People Twitch-Fly Into Helicopters And Other Hilarious Just Cause 2 Multiplayer Glitches

The Just Cause 2 multiplayer mod that's currently in development for PC is pretty expansive.

But that doesn't mean it escapes the ever-present clutches of funny physics glitches. Take a look at players being sliced up by helicopter blades, and jetting off into the sky as a result of said funny glitches.


    Just cause 3 MUST follow the modders example!

      Absolutely, I reckon they will too. If Avalanche hasn't taken serious noticed of this, I'm sure when the mod is released proper it will cause a huge surge in Steam sales that will get their attention.

        The founder of Avalanche has expressed his approval of the mod via twitter - very enthusiastically :P I really can't wait for the next test.

    I am playing JC2 on xbox atm. All this MP talk makes me sd;lkgu[ wh;oisyrgowjshfjlkhasdgluosah.gtkjsgkjs cos I don't have it.

    I played on the multi-player test over the weekend with a few friends and it was bloody amazing...

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