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Zombies. Every time I think I'm sick of them, someone finds a way to make me care. I might be sick of Zombies in my video games, but I genuinely enjoyed seeing them on my TV screen with the first season of The Walking Dead, and I'm quite looking forward to picking up where I left off with Season 2. It is for this reason that I'm considering entering this competition under my nom de plume, Mark Scrolls...

We have ten Walking Dead prize packs to give away, each featuring one Walking Dead Season 2 DVD and one Walking Dead t-shirt.

Want to win one of these prize packs? Well, entering is simple. I have a question and I want you to answer it in the most inventive/funny/awesome way possible. Best entries win.

If the zombie apocalypse started in Australia — where would it start and why?

Drop your entries in the comments below. Terms and Conditions can be found here, and we'll announce the winners next week.


    I think that the zombie apocalypse in Australia would begin in the Illawarra. The infection would effectively eliminate Australia's largest steelworks in Port Kembla. This would damage the whole nation's economy. The virus would also have easy access to other major cities via public transport. The Cityrail trains would become overrun with zombies, finding an easy feast on commuters travelling along the coast. On the plus side however, trains to and from Sydney would be less crowded. These trains would travel right into the heart of Sydney at Central station, spreading disease further throughout the city from there. The many highways through the Illawarra would allow a "herd" of zombies a quick path through major towns and cities up and down the East coast. By originating in the Illawarra, the disease could aslo spread by ship, to different ports along Australia or to other nations. The virus would wipe out suburbs such as Berkely (which already seems full of zombies and bogans), with thousands of people living in close proximity, densely packed into housing commission homes. People from the Illawarra would be forced to flee inland over mountains or further North or South along the coast to escape the growing hordes.

    Same way the aids virus started - some douche fu#ked a monkey - except this time it will be some douche having sex with a dolphin... probably some tourist in the great barrier reef area that thought blowhole meant... you get the idea

    The Zombie Apocalypse has already started in Australia. It started in the suburbs. Here's one survivor's story.

    Zombies In The Burbs.

    Twas the night before Christmas when all through the house,
    Not a creature was stirring, not even a mouse.
    The stockings were hung by the chimney with care,
    ‘Cause surely no Zombie would ever come there.

    The children were settled all snug in their beds,
    While visions of L4D danced in their heads.
    And Mum in her night-cream, and I in my cap,
    Had just settled our brains for a long summer’s nap.

    When out on the lawn there arose such a clatter,
    I sprang from the bed to see what was the matter.
    I knew in my heart that it couldn’t be good,
    So I grabbed my best bat of nice, hard willow wood.

    My cricket bat held in a baseballer’s stance,
    From out of the window I risked a quick glance.
    There were four of them out near the old lemon tree,
    I twitched back the curtain before they saw me.

    But ‘too late’ I realised as they all took cover,
    “They’ve seen me” I whispered, “The whole jig is over”.
    Then came the knocking upon our front door,
    Till finally I just could not take any more.

    If only I had a good scoped hunting rifle,
    I’d shoot them from here, it would be such a trifle.
    Or even a trusty pump-action shot gun,
    I could kill them all, it might even be fun.

    Not owning a gun, I said “This won’t be easy”.
    (I’ll honestly tell you I felt rather queasy).
    “You never told me that it would come to this”,
    Said my wife in a whisper, almost a hiss.

    We’d discussed at great length just how we might cope,
    When Zombies approached our house in their vain hope,
    Of getting us to sign up with a new Telco,
    Or power provider. We’d firmly say “No”.

    But door to door sellers, as if on a mission,
    Kept coming and coming in search of commission.
    So, now bat in hand I crept quietly downstairs,
    And readied myself to smash their soulless stares.

    “Tell the children I love them” I shouted in glory,
    I was sure that my end would come soon, very gory.
    I opened the door and I set loose upon them,
    An end to that damned door-to-door salesman problem.

    As I sit here now in my quiet prison cell,
    I know in the suburbs the curse they can smell.
    And I only wish that I could have done more,
    About those Zombies who still knock door to door.

    (sorry if this is a double post - I tried to post from my tablet, pretty sure it didn't take)

    The zombie outbreak has already originated, deep in the heart of the Australian Christian Lobby's dungeons. Why? Because, they've already show us they are masters of resurrection ( their repetitious arguments on the R18 ), have an undying will ( you know they won't stop, even after the first R rating game sticker is printed ), and let's face it, they really needs some braaaaaaaaaaaaaains....


    I saw the first outbreak reported on the tv - I think it should have been the lead news story but instead they called it Question Time in Parliament!!

    It would start in a vegan cafe in central melbourne, why? Cause if there is a god reeking an zombie apocalypse upon the world he has a sense a humour and appreciates good irony. I mean have you ever seen a platypus??? Hilarious

    Kings Cross. People stumbling around, constant violent attacks, it'll probably seem like a quiet night

    It would probably start right in my house. Every morning when I get out of bed and look in the mirror, I am positive that I already see a zombie.

    The outbreak would first occur during a meeting of Parliament. With our government leaders becoming undead, Australia, the multicultural, safest and most laid back country in the world would band together to defeat a common enemy!

    Sydney.. they bloody well get everything...
    hmph... *crosses arms*

    In the shire because by the time anyone has figured out what has happens Tue whole town will be gone

    Towns in Australia where there is Coal Seam gas mining.
    For reasons yet unknown, the gas has an unusual new effect on humans, turning them
    into the Walking Dead

    Either that or, yeah.. in Ceempbelltown!

    Katoomba - They already have two heads and eleven toes so its a short trip to zombie town.

    It would start just in a Science testing facility in or near Sydney. The scientists believe they have a cure for a major disease (Cancer, AID, HIV and etc.) and when they test the animals they won't show symptoms of the virus but when they begin human testing the 'cure' will react with the human DNA and mutate, causing the Zombie Virus. The Zombies will overpower the security guards and escape the facility and when they infect the nearby population the attacks will be considered attacks of cannibalism, drug misuse or violent acts. Infect people will attempt to flee the country and this is how the infection will spread to the world.

    If the zombie apocalypse were to start in Australia then it would originate in Lucas Heights in the heart of the Sutherland Shire.

    the initial outbreak there would not just be as a result of the geographical proximity to the Lucas Heights nuclear reactor where sofety concerns have been reported before but also because it has been used as the filming location for the Shire.

    In any aquatic centre…
    All it would take is one exchange student bent on exfoliation, daddy’s bath salt stash, and a grand dream of the biggest ‘bath’ in the world. The unknowing kid would drop the salts in a pool and through an intense (and complex) chemical combination of chlorine, urine, sauna steam and drunken pool water, the zombie auspocalypse is well on its way.

    It would start in Adelaide. Why? Because the people of Adelaide are already mindless and soulless walking dead anyway. (And yes, I can say this. I'm an ex Adelaidian that escaped that backwards 'town')

    In multiple locations, zombies sprouting from the largest boys catholic schools in each state. All the innuendo and wrong doing of these boys in blazers, festering, growing from inappropriate discipline from priests and nuns, as they search to feed their hunger......brains, brains and more brains!!

    Melbourne university. An experiment gone wrong in the anatomy lab, and boom the Zombie apocalypse begins. Lots of happy, healthy, knowledgeable brains to devour and enjoy, gaining their strength from the immense amount of healthy brain cells. Then on to conquer the country, then the world.

    after the aliens pinched the oceans thats when it started the planet was in big trouble we had to feed ourselves with whatever. so much we do not know about what is down there that infected and caused the zombie outbreak

    My mother in laws never know whats lurking there and what once was living is most likely now dead and covered under dirt and yesteryears furniture.

    The zombie apocalypse will start on the set of "The Shire" since they are already 99% brain dead.

    There once was a zombie outbreak in Australia
    At Mark Serrels’s apartment, inter alia
    His lack of sleep was the cause
    As his life was on pause
    And the outcome was in a Hollywood trailer

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