The Cheap Logitech Wheel Returns!

So you missed out on a cheap steering wheel a few weeks ago. Time to stop your crying and get back in the game, because the deal is back on!

Catch Of The Day is responsible for this latest gaming bargain, so go get some! [OzBargain]


    Picked it up last time round.
    Great buy. Good quality, nice leather and steel construction and works well.

    Still seems expensive after DSE sold them for $20 out of goodwill.

    Got it for $20 plus $9.95 postage from DSE when they honored their pricing mistake. Worth it ;)

      When did this happen?

        A few months ago I think, not long after DSE were selling 3 month xbox live gold cards for 1c, of which I scored 20 woo!. I heard one story (unverified) of somebody ordering 10 G27s and DSE honouring them all, which I'm sure he then promptly put on ebay. It was only up for a few hours and unfortunately I missed out myself.

    Mine just arrived yesterday. Haven't had a chance to take it out of the box yet, though...

    Now that is a great deal for someone who has been looking out for one of the top end wheels. That price isn't too much more than what I payed for my DFGT.

    caught! :)

    'Tis a good deal, but I don't play racing games enough to justify it.

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