Potaku 10: Beneath The Planet of The Potaku

Potaku. What an amazing success. Today ShiggyNinty and Doc What have hit episode number 10, and I'm really proud to say that I took part in their 10th podcast. Even though my wife kept trying to make the bed while I was talking. Even though my internet went weird and the sound got funky (sorry guys!). I had a blast on the podcast! Thanks for having me on guys!

But I won't say too much — just a big congrats to the Doc What, ShiggyNinty and everyone who was involved in the first ten episodes of Potaku. Great job everyone!

Take it away Shiggy!

Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, bros and sistahs. Welcome to Episode 10 of Potaku and the end of series one. It’s been a lot of fun and laughs and some great conversation, but we need time away because we hate you all* and want to have fun for a while. Seriously, all you do is hound us for some great quality entertainment that we love making and we give it to you and now you want more? We’re only human!

But seriously! Episode 10 features two great guests this week! Our esteemed and glorious leader Mark Serrels and our lovely, competitive Sir of Eating, Harli! This time around we tackle why we love gaming so much. I mean, WE LOVE THE STUFF RIGHT SO LETS TALK ABOUT IT FOR AN HOUR AND A HALF IN OUR LONGEST EPISODE YET!

For community playdates this week we have Red Dead Redemption for both Xbox 360 and PS3. Why the same game you ask? Is Shiggy just lazy? Or is he too busy being handsome to choose different games? Who cares? You can punch a horse in this game and not feel bad that’s why! We have the 360 version on Tuesday at 8:30PM EST and the following night, same time on PS3. And don’t think I forgot you PC playaz (fo shizzle rizzle dizzle Snoop Lion something or other) as you have Quake, that’s right, old school Quake on Thursday at 8:30PM. Also Halo is on Monday as usual!

Want to shoot us a suggestion? An idea? Or just tell Doc What he’s a sweet dude? You can do that by contacting us through email or Twitter! Or you can follow the new Potaku Twitter account!

Doc What Email/Twitter ShiggyNinty Email/Twitter

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Catch the show like usual on Podbean or iTunes!

That’s it for this season of Potaku! Like I said earlier, we’re taking two weeks off, not just for ourselves but to recharge, refocus and come back better than ever! We’re so glad this took off and people are clamouring for more, we appreciate every hit, every piece of feedback we’ve received, every guest and every little bit of support we’ve received so far. Thanks for listening and we hope you enjoy! Don’t forget to subscribe, rate and share with everyone!

*we mean love.


    Aye, at wis pyoor mad brilliant an at!

    I am regret that we didn't speak like neds (Scottish bogans) for a while.

      Well, now my hopes are dashed. I guess it's just as well I can't download it!

      jokes, I <3 Potaku 5ever.

    Thanks for the first 10 guys. I really enjoyed nearly every minute (that tekken song was horrible). Listening to you each week helped make my long drive to work enjoyable. Your by far my favorite gaming podcast. Keep up the awesome work guys.
    Can't wait for season 2.

      Thanks so much! We're really glad you like it! Hopefully season 2 will be everything the first series was, and more.

      Completely unrelated to Potaku...but I really love your name, Feral Sloth. It conjures up all sorts of awesome images in my brain and makes me smile. :D

        Haha, thanks strange. I love contradictions and the idea of a feral sloth just struck me as a great one years ago. Oddly enough I only just started using it.

    I haven't listened to 10 yeat I keep forgetting to download it to my phone!

    *does it now*

    *totally doesn't but thinks he will later*

    *forgets again*

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