Guild Wars 2's Most Impressive Feet

Characters in Guild Wars 2 are good at lots of things: fighting, spellcasting, animal-summoning. But they're also really good at standing still. No, seriously!

The great standing animations are something that all three Kotaku Guild Wars 2 players noticed while playing this past weekend, and the folks over at Reddit noticed as well — in a nice, small touch, the characters in Guild Wars 2 are really good at standing still, even on hills.

What do I mean by that? Here, watch this video of my Elementalist Mallia Blaylock moving about on a hillside in the game. Look at her feet, at the way they shift and redistribute her weight depending on how she's standing. Not bad! Sort of a little thing to focus on, but it's those kinds of small details that make this such a visually appealing game.

(Good job, Mallia. Excellent video debut. Now go barbecue some bandits or something.)

The humans may work well, but the game hasn't nailed every race — for example, here's an image Mike sent of Calipurnicus, his cute little Asura guardian:

…Not so much on the mountain clipping, there. Here's hoping we get "Proper Asura Feet" in an update.

Disclaimer: That groaner of a headline is the work of Totilo. I wash my hands of it. Just kidding, I laughed.


    Yeah I was really impressed by this also. I noticed it within the first few minutes of playing. My human character jumped up on a fence and she shifted her feet to suit the varied elevations, impressive polish is impressive.

    This is funny, as this was literally one of the first things I noticed when I started playing and even pointed it out to my housemate when I noticed. I was rather impressed with that level of polish.

    Personally I'd have preferred Ascalon Catacombs not being bugged until today, but I guess they are pretty nice standing animations >_>

    The dude who created that IK system right now must be beaming :)

    The Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker was doing this 10 years ago:

      Why stop at Windwaker? Why not go all the way back to OoT?

    *and I see what you did there (with feet)

    Excellent feel! I love the way she steps into a balanced pose. I've never seen that before. Well done! :) Very pretty windmill in the background too. And the character is very pretty too, if m'lady will beg her pardon. :)

    wow i didn't even notice that she was doing it right because i'm so used to ignoring the clipping feet in other games.. weird.

    Hold on. . . arent females suppose to be caressing themselves and gyrating their hips when idle?

    I noticed a similar thing in Uncharted. Proceeded to spend the next 15 minutes walking up and down staircases with Drake.

    Onlookers couldn't work out what I was doing.

      Seeing it in an MMO though is pretty impressive compared to a SP game.

    Yeah it's all well and good untill my burly Norn Guardian stands on a step and does a great Angelina Jolie impression with his big thigh clipping outside of his chainmail kilt (skirt).

    He kept moving the human every 5 right before the idle animations timer had time to kick in...was driving me crazy!! :P

    Something I noticed today was if you click on somebody much taller than you, your character cranes their neck to look at them better. My human elementalist was in town earlier and a huge norn stood behind him. When I swiveled around to move out of the way, I inadvertently clicked on the norm and my character stared up at him. I thought it was just my character randomly looking around but nope.. it was a 'feature'.

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