This New PS3 Game Is Pretty Damn Crazy

This New PS3 Game Is Pretty Damn Crazy



    • its like the team all took some really bad acid after the launch of LBP 2 and have fallen into a Dante esque descent into hell and madness.
      I’m terrified but excited to get this. Only problem is my 4 year old would be in love with this and scared by it at the sametime.

      what to what to do, 500 $1 hooker bots or 1 $500 hooker bot?

  • There’s something hugely LBP about it. It even looks like the LBP engine, and with little stylistic touches like the confetti on the “mission cleared” screen and the paper cut-out look, there’s definitely a comparison to be drawn. It looks pretty fantastic! This Gamescom is looking pretty rad so far, with three must-have Sony exclusives to salivate over.

  • Great looking graphics, too much full-on noise, music and yelling, where are the quiet moments that build tension? Overload much?

  • I’m loving the theatre style nuances in the animation , voice acting and sound effect, it’s looking really polished already.

  • I liked the gasps and claps from the audience; they should include that in the game; gives it that live-show feel and adds to the puppet authenticity.

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