This New PS3 Game Is Pretty Damn Crazy

Upcoming PlayStation 3 game Puppeteer, announced by Sony today at Gamescom, might be one of the strangest titles we've seen this year. It's a platformer in which you play a boy-turned-puppet who has to hop his way out of a magical theatre that moves as you move. Looks neat!


    Is this made by the team behind little big planet?

      its like the team all took some really bad acid after the launch of LBP 2 and have fallen into a Dante esque descent into hell and madness.
      I'm terrified but excited to get this. Only problem is my 4 year old would be in love with this and scared by it at the sametime.

      what to what to do, 500 $1 hooker bots or 1 $500 hooker bot?

    There's something hugely LBP about it. It even looks like the LBP engine, and with little stylistic touches like the confetti on the "mission cleared" screen and the paper cut-out look, there's definitely a comparison to be drawn. It looks pretty fantastic! This Gamescom is looking pretty rad so far, with three must-have Sony exclusives to salivate over.

    Great looking graphics, too much full-on noise, music and yelling, where are the quiet moments that build tension? Overload much?

    The fuck did I just watch? This is all kinds of weird, creepy & I want to play it.

    I'm loving the theatre style nuances in the animation , voice acting and sound effect, it's looking really polished already.

    I liked the gasps and claps from the audience; they should include that in the game; gives it that live-show feel and adds to the puppet authenticity.

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