Putting A Horse Behind The Wheel In Grand Theft Auto IV Ends Predictably

This horse, from the fount of zany mods on YouTube user Taltigolt's channel, may have a smoother gait than ones you see in, say, Skyrim.

But his hit box and mass still appear to be that of a regular person in the game. So a riderless steed charging through a public park isn't quite the rampage you'd imagine. For that, you'll have to set Ol' Paint down in a Feltzer and, well, you know the rest.



    Ah, finally, it's my weekly "Watch this (irrelevant character or animal) do (something) in GTA4" article. Thrilling.

      Toasty, my good man, may I suggest you either cheer up or go someplace else? If you don't enjoy such videos, then why, for the love of all that's holy, would you watch one, then bitch about it? Seriously, what kind of mean-spirited bullsh*t is that?!
      FYI, Kotaku folk, I thoroughly enjoyed that vid. I especially liked the part where there was a horse in GTA4. Rock on and keep smiling, everyone!

        Because I can. Deal with it.

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