Terrible Tech Support Rep Threatens To Leak Upset Customer’s Address To Criminals, Customer Says

Terrible Tech Support Rep Threatens To Leak Upset Customer’s Address To Criminals, Customer Says

A DayZ player/Reddit user says they recently got some really bad customer support. Not the wait-20-minutes on hold kind of bad customer support. More like the threaten-to-send-your-home-address-to-criminals kind.

The saga, which popped up in Reddit and message boards for the popular DayZ zombie mod, involves some escalating exchanges between the gamer, known as SinisterPrime, and the tech support at Defcon Servers, a self-described “premiere game hosting company.”

SinisterPrime recently purchased a server from Defcon Servers to host a DayZ game with his friends. What he didn’t realise was that the server required 40 players to run. He thought it only needed 10. So he took to Defcon’s customer service line to inquire about a refund.

But SinisterPrime’s experiences didn’t go over well. He shared his story on a Reddit thread:

I actually purchased a 10 man server from them with the idea of making a DayZ server as they advertise having a DayZ installer. After purchasing the server, I was having issues and contacted their customer support. They informed me that it is required to have a 40 man server for DayZ and being that a 40 man server is 80 bucks I asked for a refund while I found some people to join with and buy a server. They declined the refund and were very rude throughout the entire conversation and basically stated I was dumb for not knowing the requirements first (Can’t argue that point much).

I left them with a message about how to be better at customer service and recieved a message back with a half assed “We can’t do anything, sorry you feel that way”

SinisterPrime later received this response via email, in which the alleged Defcon Server customer support representative accuses him of blackmail. The quote is taken mid-email, presumably addressing SinisterPrime:

…ordered a server with the intent of running a specific mod and made the mistake of not knowing the mod makers policy. We gave you the exact server you ordered and it worked as advertised. If you have a complaint with that I would take it up with the mod maker not us. It’s they’re policy not ours. We don’t owe you a refund and we sure as hell won’t be blackmailed into giving you one. Which appears to be your intention here as I don’t see any other motive. That “I’m just trying to let the world know” charade is B.S honestly and I don’t buy it.

Giving you a refund would be against our Terms of Service which is a legal binding document. We do not offer refunds on pre-paid services and we don’t give refunds based on your inability to run a 3rd party mod on your server, That is not within our control as we do not make the mod nor do we make the rules for them.

We have been in business for over almost 10 years and in that time I’m quite sure there have been folks who didn’t agree with our practices, That goes for any business anywhere, You simply cannot please everyone. I wouldn’t go as far to say we “have a history of bad customer support” as the 10+ thousand current customers we have can attest to our support. You can also attest to our answering each and every ticket you submitted within a few minutes. Being a “user friendly” company is about making the customer aware of your policies and upholding them both on our end and yours. Refunding you for not being able to run a mod would go against our Terms of Service. How would that make us a user friendly company if we simply pick and choose which rules to follow? This all could have been a non- issue if you simply inquired about the rules of the mod maker BEFORE ordering service and you would have been provided that information. We had no way of knowing which of the several mods we have available you were planning on using so I fail to see how we could be at fault here. We set your server up how you ordered it and for that we have to be paid for it. Your quarrel should be with the mod maker not us.

SinisterPrime says the customer service representative then contacted him again, emailing back with vulgar language and even some upsetting threats:

So you want to play games you little shit? How about I post your home address and personal details all over the internet? Would that make you happy? Watch who you fuck with. I will make it so every criminal in your state has your address.

The threat follows with a Google maps link to what is presumably SinisterPrime’s house, which you can see in the email interaction documented by the image below.


It appears that this afternoon, Defcon Servers posted a public apology on the DayZ forums, stating that the tech support representative was “disgruntled” but has since been terminated, and the company is even considering pursuing legal alternatives to retaliate to the comments, which Defcon says “borderline on criminal.” The full statement is below:

This is quite an embarrasment to me personally and our company and I don’t know how to begin explaining how this happened.. From what I understand speaking with one of our techs; is the person who made those comments (A different support tech) was disgruntled (to say the least). From my understanding the customer ordered a server from us and later was told we could not host a 10 slot dayzmod for them so they proceeded to cancel and later requested a refund which was denied. I’m not clear on what transpired between that time and when those comments were made but understand there were emails sent back and forth using a company address and as you can see they made some threats and used strong language which I have to take full responsibility for as they were under my employment.

This person has been terminated and we are now considering pressing charges. I’m not certain if that’s possible at this time but the comments made borderline on criminal. I sincerly apologise on behalf of defconservers to the dayz community for the actions of this person and can assure you this is not the way we operate our business. We are and have always been a customer oriented business and pride ourselves on customer support and this has given us a severe blow to that which I hope we can overcome. Again I apologise for the comments made and will be contacting the individual they were directed at personally to extend our apologies as well.

According to the harassed customer, Defcon Servers have since refunded SinisterPrime’s purchase, and reached out to him personally to apologise.

We’ve reached out to both SinisterPrime and Defcon Servers, and will update this post should we get a response.


    • That’s true, people who post things like this never really show the full story, they always try to minimise their participation in the problem – HOWEVER it doesn’t matter what SinisterPrime wrote or did to them, a company should never respond to a customer like that. The “customer is always right” mantra will always let through a few assholes trying to take advantage, but overall it makes your business so much more respectable and stronger as a result.

    • Yes but you never make those kinds of remarks to customers on behalf of a business regardless of context.

    • Not necessarily. I don’t think it matters how the customer acted, that is no reason for a professional company to act like that, they should know better and still act in a professional manner.

  • All these refusals of refunds is making me laugh. They don’t know how easy it is to do a charge back. The customers weren’t happy with what they paid for, so they are entitled to the refund one way or another.

    • Rubbish. The customer bought something they later found out couldn’t do what they wanted because they couldn’t be bothered doing their due diligence prior to purchase. It’s not the company’s responsibility to cover the arse of every fool who parts with their money, especially if he agreed to whatever terms and services they have.

      • Unfortunately stomp western countries tend to have consumer protection laws, despite what retail companies want you to think. In AU for instance there is a cooling off period for major purchases, and a 3 day return for unsuitability of product. And you don’t even have to have the original packaging! Tesltra for instance won’t ship anything sold via phone/web until 3 days after the purchase so they don’t have to deal with returned items.

  • Yeah that CS guy is gonna get a fine, if not go to jail. Doesn’t really matter what the customer said, the strongest language you use back is “At this point I am going to ask you to contact me when you are ready to discuss the matter in a civilised manner”. If he keeps being narcy in your ear/email give it to a manager to handle, and if I was the manager I’d examine the emails from the customer, and if he was rude/obnixious to my staff in any way offer a refund but make it clear that you will not be able to rent servers from us again, and have his credit card blocked.

    • I agree, the fact that we only see one side of the story is beyond shady, I’d bet this CS worker was provoked in a big way. Its just a shame he lost his cool (in like, the worst possible way) because this customer got exactly what he wanted

  • Based on the emails from only the CS rep here, it’s somewhat apparent that the guy threatened to spread the information all over reddit and damage the company if he wasn’t given a refund.

    It’s also apparent that he:
    – demanded a refund he wasn’t entitled to.
    – tried to shift blame to the company.
    – is getting away with it because the rep eventually snapped.

    This really stinks, and I’m sure the redditor fired off a pile of abusive emails.

    • So? That kind of stuff happens all the time in customer service, that doesn’t mean it’s ok for the company rep to act like that. he should have known how to deal with the situation and act more professional.

    • Absolutely doesn’t matter what the redditor did or said. The tech guy is an employee of the company. If bad things get posted about the company, the employee has a responsibility to maintain a high standard of communication with the customer and not resort to threats.

  • As much as people will hate this, I don’t believe that he should’ve been given a refund. That doesn’t mean to say that the CS rep should’ve said what he did, but he is 100% within his rights to refuse a refund. The business gave him exactly what he ordered, and in general changing your mind isn’t a credible excuse for a refund. The product worked as advertised, end of story.

  • Yeah I have to agree with others, we aren’t seeing the whole story and it looks like the player is coming up with a whole bunch of bs to make up for the fact that he cant research before he buys something. He wasn’t entitled to a refund and I think that he was a complete dick to make such a big deal about maybe $30 us. That being said the tech could have dealt with this in a much better way

  • I know which company I WON’T be using next time I need to buy a server. I don’t care how much they may have been stirred up by a bad customer, that’s just all kinds of wrong.

  • Haven’t read everything, but the T&C for hosting a Dayz server states that it has to be 40 player minimum.

  • Defconservers were in the right. The guy was clearly groomed by American culture into thinking that the world owed him something after he ordered a service that could not do what he thought it could do. That service provided exactly what it advertised to do, nothing less. The customer is at fault.

    He did not order a product that can be returned and resold, he ordered a service. You cant take back the time invested by the company, they’ve had to pay someones wages for them to set up that service.

    Im disappointed the company folded and gave in.

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