6 Helpful Tips To Make Slender Less Scary

Have you played Slender yet? It's fairly simple, and yet its simplicity lends itself to just how terrifying it can get.

YouTube user DMJared put together six tips to make the Slenderman slightly less frightening. Some are more successful than others.

How to Make Slender Not Scary [YouTube via Reddit]


    Slender is one of those games where I watched plenty of Let's Plays of the game and thought, "It can't really be that scary can it?"

    Then I played it, and yes it is.

      same here LULZ

    Make Slender less scary? Be cr1tikal.

    This is one of those games that did absolutely nothing for me. Predictable game mechanic does not a good game make.

    The most frustrating thing for me playing is actually how hard it is to get all the notes. I've played heaps of times, which you can see here http://tiny.cc/JoesSlender, just because I genuinely want to beat the game. Which is becoming harder and harder to do with every update. I won't give up though.

    i just recently played this and with 5 friends getting all the notes is hard and just guessing where slender is just makes me shudder because i know he is behind me

    ...1 pg. 1 slender. 1 death. scarde the f%#$ out of me.(at least I got my wallet back)

    Heh, I just installed the Slender Hack from http://www.playslender.net and enabled day mode.

    Makes it way less scary!

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