The New Animal Crossing Has Much Cooler-Looking Houses

Straight from Nintendo president Satoru Iwata's livestreamed Nintendo Direct event today, here's more of Animal Crossing for 3DS, which Japan gets this November and the rest of the world gets next year. Clothes-designing is nice, but, wow, look at those houses!

In order to fit in players' lives, Animal Crossing allows people to customise the store hours and pace of life in their town. For example, players can select choices like "The village that gets up early" or "The village that never sleeps". That way, Animal Crossing can match the real-life rhythm of its players.

Other new additions include allowing players to design clothes in greater detail — turn those clothes into QR codes and exchange them with other players! And as mentioned above, it has better houses — with better customised furniture.


    They kinda look the same.....

      I'd say that City Folk was pretty much identical to Wild World, with only the addition of a few minor things and a City that got boring too quickly. This game, however, seems to be doing its best to give as much new interesting content as possible, without distancing itself from the main ideas of Animal Crossing.

    ATM im playing Harvest Moon: TTOTT, just biding my time till the new animal crossing game.

    I don't really get it, the article is about houses but has a single screenshot of the police station from the previous gen Animal Crossing game. Guys, I don't get it.

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