. We have to keep these things in check otherwise there will be chaos.

        I've got a white T-shirt with "Metal just got gay" emblazoned on the front in huge rainbow metallic lettering.

          Where did you get this marvel form?! I think I may need one so I can annoy the whingy black metallers on 70000 Tons next time. They're always whining whenever a power metal band gets announced for the cruise. :P


            If you've not heard of them, I strongly urge you to check them out. I personally love the band, although most would consider it "noise". In particular, check out a song called Ulrich Firelord: Breaker of Mountains. One of my favourites!
            If I had to throw them in with a genre, I'd say hardcore with some jazz stylings. Not exactly everyone's cup of tea, but they're amazing anyway!

          That should have a picture of Rob Halford or one of other metals openly gay musicians on it lol. But I guess no one outside of metal would get the joke /o\

          I NEED THIS SHIRT!!!


            JESUS SHIT NO!
            I can't take a photo... Just remembered my ex has both my favourite shirts /o\
            HORSE The Band and IWABO shirts, gone!
            I'ma buy them both again >.<

            Direct linky to the image for anybody who is interested

      You're welcome. Speaking of metal, what symphonic metal album do you recommend for me next?

        What have you got? And do you prefer a mix of clean and cookie monster vocals like Epica, or just straight operatic like old Nightwish?

          I guess a way to put it is that I like the sounds of the voices, and lots of the non-voice side as well. Pretty much any demonstration of different ways to play a song for different meanings is an instant sell for me (think Vermillion by Slipknot).
          So don't mind a bit of cookie monster, provided it's balanced with clean. I do like freakishly good main vocalists, but that should only be a component of the music, not the focus.
          Make sense?

            I must say, the one thing that springs to mind above most others when thinking of a great balance within the sound would be Dream Theater. Although I'm not sure I've EVER heard growls come from them.

            I'm none too familiar with the heavy/soft mix in metal. Personally, the heavier the better, so I don't typically listen to clean vocals within the genre.
            Mudvayne, perhaps?

            All right, well for me, I focus mostly on the vocalists. The vocals are my hook into songs/bands so I can only really recommend based on that. I'm also not good with deciding on which genre bands fall into, it's basically just what I like, versus what I don't like. :P I'm pretty sure power/symphonic/folk/progressive metal all cross into each other's territory anyway.
            I'm going to assume you already have Epica's latest and Eluveitie's' Helvetios' (not exactly symphonic metal, more folk metal but awe-inspiring nonetheless) because anyone who's into metal is missing out if they don't have them. They are both masterpieces.
            And if you like Epica, you might like to try MaYaN. One of the guitarists from Epica's band on the side. He doesn't play guitar in it, just sings/growls.
            Apart from that you could try Diabulus in Musica's 'The Wanderer'. I haven't listened to it much but my husband is really loving it right now.
            Also Therion's Sitra Ahra. This is another one I can't stop listening to at the moment. Seeing them live was such an amazing experience. But then, four vocalists. Heaven for me. :P
            People are always telling me how great ReVamp are, but I've never actually heard them. One day I'll check them out.
            And of course there's also Avantasia. The Metal Opera. The symphonic metal album to end all symphonic metal albums.

              Thank you! Gives me plenty to work through, I'll let you know how I go.

                Any time. :)
                Oh! Also there's Orphaned Land. They're from Israel so their sound is pretty unique.

                  And Sonata Arctica's 'Days Of Grays'. Can't believe I forgot that, it's one of my most favourite albums ever.

    Morning everyone.

    Wow, i have nothing more to report.
    Hope everyone has a good day!

    Went to see Brave Friday night. Weird story. Lots of bears. It was good movie but it wasn't Pixars normal greatness. If BioWare is the Pixar of the gaming world and the reverse is presumably true then this was easily Pixar's Dragon Age 2. Given the setting it felt like it was going to be an epic story and it didn't quite live up to that. The story took place in one city/castle and it's surrounding areas and the characters often traveled back to areas they'd already been, meaning it felt like there was a lot of reused scenery. The story felt inconsequential in the grand scheme of things ( for comparisons sake, ignore the very end of DA2). Character development and interaction seemed to be the main focus of both the film and the game, the main difference being that while DA2 featured a somewhat bland protagonist but really excelled at the development and personality of side characters Brave felt like it did the opposite. It felt like all the development went into making Merida and her mother great characters and then there was almost no development into any of the side characters. There was also a character and a couple scenes that felt really out of place for both the setting and for a Pixar film. I won't spoil it, but it really felt like a character and scenes one would expect to see in a Dreamworks film, specifically Shrek.

    Saints Row The Third is sort of amazing. I spent most of the weekend playing it. The physics in that game is just nuts. The level of character customisation is outstanding. The dialogue and quests are hilarious. Everything is just so over the top, it's great.

      BioWare are the George Lucas of videogame devs - they were good once, but it's over now, and they should just leave it well enough alone, since there are enough other people who can do their job better.
      Brave is as good, story wise, as Mass Effect - it's a classic story with a theme or moral that transcends its setting.

      I guess we just have different perspectives on this.

      I don't care what anybody says, that opening sequence was the most accurate representation of a little girl I have ever seen. I loved this movie from about 5 minutes in

    Howdy Tayberinos!

    I had a great weekend- it was my birthday, so I went out and got...not messy, but well on the way, and woke up fine. Well, fine enough to play Saints Row The Third all day :)

    I also managed to grab a copy of MGS Peace Walker, which I'm looking forward to getting stuck into. What's the HD version like?

    And a Monday morning question: Given this is the steam sale, and everyone's buying game cheap, I thought I'd ask the opposite: What's the most you've ever paid for a game? Mine would be the Infamous 2 Collectors, coming in at about $160

      Happy Birthday for the weekend, Sir Artifice!

      I think the most I've ever paid for a game is $110. That was what I paid for Secret of Mana on eBay.

        Totally worth it! It is my favourite SNES game!

      Happy Birthday for the weekend as well redartifice!

      Wow good question... Honestly I can't say for sure but I'm going to guess probably $130 or so for Final Fantasy XIII whatever edition. What a rip off :P


      The most I've ever payed for a game was sort of Need for Speed The Run. That was $100, but me and my brother went half'n'half on it, so I really only payed $50. Other than that, I think it would have to be $70, which was for Batman AC.


      I think the most I've paid was about $160 or so for WoW, 1year membership and all expansions.
      I no longer play it. ugh.

      Happy Birthday man.

      Hmm, I'm not a 100% sure but I think I spent $60 on a Resistance 3 collector's edition and I've only played 20 min of it. So it's expensive in terms of the money I spent for the amount of time I've played the game. I could have just waited and probably got it at a cheaper price. Plus the collector's edition stuff was kind of useless.

      125 bucks on both BioShock 2 & AVP collectors, dunno why I did such a stupid thing...

        Hey, they Bioshock 2 edition was pretty good. That said, I only paid $60 for it

          It was good, but not worth what I paid esp since the game wasn't Steamworks =P

      Happy birthday.

      I think I've spent around $200 for a game. Don't ask me what game, I wouldn't be able to tell you. I just know that some of the collectors editions I've bought cost around that much.

      Herping Blarnsday!
      I think the most expensive purchase would have to be the Borderlands 2 preorder I have (shiny chest edition) which was either $130 or $150.


    I'm not quite sure if anyone else cares but I'm happy about the Sonic Adventure 2 HD re-release. I personally think that it is the best Sonic game to he releases to date.

      Hey! I'm sorry I forgot to put your pie out for everyone to eat. I put it in the fridge and forgot about it. :(
      On the plus side, not sharing it with everyone was great for me because we had it for dessert last night and it was supertasty. :P

        Haha, everyone remembered when we were outside leaving. It was kinda funny =P

        Haha, its all good. I also completely forgot about it :P Just think of it as a Birthday present :D

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