Bit Trip Runner 2 Tells Retro To Bugger Off

Well, actually, Bit Trip Runner 2 uses a far worse word, but I don't like to use those in headlines! Today Gaijin Games released a new trailer for the latest Bit Trip game, and it abandons its retro aesthetic for something for more modern. Personally, I thing it looks incredible.

Some people may lament the change, but I welcome it. I wouldn't say I'm tired of the pixel art, retro style — but I definitely don't think it needs to be used in every 2D indie platformer that hits the market. Props to Gaijin Games for having the guts to take things in a new direction.

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    I wasn't sold by the dev screenshots but that looks awesome. I hope it isn't as brutal as the first one, I got to the second last level in the first world and I couldn't beat it, being thrown back 4minutes because your vision got blurry from all the scrolling is really really really really really rage inducing.

    Has an almost Rayman vibe to the art style. Not a bad thing!

    Cannot wait for this. Love Runner so much and this looks fantasic.

    That looks great! I love bit trip runner and the entire series. They're definitely my favourite indie games, but god damn runner was hard. I enjoyed finishing it on perfect mode though :)

    Think I like the old look better, but still nothing wrong with this.

    Nice, I saw this video yesterday, really excited for it! BIT TRIP RUNNER I enjoyed a lot, beat it recently actually, can't wait for this!!

    Oh and by the way Mark, you might consider redacting the 'BIT TRIP' part, it isn't a BIT TRIP game, just a spin off of one of them. It's just called RUNNER 2.

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