This Sunday Last Day Of Trade For GAME

This Sunday Last Day Of Trade For GAME

With GAME officially in liquidation, the remaining stores are open in an attempt to get rid of all the remaining stock. We’ve just had a tip from some GAME staff that PwC has given all store managers until July 8 to finish up business and close stores.

This date has also been confirmed by the administrators PwC, so this Sunday will most likely be the last day of trade for GAME in Australia.

Good luck to all those affected.


  • I was at the Strathpine store yesterday. It was rather depressing seeing the store almost completely bare without stock. Almost picked up The Old Republic for $20. Currently debating if it is worth it for just the first month of play.

        • I disagree if you want a solid single player rpg and mmo it’s a good choice. If you want a mmo thats more enjoyable then wow it’s Tor. However if you expect a game significantly better and different from the wow/everquest model move along it’s not for you. Their is the same lack or mini games ect in Tor like wow although perhaps not as bad so keep that in mind. No pazaak as of yet in Tor 🙁 .

    • Wow, really? That’s my local one, I was there yesterday and got FIFA on Vita for 18 (it was 48 before this administration) and a Vita game case for 50 cents!

      They still have a fairly large amount of stock but nothing else I really wanted.

  • I’m an ex-employee, but I left before the liquidation (could see it miles away). I’m not owed anything, but I -really- hope I get a PAYG summary so I can do my taxes :S

    Any recommendations on how to make sure I get it?

    • Technically you wouldn’t even need it, once they lodge EOY tax you account should be able to get the figure.. Mine can.

      In saying that you will probably get it in the mail.

      • I contacted payroll and they advised that the summaries have been generated and sent to the Administrators for approval and will be sent out shortly. I got a reply from the Payroll Clerk at HO

  • I got mine today so u should get it soon. U may also still be entitled to apply for GEERS as it says something about leaving 6 mths prior to the company going into administration.

  • It’s no wonder they went broke, they’re still charging high prices in the up to 60% off online only sales.

    I gave up checking game stores years ago. Standard prices were $20+ higher than JB and other places.

    EB is the same but at least they have that 7 day return policy… assuming that still exists? Haven’t been there for a long time either.

    • I know right even with that sale so expensive!!! I can’t believe they had the balls to charge $18 for darkness 2 and that $80 250gb S Xbox 360 console I bought… WHAT A RIPOFF…

  • I’m an ex-employee too, left mid July last year. I emailed payroll earlier today, they said they’ve already posted the group certs.

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