New Dark Knight Returns Trailer Means We're In For A Show, Kids

It's a big deal when Batman disappears. It's a bigger deal when he comes back. If you saw this year's The Dark Knight Rises, then the preview of the upcoming Dark Knight Returns animated movie above might feel a little familiar.

Christopher Nolan's film featured a beat-for-beat recreation of this iconic scene from Frank Miller's seminal Batman story arc. And here it is, in another form. Works any way you slice it, I think.


    If this is as good as Year One or Red Hood, I'll be a happy man.

      If it stays true to the Dark knight returns graphic novel, it will be a lot better.

      I thought Red Hood was great, Year One was rather schizophrenic. It started off great then descended into mediocrity very quickly :\

        Red Hood: Great
        Year one: Mediocre
        Apocalypse: Terrabad.

        This is such hallowed source material, if they ruin it they will piss off a lot of people.

    Any body know why its listed as pt1? Will pt2 be tdksa?

      Pretty sure it's being split in half for length reasons (like the Hobbit and stuff). Pt1 will probably bee Batman returning and the whole Mutants thing with Pt2 being the whole Superman/gang war/ big spoilery thing.
      IMO pt1 should be amazing, pt2 will probably really fucking boring. Think I'm one of the few who didn't love The Dark Knight Returns - maybe it's just because I'm a Superman fan too....

        The thing is the synopsis for part 1 mentions the *SPOILERS* Superman fight *END OF SPOILERS*, which was basically the last thing in the book.
        This makes me think part 2 might be Strikes Again.

          ah, I didn't know that, maybe you're right then, I haven't read Strikes Again yet but heard it wasn't as good, might need to try it out soon though anyway

            Strikes again was an unmitigated disaster of a comic. Whereas TDKR is a brilliant, fantastic masterpiece of storytelling, TDKSB is an insult to its legacy. I just cannot fathom what Miller was thinking writing that garbage.

    I was HUGELY let down by the quality of Year One... Sadly I don't have much faith in this one... it'll have to really step up and deliver a great adaptation.

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