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    Just won an ebay auction at the very last moment last night for Mystical Ninja: Starring Goemon on the N64. I can't wait to play that game again. It's been far too long!

      Ninja page-get is best page-get.

        Didn't you manage to snipe something last night as well?
        That's it, between the sneaky folk here at TAY, and the SCPs I've been reading... I'm just gonna stay locked in my room for the rest of my years, with floodlights all around me.
        You can't hide if there aren't any shadows!

      Hahaha, I ninjad that game not too long ago as well! Except... by the time it got delivered it went straight to the box of games and has never been seen since :(


    What you think? Possible Heimer Remake?

      Right now heimy is completely useless at anything other than pushing the shit out of a lane. Thats the pro of heimy you can loos your lane by like 4 kills and still push the enemies turrent over before they can touch yours. the postioning of his turrets are pretty much key to playing him and the addition of another one will be awesoem but he is SOOOOOO man dependant and they don't do nearly enough damage.

      The rockets that work with the cursor will be pretty awesome. I will read it more tonight.

        Honestly the remake kind of looks like it will make him WAY OP, h e will get nerfed again but i don't care, i love playing as him.

          Yeah the effects of that ulti are a bit ridiculous, so many rockets at an enemy, grenade bombing, but the three turrets at once was a neat one. I agree, right now it'll make heimer a bigger mana drain than Anivia and Orianna. The rocket targetting will be a biggest improvement, since the main thing that put me off about Heimer was the rockets don't prioritise champions at all, so things like jungle ganks could fail cause minions were still too close as the enemy made a break for it in the river (This happened with Steve-O as Alistar and me as Heimer in mid against a Morgana).

          Still I'd love to see him played again, he was always fun every time I played as him, despite the clunkiness of his main DPS (rockets) targetting.

      When Zyra came out and people declared her as Heimer 2.0 and said he'd be obsolete, a staff member came out saying that they were semi-remaking Heimer, just as a small side note in the forums.

      Eventual Heimer re-make, it would seem.

        He does need one but i don't really like the fact that riot want to make every champ viable in tournament play. How bout you make balanced champs instead of buffing everyone then nerfing them to hell..

          But ... If a champ is viable in Tournaments it generally is balanced. Also I can't really think of a champ that they have recently nerfed into hell.

            Urgot I thought, until I smashed a Darius solo top with him :P

              Yeah, this is the problem. I'm not having a go at you specifically Techy but the second a nerf for champ x is announced people instantly say "oh champion x is trash tier now". I feel sorry for Riot, they have made an amazing game that is fairly balanced (a heap more so then others) and people still bitch to them.

                No I didn't think that way ever, for the record, however I really thought he was in trouble due to the range nerfing. I initially thought his harass is much weaker. It is but not to the point where it was making him trash tier, I was still able to hit Darius from out of his range (Barely but still effective).
                Yeah I wish Riot was treated with more respect in this regard. Besides I do see why Urgot's range on Q was nerfed above all else cuz as soon as his E hits you, you basically couldn't get away from the full salvo of Q combos, and was basically Kog'Maw ulti range. I consistently show appreciation for what they do by purchasing RP in the first place :)

    Dark Souls Prepare to Die edition this week! YEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHH!


      Oh shit does that mean the DLC comes out too?
      I've been getting that Dark Souls itch again, might be time to kick in a NG+ soon :D

        Consoles have a couple of weeks wait for the DLC, I think.

          Thats okay, I don't have much time to play it right now anyways :P

    Got an sms last night telling me my Fall of Cybertron PS3 will be available ot pick up tomorrow at EB.
    Only problem is, I ordered the 360 version...
    Printed out my order confirmation just in case - really hope I don't get screwed out of G1 Optimus :|

      If your order says Xbox you'll be fine, I honestly doubt EB will sell out of the game day one.

      although Tranformers ARE super awesome...

        Yeah, I should be fine. Just seems weird that it swapped versions.

    Looks like CounterStrike: Global Offensive is out today.

    Not sure I want to play but it does hit me right in the nostalgias.

      I want to give it a go, but my internet connection has been extremely horrible over the last couple weeks.

    Anyone else listen to the BBC documentary “The Culture of Gaming”? It’s a light discussion on video games as art, its contribution to culture, ability to tell a story and some of the changes over the last 5 years. The only minus is there’s a Peter Molyneux interview in there and we all know how ridiculous is ramblings can get. Still worth listening to though, especially as it is the first part of a series.

      I don't actually mind Peter Molyneux. It'd just be nice if he made a game from time-to-time. :P

        I don't have too much against the guy but when he starts talking you realise that he doesn't understand the importance of subtetly at all. Instead he goes on about manipulating peoples emotions and then attempts to do it in some of the most hamfisted ways.

    Wondering if anyone here is familiar/competent with actionscript 3/flash develop? I have a question for anyone who is.

    HI, every TAYbie!

    There is apparently a suspicion that JB are going to be dropping their price for the 3DSXL to $199 on release, according to an EB staff member. So, anyone that wants one should keep a lookout for that tomorrow.

    Oh, and if you've preordered, you can still price match that. Not sure if this works if you already paid the preorder in full or not.

      Interesting. I asked EB what I'd get as a trade in on my old DS lite, which was $25 (not bad considering how old it is) but if JB drop to $199 thats still cheaper. Decisions, decisions

        Yeah, I'll be trading in my DS Lite as well.

      If you've preordered at EB and paid in full and want to price match, you can get the remainder refunded in the same way it was paid - if you paid via trade-in credit, then that stays trade-in credit, and generally that is required to stay in store.

      But for $50 you could just about buy a copy of Theatrhythm if they have one. And you should buy Theatrhythm. Everyone should. It's so good.

        Hey wait... is that a gunshow comic avatar? If so, I liek you

      Whoooaaaaa! That's a pretty massive drop if its true. Geeesus.

      See, this is why I don't pre-order! Kmart still haven't shown their price yet either.

      Man I hope this is true.

    Tomorroooooow... threee dee esssssss... EXCEL! So excite :D

      I won't be grabbing one tomorrow but I will definitely at some point when I can afford it.
      My one problem with the 3DS was that despite the 3D, it felt like a step backwards after my DSiXL.

        But your 3DS has me in it, right, right!?
        One step back, 46 steps to the left! And then another 46 to the right. I forgot what the point of this metaphor is.

          To the left! To the left!

            Every Mii you own getting streetpassd on the left.

          And this is why I'll never trade in my old Bish-filled 3DS to get the new, larger but Bish-less XL.

        I know right! It's why I was so so happy to hear the announcement of the 3ds xl. I never got why people poo-pood the DSXL, like it wasnt necessary... its like a million times better than the original ds'

          Actually I remember you were the one to give me the motivation to get a dsxl come to think of it! For that I am eternally grateful

      Where are you buying yours!? :O

        Well, I was going to go Target with Rayman and Ghost Recon for $260, but if JB really do drop their price to the low 200's then I'll be going there probably. already have Rayman on xbox after all

    Also I'm just going to throw this out there, because I sure won't be attending one anytime soon (HOW DEPRESSING), but melon-wrapped prosciutto at next house-Meat with home-cooking.
    It's not bacon, but it's close enough.


        Haha! Like I'd go out to Meat you.

          What happens if i was on your doorstep crying and singing Africa?

            ... I'm in Canada, Rockets. Not Africa.

              What the state of Canada isn't in South Africa?
              The mind boggle with you and your geographical prowess.

      You can't just suggest an interesting new foodstuff for the next home Meat and then not come to cook it for us. That's not how this works!

        I THOUGHT YOU JERKS WANTED ME OUT OF THE KITCHEN MORE (well, Rize specifically I guess)

          I feel bad when you're putting in this massive effort and looks like you're missing out on things... :P

      You sure that's not prosciutto-wrapped melon?

        You just got flu'd
        Its kind of like punk'd but with a cooler voice.
    First comment is depressing. =(
    I couldn't play through it, but I'm sure I'd love watching other people playing it =D

      When I first started reading that link I thought it said kill scree daily.

        Why? What did I ever do to them?! *breaks down crying*

      I hate to say but i agree with the comments, those little gags that make you die to realise your mistake aren't fun IMO, Some people might enjoy the silliness of it but that sort of game design annoys me. Its not really clever or groundbreaking it just works to frustrate the player without reward.

        By the way scree in no way am i making fun of you for liking it or the game itself, its just those particular mechanics that the game employs annoy me.

          I know. But this would make a nice troll gift I think.
          This is the company I work for, Nyu media, so when someone says it's a mario rip off, it upsets me a little.

            Don't let it bother you too much. Every single side scrolling plateformer will get called a Mario ripoff by some idiot at some point.

        I agree. I'm not a fan of these sorts of mechanics where the only way to know about them is to first fall victim to them. It just feels like a cheap way to try and make your game harder.

        Don't really think you have to "hate to say" it.
        First comment seem like pretty valid points to me.


          Kazio traps are cute and all but they're not a solid gameplay mechanic. They're just great for Let's Plays.

          Seriously, this is awesome (NSFW language) but the gameplay itself looks terrible.

          I said hate to say it cause i didnt want to agree with the comment because even though he had valid points the guy seemed like a douche.

      Hi Scree
      Do you have any idea when CTHCC (I think I got that right) is going to release on steam?

    That making of Gangnam Style. Best parts are when Psy is watching the footage. Also the rest of it.

      I need to start hitting you on the nose with a rolled up newspaper everytime you mention Gundam Star or whatever.

        You are going to get very sick of flying between Canada and Australia if you do that.

          Pffft, what's a 19 hour flight.
          Plus, if I do it enough times, I will be like Mazer Rackham. While I'm busy travelling I will age very slightly less. While you would have aged 19 hours, I will have aged 18 hours, 59 minutes and 59 seconds.
          Oh hoh hoh!

            I think you may have just discovered the secret to immortality, non stop flying around the world.

              Silly Wolf, Bish doesn't need to discover the secret to immortality, he's already 11237 years old.

              That being said, if that's the secret to immortality, then surely going on a cruise ship is the secret to rapid aging. The presence of a metal festival on said cruise ship may cancel out the aging effects though, I'm unsure and this will need to be investigated thoroughly.

              By someone that isn't me.

                The presence of a metal festival may just result in a lot of old people wearing leather.

                  Or...a lot of old people wearing swimwear....
                  Seriously, not a lot of people wore leather on the metal cruises I was on. Not exactly weather-appropriate. :P

              Life-extension, perhaps. I think it'll take a little more than commercially available options to achieve true immortality.
              I mean, he'd still age, just slightly slower than the rest of us. If he were to simply *not* age, it's another story. It'd be difficult trying to find equilibrium I'd imagine, as the difference between aging, not aging, and getting younger (anti-aging?) is, at it's core, only a very fine line.
              Anything's possible!

      Oh my god, that little kid doesn't even realise how much of a badass he is. He is the best bit of the whole thing.
      Also elevator dude.

        Elevator dude is dedicated to his craft.


    Update: My foot is NOT broken! YAY!

      Sweet, what happened anyway? Did you trip?

        I was a zombie and attacking flu and my foot slipped of a stick and went owwie.

          Seriously though i hope your not to bad, foot injuries suck balls.

      Well that's good to hear! A broken foot would be horrible. Also HI DOC!


        If someone wasn't busy saving lives you could of prevented this with your doctor magic they teach you at doctor school.

      Obviously a lack of commitment on being a zombie

    Hey guys, hows it going?

      Better noW that you are here.
      How are you buddy?

        Aww yeah not bad thanks Rockets! I've been buried (literally) in Minecraft last 5 days on my mates server, it's so fun.. Curse him!

          haha buried, yes it is quite fun, the problem being that when minecraft was in beta and we had a TAY server i was on there most nights making stuff and after 2-3 months i can't look at the game without cringing at all the time i have wasted in it.

            Yeah what's worse is he's running Tekkit a Minecraft mod so we're making all kinds of awesome stuff, like Nuclear Reactors powered quarry's, jetpacks & other cool stuff.

      Virus Frond!

      Nothing new with me really, I beat DarkSiders 2 and am eagerly awaiting Dark Souls for PC and GW2.

      How you going man?

        Hey Nob! Yeah not bad, addicted to Minecraft it would seem, there goes my GTA III play through before Mists of Pandaria comes out D=

        Were you up at 5am to get in on the GW2 server stress test like my mate supposedly was before he had to go wot work?

          Maybe :P, although I had a day off that morning.

          So that 10,000 file download the other day was for a stress test? I wondered about that.

    Hey Bish, what part of Canalandia are you staying around? I could be visiting family over there at some point next year and could bring a couple of bags full of TAYbies for you...

      He is in Toronto and i will totes fit in your bag. I am good at forcing things to fit where they really should go.

      Though I must say, I usually prefer TAYbies as a whole item, randomly assorted offcuts of people is not generally approved of here.

        It kinda scares me you had that link so readily available BIsh...

    So if anyone has Nexuiz on Steam, you can have these 75% off DLC codes, I also have another TWO in the form of a coupon & a 75% off for the 4 pack of it, the codes are valid until March 1st 2014. So if anyone wants the 4 pack coupon or the other 2 DLC coupons hit me up on Twitter or Steam please!

    Codes are here for the 75% off DLC.
    Duel DLC 3: KHXH4-07GMD-XCKW0

    Desperate for the G1 Optimus Prime skin, I pre-ordered a copy of TRANSFORMERS! with *shudder* EB, however knowing there was no chance in hell that I could get to a store before the weekend I did it online with delivery, fooloishly thinking they had a "delivered on release day" policy (could have sworn I had seen that declaration once).
    So yesterday arvo, chipper as a chipmunk, I expected an email saying that TRANSFORMERS! had been posted and that I should receive it tomorrow (as in today... wait me confuzzled) but to no avail.
    Get to work this morning, still nothing, Hugo very concerned by now. So I check the staus on my account AND THE BLOODY THING IS STILL BEING PROCESSED!!!
    Just checked about 10 minutes ago and it still hasn't been posted.
    So I reiterate;

      Oh, Hugo. Silly silly Hugo.
      I ordered online, pickup in store. Not having them deliver to me again after it took over a week and a half to send out my Mariokart 7 (yeah, yeah, I'm in WA, but still...).
      Let's just hope I don't have any issues getting it on 360 (see earlier post).

        A WEEK?!?
        *falls to knees*
        By Talos, it better not take that long.
        It is strange (HI STRANGE!) I didn't have the option to pick up from store when I ordered it, however I probably still would have done delivery (in my ignorance of stupid EB processing time).

        Saw, about the ps3 360 issue, that sure is a kick to the plums, however as Puppylicks said, if it shows the correct system on the order form, you should be right.

          Yeah, my delivery probably only took so long because they shipped to WA from Sydney, and I think they used Aus Post. Sigh.
          And yeah, I doubt I'll have any problems this afternoon, but you never know...

      Game were the ones with that delivered on release day policy.

      This is what happened to me with ME3. Arrived 3 days late. Learned my lesson: don't get it shipped, ask for store pick-up from your local EB.

        I pre-ordered ME3 with JB Hifi. Shipped about five days after release... then I became aware of the import glitch. Riled up good and proper. :P

      Hey, does that mean you might miss the Friday FALL OF CYBERTRON session?! Ack!

    I had the Transformers (1986) OST on in my car this morning - I still have no idea why Weird Al has a song on there.
    Also, Stan Bush is a master of awesome 80's montage/pump-up tracks.

      Stan Bush mentioned me in a #FollowFriday once. Pretty much made my life.

        I would literally brain asplosion. That is so freaking awesome. SO JEALOUS!

      Because Weird Al was god in the 80s, also his song went perfectly with the Junkions.
      Bah Weep Graa Nah Wheep Ni Ni Bong!

        Still utterly bizarre.
        Bah Weep Graa Nah Weep Ni Ni Bong!

    I am not fond of stealth sections in games that aside from that one tiny section do not generally have stealth. I also am not fond of being spotted automatically giving you a gameover screen. It's a little frustrating.
    The Last Story is doing this to me and it's unfun. Also unfun is the reason why I'm sneaking in the first place. So eye-rollingly cringe-worthy.

      Is it the part where you have to sneak past guards? You can use your crossbow to put them to sleep but it's still not the best :(

        Nah, it's the next sneaking past guards part. Without the sleep arrows.

      That's why Hitman is so damn fun. You can always salvage a mission, even if you mess up the Silent Assassin thing. There's a game from a few years ago called Dreamfall. Basically one major stealth set piece that EVERY ONE seemed to hate. I can sympathize. :P

      Forced stealth with instant game over if you fuck up is a blight upon gaming.

      Yes! I completely agree with you Strange (Hi Strange!). Zelda games are a horrible offender of this. I mean I love legend of Zelda soooo much but whenever there's a stealth section I sigh to myself.

        Well its not as bad (i.e. you don't get a "game over" screen but still it is so frustrating being sent back to the start of the stealth section when you get caught.

          Yes! This is the whole reason I don't replay Wind Waker all the time. That stealth section at the start. Grr.

      I'm doing a few of them at the moment in Assassins Creed and I don't really mind them there because the suit the style of the game and are expected
      It is when you don't expect it or they put it in "for something different" in the same way they add racing vehicle section mini games that it doesn't work.

      I would suggest punching them but then you would fail the mission /o\

        Yeah, at least in AC you expect them. I found the whole section in The Last Story pointless. Triply so because the area you're sneaking through is suddenly just full of guards when before it used to be full of just general NPCs.

    I'm thinking about unplugging the PS3 and gaming on the Wii for a while. So many games that need finishing! Want to play Xenoblade, Last Story and Pandora's Tower!

      Yeah, my Wii is pretty damn neglected too. Only thing I've used it for since Donkey Kong Country Returns in 2010 (!!!) is Wii Fit in the morning when I run. Honestly can't say I've missed it, though. :S

        Mine's still in its box. Never removed. It sits in the corner, hoping one day to be appreciated.

      I hear XENOBLADE is good.

        Really? Never heard of it. If only there was someone that was named a colour with "ius" on the end could shed some light on this mystery game. Hmmm, redius? Nah, that's not right.

      My PS3 is dead so I don't have a choice.
      But I am thinking of plugging the PS2 in instead and replaying FFXII. I'm not sure why because I didn't really like the game and the main character even less so but I think the only way I'll stop wanting to play it again is to actually start playing it again. :P

        I wish Squenix execs hadn't fiddled with FFXII. Matsuno planned Basch to be the main character originally but apparently he wasn't shitty enough so they had to make Vaan.

      Someone said that this month is the month that they will finally play Xenoblade :)

      Greenius will be arriving soon to encourage you. I hear there's a game on Wii he likes.

    Do any TAYbies make the musics like stepping the dubs or the pops or even the electros?

    Trying to get an eclectic mix of music for the Zombie Movie

      I used to but not so much any more. Don't mind some of it (not dubstep though) but wouldn't go out of my way for it.

      I wouldn't be optimistic about finding such a person here. Anyone who did that would probably try to hide their identity.

        Funny coming from some one who likes Gangnam Style

        I wonder if anybody else will see what he did there :)

          At least one person missed it so far.

          I saw it. He's nifty with the words, that Bunny.

      If you need something I could try getting in contact with an old friend of mine. No idea how keen he would be.

      I could try, im terrible but i could try, i like dubstep and electro though.

        TRY! You send me something you made, it will get put in the film!


    I just saw your comment on page 3 about how many of your Playstations have broken. I think you must just have really bad luck. My nextdoor neighbors PS1 and PS2 still work perfectly and I've never had any sort of issue with my PS3 slim, which I've owned for about two years now. It's been Xboxes that I've had the most issues with, with me having had to replace both my original Xbox and my 360. The Xbox I've got now has to be going on 9 years old and it's still working (though you have to hit the top of it to open the disc tray) and my 360, which I think might be 3 or 4 years old, is still going strong.

    My main concern when it comes to getting future generations to play older games isn't that the hardware will no longer be working but rather things like always online, titles you can only access by streaming them etc will stand in the way of people enjoying older games in the future.

      If the hardware becomes inaccessible I imagine it would give incentive for proper emulators. Here's hoping any way.

    Man waiting for a phone call is so... 'annoying'

    I'm supposed to be called today for a phone interview for an internship program I applied for. They let me know a few days ago that I proceeded to the next round but all they said was "we'll call sometime between Monday and Friday". They called yesterday while I was in a class at University so I told them to call me back, but now I have no idea when they're calling :/

    I say 'annoying' because I'm not exactly sure when they're going to call. I'd hate to miss the call just because I was away from the phone for just a few seconds. I also don't know what to expect. Tis making me nervous!

    So stupid though... need a job for experience, need experience for a job :'(. Experience is probably the only thing stopping me getting these things since I've never had a job before. Any TAYbies want to help me get a job? :P

      Doing what exactly?

        What the internship program is or what job I want help getting? :P

        Program - Holden student co-operative paid internship

        Job - anything that doesn't suck and has a decent pay (so no fast food type places). I think I'd be good at Data Entry type jobs if it is what I think it is (just typing stuff and well... making data entries) since I don't mind typing and I'm quick and accurate too.

          Yeah the actual job sorry. What location/state are you in?
          A good place to start is the industrial sector. They usually train on the job and most of the time the pay/hours are pretty good. I work in the Steel industry myself.
          As far as not sucking goes....well...hahahahahahaha! Sorry but most jobs i've had sucked. That's all part of it. The job can suck but it's the people who matter. Work a sucky job with someone you get along with and you'll usually not notice how much the job sucks. Working with someone you dislike in a job you enjoy, will quickly lead you to not enjoy it anymore.

      Just go to the toliet. They're 99.99% guaranteed to call while you're on the toilet.

        This. Or make another important call. Or get in the shower.

        Or play an online game that'll take 40 minutes minimum to finish and you cannot pause it

        I took the risk and went anyway, bought my phone in just in case :P

      I have someone waiting for me to call him.

      He gave me the wrong number.

    James Mac was enquiring about the theme park meat in Ask Kotaku. If any one knows details I'm sure he'd probably appreciate 'em.

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