Batman: Arkham City Looks Different On Wii U

These screens are supposed to be showing off the new armoured looks for Batman and Catwoman in the Wii U edition of last year's hit superhero game. But these shots really highlight the fact that Arkham City doesn't look demonstrably better on Nintendo's upcoming console. Honestly: these images look terrible.

Expectations have been that the Wii U would at least match the visuals currently possible on the PS3 and Xbox 360. But these screens look they're hitting the lowest end of those consoles' capabilities. It's worth noting that Rocksteady Games aren't handling the Wii U version of this Bat-game. Instead, Warner Bros' Montreal Burbank studio is handling the port.


    THB you can't really tell much to say...

    though why are they orange?

      oh...may have somthing to do with bats eletric thing...I have not yet finished arkham city

      Shit story shit website. Hunting for hits. Fuck you Kotaku

    It looks quite muddy and not at all sharp...

      Well they are low-res. Not really the best comparison material.

    Are you sure these are scans of an image from a magazine wherein the reporters took a polaroid picture of a tiny standard definition television connected via composite cables?

    Oh they aren't? Are you sure?

      hey... they MIGHT not be polaroid pics... maybe...

    See thats what i cant understand, that looks horrible... but they look much the same to what i've seen of ZombiU... so im not really suprised.

    Those pics look like they are straight out of a magazine? Wait until official shots come out.. Im not actually expecting it to "look" better as I expect it to be more or less a straight port.

      Yep was thinking the same thing;that or at least who ever took them doesn't know how to take proper screens. I seem to remember digital foundry doing comparison shots months ago at around e3 where the wiiU footage was more or less the same as the other consoles albeit with slightly sharper graphics. Either way it certainly looked better then those images.

    Surely these are magazine scans...?

    Having the game on PC (a decent one at that), this looks awful. More awful than I was expecting...

    It looks significantly worse than the 360 version, but its a work in progress, so I guess we'll wait and see.

    It looks like theres a grain filter over the top of the images which certainly makes it look LoFi.

    Gotta be low quality scans. Otherwise Nintendo should be worried that this company is making their system look shit... or maybe the Wii U is shit. Who knows.

    Having seen video footage of this game in action, I can say these shots look way worse than the actual game. Not sure who released the images, but if it was the Warner Bros. guys, wow, they need to contact their marketing department.

    Guys, what you're not taking into account is that the Wii U will come packaged with Instagram, so those screenshots are supposed to look like Polaroid. It's retro! See!

      This post made me laugh...and then sad.

    Like judging a movie's image quality based on a leaked handy cam version. Surprised barely anyone is jumping all over this article.

    To be honest, whether or not these screens are scans or otherwise does not bother me in the slightest. It's a first generation game on a new console, has anyone checked out screenshots from perfect dark zero lately? Gen 1 xbox360 game, try comparing that to the above screens... I vomit in my mouth a little everytime I see them :p

    Must be magazine screens.

    Even if they weren't, the system is far better than that. Check out the Wii U demo of AC3 for instance.

    TBH this really put me off buying a WiiU. I was considering it, cos it's always cool getting new tech, but these screens look terrible!

    I have this game on my PC. The difference is ridiculous.

      Really? These low res screenshots are the deciding factor for you?

    It has been brought up in message boards that the pictures Kotaku has presented here are somehow awfully washed out compared to the ones actually found in the press kit released to journalists. Examples:

    why did you guys add a white filter at 20% over all of these images? the original press kit release is much cleaner. here's a sample:

    When these ones are compared with the Nintendo release pics, it's obvious that they are the exact same except these ones were put through some filter. What a shame. I'm still pumped.


    This article is pathetic journalism.

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