Twenty Minutes Of Dead Space 3 Footage Is Enough To Freeze Your Shins Off

No fancy trailers here, no live-action distractions, this twenty-minute clip consists almost entirely of gameplay footage from EA's upcoming Dead Space 3.

WARNING: May contain traces of pre-recorded developer hype in some scenes.

Dead Space 3 Gameplay Video [GameSpot]


    The hell!?! Didn't you already post this a month ago? It's the exact same video!

    Seriously Luke? This has been posted already and it sucked the 1st time. Steve Pa-poo-tits sounds like an arse and so is this game. Dead Space 1 was a masterpiece and this is a huge sellout for all the "gamers" who want the exact same experience o al the other games they play but with Dead Space skins.

    This game will tank just like EA's stocks have steadily been for the last 6 months (today they went to an alltime low.) Dont buy this game guys please, let Dead Space 1 remain in our minds and hearts and let the Dead Space series rest.......hey you never know if we can get EA to go bankrupt that will mean series like Dead Space and System Shock can be re-aquired by thier original creators who dont work for EA anymore. THEN we can play PROPER versions of these beloved series. ;)

    I like EA so much i wanna put all my centrelink money into them so then the government is paying for their games to go into my hands :D

    Don't upset, Banefire
    He knows the stock market.

    Amazing how "epic" moments can make survival horror especially dull.

      its not survival horror was "trying" at dead space 1 but really they werent scaring anyone

    The first 5 minutes (because that's all I watched) felt like I was watching uncharted game-play. Way too much dangling by one hand over edge of cliffs. Sigh, we will always have DS1, they can't take that away from us - although with this, I think they just might be trying.

    For every EA game that banefire doesn't buy, I shall purchase two.

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