How Does Batman: Arkham City Use The Wii U GamePad?

I was truly surprised by the Wii U controller — by how light and comfortable it was to hold and use. Now my only concern is how it's used by third parties. Will ports be lazy and underuse the device, or will they find unique ways to utilise it to its fullest capacity?

I think Batman: Arkham City will probably sit somewhere in the middle of that spectrum. I'd love to play a Batman game designed from the ground up using the Wii U GamePad. The possibilities!

But for now I'd probably be happy to replay Arkham City from a slightly different perspective, given it was one of my favourite games of 2011 and all.

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    I'm not sold.

    Sorry to use the term, but this seems massively gimmicky - not what I was hoping for from a launch game.

    If this indicates what all other ports will be like, I'm depressed.

      I agree. The B.A.T. addition doesn't seem that interesting either.

      I just hope all that armour on both Batman and Catwoman doesn't remove the visible wear and tear that I love so much.

    I had no problem switching between gadgets on the ps3 version. The new wii u features aren't worth buying the game again for.

    Playing a game on a TV that size will be enjoyable anyway you look at it, but im still not sold on the Wii U and controller and such.

    Sorry to say - Played it on the weekend at the EbExpo - Awesome. I was avoiding it at all costs, now im trying to convince the wife!!! :-)

    It was pretty obvious he had some kind of stand that he was resting it on. There's no way anyone could hold it that steady with one hand while pressing down on the touch screen, especially when in other shots, he was holding off where the stand would be and it was moving about.

    This is what disappointed me about the DS, the touch screen was mainly used for mundane things like map interaction and inventory. I think the controller's biggest strength is going to be the asynchronous gameplay aspect, but it's going to come down to the developers as to whether it will find a place, or just be another gimmick.

    Glad this game will have all DLC included, otherwise I wouldn't bother

    I think that's the point though, this game isn't really aimed at people who have already bought the game on another platform. As someone who never played the original this is giving me a reason to buy the WiiU version over say the 360/PS3 version. I probably won't play it at all personally because it's really not my kind of game but I'm sure other people in the same position as me will.

    well, ive never played arkham city before. i am definately getting this on launch along with zombieU.
    unlike so many trolls out there claiming the ''gimmicky'' control is not worth buying, i know nintendo will provide me with quality new ways of enjoying games. im also sure those trolls will definately by the next sony/microsoft ripp-off game pad when it comes out and label them revolutionary.

    to only real benifits i see there are the explosive gel and batarang

    Yeah, the explosive gel is really the main thing there. I don't see how taking my hand away from the analog stick to select specific gadgets from a touch screen is more "immersive" than using the D-pad. I didn't even look at the inventory cross by the time I finished the game on New Game +, it was seamless. My thumb knew how many times it needed to tap to get to the right gadget, which I find waaay more immersive than taking my eyes off the telly to choose the gadget off the Gamepad. As much as I want a Wii-U, I've played Arkham City enough and I don't think this version will add anything significant to the core experience - which was pretty damn close to perfect anyway.

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