You Get To Be Mayor And Go Swimming In The New Animal Crossing

Not going to lie. I put way, way more hours into Animal Crossing: Wild World, the first DS entry in the franchise, than I ever should have. After managing to catch a coelacanth on my first day I was, well, hooked.

Catch fish, collect bugs, cultivate flowers, buy clothes, decorate your home... these are the hallmarks of Animal Crossing. It's kind of like real life, only cuter and with more gardening.

Going to a nightclub, though... that's a new one.

Today's Nintendo Direct revealed that in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, due out for the 3DS next year, your bouncy little avatar isn't just a villager; it's the mayor. And if your mayoral duties prove too burdensome, you can always go swimming on a tropical island.

And of course, the most crucial decision one can make in Animal Crossing: what pants to wear.

I suspect, though, that even the mayor has to pay their mortgage. Oh, Tom Nook. Will I ever be free of you?



    Im in the same boat i sunk too many hours to count into the gamecube and the DS version's, even after paying off my house completely, with all upgrades i was still stuck, doing shitty post man missions....
    I had teh creepiest house, no furniture, just every room filled with bouncing, wobbling, bopping, spinning and gyrating gyroids... i was their king!

    Im hanging out for the 3DS version so bad, and im hoping they release a WiiU game as well.

    We knew this months ago

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