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    Back from getting coffee. They were out of the things everyone ordered, so I just got my own thing. Also, I've been back for ages.

      You tried at least, that's all I ask for man :D

      On the other hand, after thinking about a hamcheetomvocado croissant, I REALLY want a hamcheetomvocado croissant. This needs to be remedied when I get home.

        Thank you for mentioning that as I'm heading to work. I'm totally not going to spend all day craving one now.

          I'll post a buildlog when I get home, if I can find a recipe on how the hell I make a croissant. \o/

          Yeah, I really want one too, now :P

    Taking a week and a half off from work. Don't actually have any plans, just using up a bit of leave to sit back and relax.

    Might try and do a Let's Play in the time off. Record the whole thing in one go. Considering my Arkham Asylum one fell apart when the footage for the last third of the game fell apart, maybe I should just use the New Game Plus playthrough that I was considering doing.

      Do a Farmville LP!

        And as we can see, my friends are jerks and never visit my farm or whatever it is that they're meant to do here. So my farm is languishing.

        Screw this, I'm going to play Harvest Moon.

          seriously, do a harvest moon LP, i wanna see who you choose to marry and what crops you plant

            Considering that the majority of that game is about the daily routine, it would be incredibly boring.

            That and I lack the patience for that sort of game these days.

    @Azza Documentation will be made, most certainly. Only if any progress is made however, as there's not much info out there aside from "OMG LOOK AT THE BIG O", or how to mod my 360 for portability.

    I'll be sure to post here with any further details I scrape together. If I manage to make some headway, I'll probably start a tumblr or wordpress or whatever it is the cool kids are smoking these days, so as to prevent cluttering up TAY any more than I already do!

      Fantastic. Look forward to it

    Finally saw the Batmang last night! Anyone else think Bane sounds like Darth Vader as done by Sean Connery...I found him difficult to understand in some scenes...otherwise, i enjoyed it :)

      I thought he sounded like Deckard Cain

        Yep, I can totally understand that...'Shtay a while, and lisshen...'

          Yeah Klutar and I talked about that a little on the way back to Flinders Street :P

      I believe you'll find that he sounds rather like Bartley Gorman.

      I couldn't understand him either at times, I felt distinctly guilty I defended the trailer about that very thing. :P

      I liked his voice for some reason. A bit comiccy and out of place in such a serious movie but I think it made it a bit more entertaining. I couldn't understand half the things he was saying though, but I couldn't always understand Batman either (I think the cinemas I went to had the sound up a bit too loud).

        Actually I think the problem in a lot of cases was the music. So bassy I could hear some distortion in the sound in the cinema a few times, and they didn't dip it enough when Bane especially was talking at some points, so you've got super-powerful bass music and his kind of muffled voice gets lost in the mix a bit.

    Hello TAY. I am currently melting together a few video files from our most recent DayZ adventure. I WILL LET YOU ALL KNOW WHEN IT IS DONE!

    Note that due to lack of free hard drive space there are a few stutters as I've had to use my silly 'green drive'.


      Also, Spleen and I were thinking of heading to Elektro or Cherno to grab some food and drink, and then head North, away from Death Central on the Southern Coast. Obviously not all in one night, but that's our general plan. You game?

        Probably not able to join you guys for a while. We're sitting outside Berezino (third main city, east coast) at the moment getting set to raid it for supplies. There's a few hospitals, some supermarkets, military camp, apartments etc.

        We could probably meet you guys somewhere on the east once we're away from the deathfields of Berezino (seriously, it's like THE MOST OPEN AREA EVER).

          That's okay!
          Stay up near Berezino, we'll figure out what to do. Maybe we can round up Nova and Aleph who were keen to play tonight.

            Not having a map/compass all I know is that after I spawned on the beach I ran in a direction for 10 minutes then turned right and ran that way for another 15 minutes. From that highly technical and accurate description, do you think you can find me? :)

              When you log in, there'll be words on the bottom right of the screen. It'll give you a approximate location.
              Clouds travel from West to East.
              So with those two things you/we can get a rough idea where you are/where you're heading and we can meet up!

                I know who I want with me in the case of a zombie apocalypse... Oh wait

      Did you get much footage of josh?

        Pretty much the whole encounter from my perspective. But I ran over the hill when someone said to leave.

      Sounds good f4ction, do we get a David Attenborough style voice over or just the feed from TS?

        TS feed (and you can't really hear me, so hurrah!)

    Hey TAY

    I finally finished Final Fantasy XIII last night. I idea what the fuck happened there.

    XIII-2- Worth it?

      Was the WTF based on the story?

      In XIII-2 the story is even more stupid but I found the gameplay to be better overall. It's pretty cheap so if you liked the battle system of XIII then you should probably check it out.

        It was the story at the end that just lost me. I'm used to final bosses in FF being insanely weird but the whole section was kinda...yeah.

        Might give XIII-2 a miss.

          XIII-2 is the best game I've played this year. Haven't played many but yeah, I even like it better than The Last Story.

            is XIII-2 as linear as XIII?

            coz that was my main complaint about XIII. I thought the combat system was great, the story was fine, progression etc was rewarding.

            the only other thing about XIII i didnt like was Vanile's engilsh voice actor. Theres something about Australian accents in games that just sounds a bit wrong.

              The thing is, I didn't mind Fang's voice, and she wasn't actually Australian!

                I didnt know that. Pretty good accent she's got going there. But I must agree, I didnt find Fang's dialogue anywhere near as annoying as Vanile's. but then again, that was maybe down to charactisation.

                Still, the most annoying character is totally Hope.

                  I actually used Hope for most of the game. Vanille annoyed me way more

                Fang was my fave thing about the game actually. She was like these guys are losers (to a certain extent), lets just get shit done. I was all 'hear, hear!'

              It is far from linear. There's a fair amount of choice of where/when to go next due to the time-travelling mechanic. The combat system is similar, but you can also capture enemies to join your team which is fun.
              Oh, and there's almost no Vanille. :P

                Excellent. I will most certainly play this :)

       least until the FFX HD port is out :p

                Haha, based on that last line I'll pick it up now. Just got to finish XIII already... still running around the open world bit enjoying that side of life

          For the $29 or so you can pick it up for these days I'd give it a go. I enjoyed it much more than XIII.

      You told me Xii last night! We had a discussion based on two completely different games haha

      I just want my damned hoverboard.

        That would be good too, but it's still a pipe dream where as VR has existed for years, it's just never been properly brought to the public for some reason. I guess cost used to be a huge limiting factor.

    Dead Island. Worth it for the GOTY edition at $40 or not really all that great?

      I thoroughly enjoyed it :)
      Don't know about the DLC but i really liked the game(although i still haven' t finished it)

      That seems a bit expensive, I thought the GOTY was like 20-30? I've played it for like 2 hours and its average like I expected, glitchy as well (at least on PC). Good fun co-op with friends though.

      Dunno about the DLC, but its got a good mele combat system,, pretty standard RPG elements & horrible voice acting. The majority of the launch bugs have been fixed (on PC at least). &Its pretty fun with co-op.

      If I was gaurenteed to have 3 other people to play with for the duration, I'd pay $40 for it.

      Or you could wait for the sequel / prequel / whatever the hell it actually is thats hopefully due early next year...

    X-Men First Class 2 will be based on Days of Future Past.


      For the non comic people, what does that mean?

        Days of Future Past is an X-men storyline where Kitty "Shadowcat" Pryde's older self possesses her younger self to warn the X-men about the shitty future she comes from. Basically, because a Senator was assassinated, in the future all mutants are herded into internment camps by giant robots called sentinels and experimented on. so the X-men have to stop the assassination

        Given that the films have featured Magneto's internment camp history quite a bit, the parallels and the motivation for him at least will be pretty clear cut.

          The fact that I could regurgitate that mostly from memory is kinda scary.

          Isn't that pretty much the same plot as Wolverine and the X-Men? I'll go ahead and assume they based the show on that comic storyline.

            Similar. Also similar to the story with Bishop in the original animated series.

          That sounds pretty rad actually, would make for a great setting if they keep the same quality of acting and character development. Is it still Fassbender and ah... whatshisname, English guy from Atonement?

    @Klutar: I actually like grinding in MMOs most of the time too. Hell, I played to about level 65 or so in official Ragnarok Online and that was 100% grind. Though I do have to admit the grind in WotLK to get the Argent Hippogryph nearly broke me thanks to that fucking jousting stuff.

    However I didn't like grinding in SWTOR at all, because I didn't like the way any of the classes played. I couldn't get a rhythm up and had to constantly be stopping and considering how to approach each pack to avoid adds etc otherwise I'd have to burn multiple cooldowns to survive and stuff. I feel like the game's not well balanced, not in terms of classes relative to each other, but the abilities themselves. Too many of them which are not well differentiated from each other, too much situational stuff, etc.

    Possibly I managed to always play bad classes for me and never found one that clicked properly. Wish they gave you a way to change advanced class.

      I really miss Ragnarok Online, despite that I had no friends on that... and my build was done completely wrong lol. I LOVED the combat though, all my attacks felt like they had weight.

      Maybe, I played Sith Inquisitor and Bounty Hunter and found both of them ridiculously easy to grind through.

        I played Jedi Guardian to 50 after starting on a Scoundrel and being disappointed that it was all focused on punching people and kicking them in the nads but being unable to change to Gunslinger without rerolling and having to re-do the exact same content. I also had a ~30 Trooper but accidentally deleted, that was easier to play with but by that point it was my third time through the exact same content and I was just getting incredibly bored with it.

        None of them felt anywhere near as fun as my WoW experience (FWIW I have an 85 DK and 85 Paladin, both of which I raided through WotLK with, DPS and off tanking, and also had a feral Druid I got to around 75 before quitting) and I was lured away from SWTOR by Tera, which is amazingly fun to play except I was getting animation lag issues and no one I knew was playing so I got behind and lost interest.

        There is something about WoW that feels 'right' where so many subsequent MMOs have just not felt good to play. I've tried almost all the major releases since, and I was still going back to WoW in the end until I began to get tired of the same thing after all those years.

        What I'm currently eyeing is FFXIV. I played it when it released, unfortunately, and it always felt like it had the core of a really good game hidden underneath all the unfinished and broken shit, so the whole 2.0 rebuild thing is really interesting to me and I'm looking forward to giving that a go.


    When it comes to cooking, whats your speciality? What are the dishes that you enjoy making & subsequently nomming on?

    Personally, I like to think I make totally kicking vegetarian fritatta, quiche & lasagna. also creamy pasta sauce with stupid amounts of bacon.

    I'm also looking for a bit of insppiration for other things I wanna try making...

    aaand...... GO!

      Getting quite deft at rice dishes, chicken risotto and a semi-traditional paella (chorizo, prawn, chicken) are my top dishes at the moment.

      I made an amazing steak sandwich once that I've never since been able to replicate. Does that count as a specialty? :P

      Green Chicken Curry. I'm pretty good at a bunch of things

      My specialty is making crappy but satisfying meals, using one fork, one saucepan, and one plate/bowl.

        I envy you o.0
        I manage to level a kitchen like Little Boy leveled Hiroshima.

        Except my fallout is delicious.

          I shared a small, ill-equipped kitchen with 6 other people for a few years. I had one smallish cupboard to myself and the fridge was slowly dying, so I couldn't store many ingredients or keep fresh ingredients for long.

            OH! That reminds me of when I was in a similar situation. My food was stored in my cupboard in my room, and I had some eggs and butter in the fridge, that was it.
            I managed some amazing things cooked on nothing more than a sandwich press. 10min self-saucing omelette was my favourite.

          I manage all the destruction with none of the deliciousness

      I'm not very good at cooking in general but lately I've been making some really good chicken and mixed vegetables stew. I don't even use any spices, which is kind of nice since in the past i've filled my dishes with spices to counteract my crappy tasting food. Having this meal with some spaghetti or rice and a pinch of salt is great.

      I also like cooking with bananas, a few here and there to add some texture and flavour. I currently have an idea for a mashed potatoes and mashed bananas mixed meal in my head. I haven't cooked it yet but I'm thinking of trying it over the weekend.

      Otherwise I don't cook a lot.

      If I were to put it down to one dish, I'd say rendang daging. I don't "excel" at any particular dish though, I've got a pretty mean vegetarian goulash/ratatouille/hotpot thing, eggs benedict, and clove-stuffed miniroasts are fun too.

      I learned the secret to good sticky rice a few years back, which is why I put my curry on top of that list now :D

      My go to dish is grilled chicken coated in cumin, paprika and chilli with lemon juice and garlic (just sprinkle a little olive oil on chicken breast and apply those spices liberally). Normally with a side of chilli and mint cous cous and grilled capsicum.

      Takes bugger all time to prepare and tastes pretty decent.

      Throw in some flatbread and hummus if you want to feel a little fancier.

        Take me now.
        Seriously, that sounds amazing. I'll wear a pretty dress (sorry Lambo!) and you can wine and dine me.

        I'm going to have to try that this weekend!

          But but bunny is a insufferable twat, maybe it would work better if you gagged him. I would have dinner with Trjn if he was gagged.

          Works well with lamb, just needs a different balance of spices. You'll work it out through trial and error.

          Lately I've been adding a pinch of cardamom to the mix too.

          Stole this one (the general idea at least) from Jamie Oliver's 30 Minute Meals.

      I don't really have a speciality, but I can cook a lot of stuff. In terms of reception of my cooking, I've gotten the best responses to the raspberry & white chocolate baked cheesecake I do periodically. I also do a pretty good Carbonara (doing it properly, no adulterated recipe that uses cream or anything). Generally I cook what I feel like eating at the time, and prefer stuff that's not hugely fiddly. The most time-consuming thing I do periodically is gyoza, but that's very simple to make, just takes forever to fold them.

      Lasagne (meaty ones), white sauces, chicken madras, risotto and chicken soup :p

    @Mawt: When I last ordered with Zavvi - which was last week - they only offered standard slow untracked shipping. So if they now offer proper shipping that's something pretty new I think.

    The intro for Regina Spektor's "All The Rowboats" has got me all kinds of caught up. The impact of the percussion reminds me of 'that part' in Phil Collins' "In The Air Tonight", but the synth, I can't seem to place it >.<
    Evanescence perhaps? Driving me bonkers. What do you guys think?

      Hmmm... I dunno... just kind of sounds like mess of hits really, doesnt sound like anything to me! I dont mind her songs myself, but her lyrics bug me. I'm always thinking... what the hell is this woman on about

        Oh wait sorry, my mistake. I thought you were talking about the end part of the song, not the intro XD

        I like that I can ignore what the lyrics actually say in most songs. Regina Spektor says some goofy shit.

        Her cover of Real Love is pretty amazing though.

    Just renewed the Minecraft server.

    Thanks to Bish and nob for fronting the cost while I'm unemployed.

      Come to think of it, I haven't checked out the MC server in a month or two. I wonder what it looks like now.

    Hey gang, sticking my head in for a bit. I've been mostly absent for a while with newborn stuff and before that it was me being distracted because a baby was about to arrive and trying to get work done ahead of me being away from work for three weeks. Anyway, it's all going well, and here is me talking about video games:

    I bought Splinter Cell Conviction off Steam for $5 during the sales and to my surprise really really loved it. I really dig the new direction, even though ordinarily this sort of "dumbing down" grates. It just seems to work with this game. It's a lot of fun.

    Less fun is the silly Ubisoft UPlay system. It has deleted my progress. The first time, I was able to restore it by following some simple instructions posted on the Steam forums, but then it did it again. Also, unlike games like Skyrim and Batman Arkham City and Deus Ex HR, it doesn't run well on my system. After about 5 minutes of play it manages to squeeze a playable framerate but it can't handle some cutscenes at all.

    So I went onto Ozgameshop and bought the game on xbox. I used a "player points" voucher worth $10 so I only paid $8 for the game. Because the challenge mode is amazing, I'll need to buy the DLC as well, which will probably cost me more than the game did. But this way I get a working product that has the added benefit of split-screen co-op.

    I'm back at work today which is a little sad, but it's a good job so I should just buck up and get on with it.

    Cheers all!

      I want Conviction on PS3, damnit!

        Me too, I have been wishing for a PS3 port for ages.

        Also speaking of 'dumbing down', I'm of two minds about it. On one hand it sucks when it's a series you love but at the same time I wouldn't have gotten into some genres without the 'casual' options.

        I think the best things for developers to do is for them to make games with layers of depth Easy to get into but it gets challenging and more satisfying as you go along.

      I played that on Xbox 360 shortly after it came out. Saw some preview stuff and thought it'd be nice.

      A pretty decent game. Fun but not amazing. I did like the art direction and use of black and white while stealthed. Tried the co-op, turns out my friend and I don't do stealth together very well.

        It feels slightly unpolished. It reminds me of 007 Bloodstone which unimpressed everyone and I picked up in a sale and just loved. There's something about this style of game that I love. Some "stealth lite" coupled with a feeling of being very deadly. The Arkham games scratch that itch as well, but do so with great polish and impressiveness.

          Unpolished sounds pretty accurate.

          I remember some stealth sections dragging on because I couldn't safely move to where I wanted to be (a problem the Arkham games doesn't have at all, Batman is crazy mobile).

            I find Conviction operates firmly on the melee+mark/execute rhythm. It doesn't really seem designed to sneak through a level, but just to hide long enough to get behind someone and then quickly headshot the other three guys in the room and then move on. There's a cool scene in the White Box Laboratories where you mark three guys by peaking under the door, then you can drop onto guy#4 through the skylight and then execute the three marked dudes. This is a good example of Conviction in a nutshell, I reckon. I'm only up to the Lincoln Monument though so far.

              That tends to fall apart when there are stragglers. You'll come across them more towards the end, at least I did.

              It's been a while, so my memory is a little fuzzy.

                One thing I didn't like about previous Splinter Cells was how good the eyesight of the guards was. I like my stealth games to be games - eg a cone of vision and a stubborn predictability in their movements. Splinter Cell guards could spot my left foot sticking around a corner from 400 metres away. I like the concept that when you're in darkness you can't be seen.

                As for stragglers, I did come across this in the challenge map I tried (so awesome). At least you can "bank" your execution, so you melee the second-last dude and as soon as you see the last dude you can execute him.

      Conviction is great fun. Though are you having any problems with your PC locking up while its running? tis frustrating.
      Sneaking... sneaking.... lining up a shot......*freezes* waiting... waiting... 3 mins later... screw it. *reboot*

        No, the gameplay itself runs fine. It's on transitions and cutscenes it struggles. I was happy to put up with it, but not put up with UPlay screwing with my saves.

          The longer name for the service, UPlayTheSameSequencesAgainAndAgain, didn't rate well with a focus group.

            Nice. But I'm not playing the scenes again. I mean, I have no trouble re-playing them for fun, eg on a harder difficulty, or just to play it again, but in circumstances where I don't know if it'll keep my progress? Nuh uh.

      I liked Conviction on PC - I think I got the steam version too....
      BUT I still like Chaos Theory better. I think the story was better and the stealth was better.
      Still enjoyable though. Wish I had someone to play co-op with....

    Have Nintendo realised they're sitting on a goldmine and added the ability to download DS games on the 3DS yet?

      If I could get my hands on Trauma Centre 2 that way, I would definitely start using my 3DS again.

        I'm more thinking back to my DS experience. I had a R4-style cart so that I could copy all my games onto it and use them on the go without having to carry around a billion cartridges and I wish I could do that legit. Also a lot of the reason I hacked my PSP was to do the same. I've been buying my Vita games physically because I like physical and also because the 32gb memory cards are crazy expensive and not nearly big enough, but I wish you could dump the retail games to memory too.

          That's pretty much what I did with my DS as well. It's so much better being able to swap what you're playing on the fly without having to worry about carrying around a case with your entire collection.

          It's the same reason iPods and Kindles are pretty damned sweet.

      We need the account system first! Then they can go nuts (though they probably won't :P). Hopefully we at least get GBA games.

    Just had a staff meeting.

    "This TAFE institue is reuired to reduce operational costs by $5-10 million each year over a period of four years. Redundancies will most likely contribute to these savings. Also, the 2011-2012 financial year was the first year of this plan. Probably shouldve told you about this 12 months ago, but what are you gonna do eh? so yeah. save $20-40million in 3 years.
    On the first of September, we are taking our proposal of how were going to accomplish this to the minister of education / premier. Whats that you ask? Whats in this proposal? Oh I cant say, because we havent written it yet. But rest assured, there will be a consultation process with some staff likely to be affected. Oh thats a good question. 'Whos going to be affected?' Well, were unsure at this point in time, but we'll likely know in about eight weeks.
    Why yes, you are correct. That is after our proposal has been submitted! You will eb consulted on this proposal after it has been proposed.
    OK, I've been here for 25 minutes now & I'm starting to feel dirty. So I'm going to go drive off in my motherfkn ferrari & go have lunch."

    tl;dr uppper management are total shits.

      Do you guys like buses? Aren't buses great? You know the best part of the bus? The underside.

      Man, you guys are so lucky that I'm throwing you under the bus. You get to see the best part!

      Wow, that sounds word for word like my last meeting.
      Damn government.
      Ruthless TAY dictatorship is looking better each day, who's with me?

      Wow. Are there actually any managers out there who arent dicks? I seriously think I have never come across one. Ever.

      Ah, my unnecessarily circuitous plan to get #35 to come and work in IT in Canberra has taken its first step! Mwahahahahaha!!

      Here's hoping that all ends well and you aren't negatively affected by this crap.

        theres one fault in your plan sir, and it is this:

        When I get to canberra, I'll go insane, because Canberra. Then, in a fit if delirium, I will jam you into a cars boot & take you back to civilisation / Sydney. I havent planned further ahead, but after that, I'd assume my insanity will have passed. & you'd be free to go. With the added bonus that you have escaped Canberra.

          That sounds pretty great! I'll go tie myself up and wait out the front of my house for you!

      thanks for your concern guys. I dont think it's gonna affect me personally, but even if it did, I dont know if i'd worry that much. Always something to move onto :)

      I was more posting this to point out the weirdness of management mentality.

    Morning all. I feel so much better today but I'm still not allowed to go back to work till next week. Bosses orders

      Wow, it must suck having to sit at home and game like mad...

      /envy :P

        You'd think so but I just dont. I have no drive to play anything atm. (only playing BF3 and DoW2 with mates and non of them around at this hour)

          When I was home with the 'flu a few years ago, I sat in bed and watched an entire season of The Wire. I also played through Condemned 2 twice. Good times.

            You sat in bed with Flu and watched TV together? What did your wife think about this?

            Mannequins *shudder*

              Oh man, that level was awesome. Such a good game. I want a Condemned 2.

              And the bear?

                *Condemned 3. Woops.

                  They were both pretty damn good games. According to wikipedia there is rumours of a third. Gogo rumours!

    Dishonoured. Apparently out Sept 28

      Looks interesting, gonna buy it but probably not till next year so any release date for me is fine atm

      The week after Borderlands 2.
      Difficult decisions will have to be made.

      Though, I've got a pre order on BL2, so I might wait for a few weeks before getting Dishonored. Because it looks great. & I do want it.

      A few games out around then.
      BL2 and WoW expansion I have both on pre-order (which even though I have quit WoW, I'll play the expansion :P)

      I don't understand why everyone's going nutty over this. It looked like a vastly less interesting or thought provoking Bioshock knockoff from the material I've seen of it, which admittedly is not that much.

    Hive mind!

    I need your help/advice! I'm contemplating applying for a job at the Apple store doing the fixing thing.

    I've heard mixed reports on what they're like to work for. So, does anyone know anyone who has worked for them before and what it's like?

      Haven't heard much about them, but a crap job is better than no job in terms of money. Grab it, and if you don't like it, keep looking for an upgrade.

      I hear it's busy. My soon to be brother in law works at one. But he is a massive fanboi and a design graduate so I would say a bit biased. I haven't heard him complain though.
      Last time I went into one (to talk to the said brother in law, not to touch any apple product) it was so busy I mistook it for a kindergarten.
      It actually blew my mind how many people where there at about 4pm on a Sunday. I really can't comprehend it.
      As for repairs - do they even do that or do they just give out a new one? I guess laptops they might fix...

      (This may sound like Apple bashing but is strictly personal opinion and observation from a professional standpoint.)

      I do not work directly for Apple but I work for a company who does repair work on their behalf. (3rd part reseller/repairer.)
      From my experience dealing with Apple I would not work for them even if it was the only job in town.
      Mostly I really dislike they way they do things and their hyper controlling "screw you over with a smile" business ethic.
      Also a couple of peeps at my company who have worked at Apple in the past have said there is no way they would do so again.

      As far as repairs go Apple computers are dead easy to fix, but I think you would have to be a huge fan of the company and products to enjoy it there.

      Now back into the night like batman...

      Thanks for the feedback guys. I applied. As Rize said, job is better than no job. Although, judging by the forums I also read, apparently having already worked in IT I'm over qualified for the position :P

    @Effluvium: the Bishop story in the animated series was days of future past, they just used Bishop in place of future Shadowcat

    So I was playing Unreal Tournament 3 recently, and the Bishop character has as one of his comments during a firefight, "I never asked for this".

    I just got 14 identical messages from blizzard saying my account was locked for suspicious activity...

      Did you get banned for 'vulgar voice spam' in game chat?

      I'm terrible at not offending people through voice chat apparently.

        I havent used my battlenet since about a month after diablo 3 came out...

        So I'm extra confused

          I never even bought Diablo 3 and I'm getting them on my email too, I've counted 4 so far

      YOU HAD BETTER FOLLOW THOSE LINKS RIGHT AWAY AND CHANGE YOUR PASSWORD. Also, I hear your Runescape account is in the red zone, and your penis could be extended by a factor of thousands.

      Also I greet you amicably at this time as I am a princess greivanced by the unfortunate assassination of my beloved husband and wish for you to kindly send you money to the banks here to release the funds owing to me. This is urgent and must be completed before the close of business tomorrow immediately my love, they are sure to find out otherwise. Do not tell anyone of these communications thankyou because assets will be freezed.
      Also my lawyer and my doctor will contact you with further instruct, thankyou.

        The best "Blizzard account has been compromised" emails I get are the ones to the one email account I have that hasn't been attached to a account.


          Also, what the hell is Cialis? Viagra's aussie counterpart or summin'?

      Quick! send them your full name, username & password, home address & credit card number asap or your account will be deleted!

        Don't do this! It's a trick!

        Send all that information to me instead. I'll sort it out.

      Message count: 33

        Wow, that's a bit bizarre that you'd get them in such quick succession. Are they the completely bogus ones, or do they at least seem legitimate?
        Might be worth double-checking your account settings just to be sure, after all.

    I woke up this morning feeling absolutely terrible, and I didn't get out of bed until just after 1pm...
    Yay. :(

      Whats the matter LocoHombre?

      I've had a shitty cold all week so far. its just enough to be uncomfortable, but not bad enough to warrant doing anything about.

      oh well... hope you're feeling better soon man.

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