Don't Expect A Vita Price Cut This Year

The PlayStation Vita is struggling. Some have predicted that Sony, looking for an easy band-aid, might slash the system's retail price for this holiday season, much like Nintendo did last year to pump up sales of its then-floundering 3DS.

That's not gonna happen.

Speaking to Eurogamer at Gamescom this week, Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida said the Vita won't be getting a price cut any time soon. Just bundles.

"Of course, cost reduction is one area our engineering team is working on. But we just launched the platform earlier this year. It takes time to do so," he said. "At a certain point in the future we would like to address the pricing issue for some of the people who are waiting. But this year we are trying to add value by creating different types of bundles. We announced we will provide LittleBigPlanet PS Vita bundle pack. That's affordable for people who are looking for a good deal."

The cheapest version of the Vita will run you $US250, not including the proprietary memory card. When asked straight-up by Eurogamer if Sony plans to slash that price this year, Yoshida said "No. It's too early."

Sony engineers working on PS Vita "cost reduction" for post-2012 price cut [Eurogamer]


    The face of Sony has really changed in the past few years. They used to be a juggernaut in all various markets.... now they've become this B quality company. What happened? They used to dominate, they were a household name that everyone relied on for electronics.

    Where did they go wrong? When I look at the Playstation 3, I don't see a beast of a machine, I just see a typical console trying to fight its way into a suitable spot in the marketshare.

      Sony is more of a good quality, fairly overpriced company that has served them well over the years. This never had a place in the handheld market - high specs are unnecessary, price point is a deciding factor and Nintendo do not leave much room for anyone else.

      I wouldn't call them a B quality company, I would just say that this generation they grossly misjudged their consumer base. They produced a truly quality product, however, with such brilliant hardware came a high price, the equivelant to shooting yourself in the knee just before starting the 100m sprint against Usain Bolt.

      Sony products are high quality. The problem is that because they are essentially ahead of their time, they are forced to charge a lot for those products simply to recoup costs. For example, iirc the PS3 was being sold at a loss for a couple of years (possibly even now, anyone know?)

        Ermm... every console initially sells at a loss. =/

        Can't really pin that on just Sony "being ahead of their time". Honestly I would say its more of like weresmurf. They do make decent products but their still caught on the heydays of their Walkman/Discman dominance that their not really hitting that sweet spot balance of affordability/creativity/quality anymore...

          From memory the Wii never sold at a loss. Nintendos not looking at the Wii U selling at a loss either....

          Hence the under powered, years old architecture...

    Don't expect me to buy a Vita this year. Or next...

      Don't expect anyone to care

        Sony cares :( They need every vita sale they can atm...

        I certainly don't expect you to care. I'm just saying the Vita would need a lot more than just a price drop to get me interested.

    Price needs to be dropped if they want to make any kind of profit on it. Its too expensive. Why would a family go buy a Vita over a PS3 at present? They wouldnt. Its too expensive...

      Different markets so its not a good comparison.
      The vita inst a family purchase as its a personal device, just like you wouldn't buy an iPod for the family?

        So, im a family man and If my child came to me and asked for a Vita.. I would say No. Why? Because its too expensive and its only for one person. However, I would go and buy a PS3 instead. Why? Because i can play a whole bunch of games on it (for all different ages), I can watch Blu Rays on it and I can stream to it. It can engage more than one person.

        An iPod for the family isnt a good comparison either because an iPod costs $100. Your talking about a $350 Vita opposed to a $350 Ps3. Im just trying to say that there are different perspectives on people potentially purchasing. I have a Vita and love it, as well as a PS3 and an XBox. But im lucky to be able to afford one. And i totally understand where they are marketted... and I THINK... thats the issue.

          An Ipod costs 100???? Where??? 199 for a 16gb, 299 for a 32 and 399 for a 64 last time I checked? NOONE wants an ipod shuffle ffs.

          So, I’m a family man and If my child came to me and asked for a Mobile phone. I would say No. Why? Because it’s too expensive and its only for one person. However, I would go and buy a landline instead. Cos they both make phone calls right??? And you can get an awesome landline for way less than a mobile and its not just for one person….right?
          You see now? My argument is not price, my comment about an iPod being a bad choice for the family is about comparing a portable personal device to a fixed device that’s meant to be shared.
          I get what you are saying, same price and you feel the ps3 is a better purchase, and for you it may be. But your poor kids shit out of luck if he wants to use it in the back seat of the car or on the bus on the way to school or maybe when his dad who bought him a PS3 (instead of the Vita he wanted) is watching the footy on the only TV in the house.

      Because it's not aimed at families as "something for the kids"...

        Did you see some of the games to be released on the Vita from Gamescom? They certianly look like "something for the kids" from where I am standing....

          Exactly, us adults can only play things with guns and blood in it.

    Bioshock Vita, COD Vita, Lord of Apocalypse Vita, SFXTekken Vita, Zone of Enders Collection Vita, Little Big Planet Vita (If you think LBP is only for kids, shame on you)...

    Sorry man I know you're anti vita but your troll colours are starting to show...

      That was to Wade up there... damn posting via phone...

        Dude.... read the last two sentences in my main comment?

        "I have a Vita and love it, as well as a PS3 and an XBox. But im lucky to be able to afford one."


          You guys are all so quick to flame/troll some one who has a different oppinion. Im really suprised to be Im really. If you want to call me the Anti Vita - Explain me purchasing a 3G model at 1201am, with Uncharted GA, Wipeout, MotorStorm RC and then, Everybodies golf, Unit 13, Virtua Tennis, MGS HD, and pre ordering Killzone (did that today).

          Yer i have a PSN too.

          Stop thinking im just here to stir people up. Its pathetic. Im just trying to say that ... oh who knows anymore because i doesnt look like your willing to understand where im coming from! :-|

            Where'd you pre order kill zone? Also, look up mutant blobs attack. Freaking awesome game, one of the best vita ones I own.

              *best vita games I own. Damn my grammar has been atrocious these past couple days. :P

            Dude it's perfectly fine to critique games and apologies for missing that line, I genuinely did. Shit happens. I'm using kotaku as a break from assignments and shit and staring at a screen filled with text for up to 14 hours a day starts to...... anyhow.

            I understand where you're coming from. To truly love games you should also be the first to critique them if there's a problem. To blindly love and support is foolish, to be able to offer constructive critique and know what you're talking about with the subject is a sign of a well informed gamer, so kudos.

    I love my vita. Day 1 purchase and I haven't regretted it once since then.

      Just at Eb Games mate. They have an entry for it now.. :-)

    Where Sony failed with the Vita is that they failed to understand the audience associated with handheld gaming, especially with the rise of the iPhone and Android gaming

    *Don't Expect Me To Buy A Vita This Year*

    I don't think price is point of the hand held is too much of an issue. For me personally, it's the range of titles available. There isn't anything really there that says "Hey, this is a wicked title! We tried to utilise the features of the Vita in a smart way AND there's a decent story line". Not an Assassins Creed fan, but Liberation might convince me yet.

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