That Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Mod Looks Like Entirely Too Much Fun

The fan-made add-on that's aiming to bring multiplayer to the PC version of Just Cause 2 came out of hiding last month. And lest you think that it might recede into the background again, here's proof that the JC-MP devs have been hard at work.

The clip above is edited together from one player's session inside the beta. The impression I get watching these sequences is that you may not even need authored missions inside a big crazy sandbox like Just Cause 2. Just let a bunch of players run around parachuting, vehicle-jacking and dog-fighting until their hearts content.

[via Reddit]


    Here's an even better/longer look at the mod -

    It was pretty cool, played for several hours, cant wait till the next testing session. Has loads of potential, someone needs to add zombies.

      Zombies: The new jumping the shark.

        Stuff the zombies they have been over done, time to try something different. Maybe yetties in the snowy area, sharks (jaws) and giant squid or something in the water, killer gorillas and stuff in the forests and to make it so u the skies aren't safe add something to the sky. This would have to be a disablable feature of the MP though

          Over done. We rarely get any zombie games. Dead island last year, left 4 dead1 and 2 and thats it.

          We r lucky to get a goodzombie game a year.

          Before you open that mouth learn a bit of history, theres been some massive demand recently for zombie games mate.

          We dont even get good zombie films anymore.

          But whats it matter, your one of those people who says zombie games are getting old but then you will get of ur computer and play CoD or Halo, the 2 games in the world that havent changed since the first game of the series.

          Zombie games arent getting old, its just that we can see that the Zombie Game Genre can be great but developers keep making these dull, non-innovative zombie games that should be realistic. Cause we all know it would be great to have a massive game world with A realistic zombie apocalypse

    Looks like insane fun!!

    Glitchy as all F*** but still looks like a lot of wasted hours mucking around to be had.

    Been playing this baby every hour its up, it is amazingly fun. Seriously get the beta and play play play play.

    and if you need more motivation Aussies made this and they got servers here :D

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