DayZ To Get Real Dogs

Zombie survival mod DayZ is to receive an update soon which will see the introduction of dogs. Who, in a similar vein to games like Fallout, will act as a companion and bodyguard on your travels.

Your trusty german shepherd can be given basic orders, but much like the (relatively... aside from the zombies) realistic slant the rest of the game takes, your mileage will vary. New dogs will be largely useless, while those who are more experienced will be able to better take orders.

Which will be fine and all so long as you can't name them. If you can name them, and they die, it'll be more emotional trauma than it's worth.


    Yeah, last line really sums it up. Unless they are pretty hard to shoot, this is going to end in tears. But then, if they're effective attack dogs and they are hard to shoot, that'll end it tears too.

    Oh wait, I'm talking about DayZ. Playing that game ALWAYS ends in tears!

    (I love DayZ)

      100% agreed... I just know that I'll be irreconcilable when I lose my first dog... and I doubt it'll get any easier.

      (I also love DayZ)

        it's hard enough for me to survive in DayZ as it is..

        as for video "L2Headshot" sounds like some cool things coming to DayZ

    And the world just got that little bit more special

    Maybe they should spend more time on fixing glitches first.

    In before some bastard makes a /killdogs script

    All these things sound great except it all goes out the window when you take in other players. I seem to get within the line of sight of a player and i get my face shot off.
    He has no penalty and I lose all my gear. In real life if I murdered someone it's gonna mess with my mind, it will break my concentration, I'll start to think what if i didn't murder him and it could impede my survival. In the game killing only has a benefit of the bandit title. I say remove bandit title, if you murder someone without being shot at first things like food and water start to be come harder to find, you start to see things like other players and zombies when they aren't actually there. Perhaps even randomly passout for a few seconds maybe even have a flashback to the last 3 seconds or so.

    If we remove the positive of murder I'm sure people would work together better. Remember when people used flares???
    I don't think a PVE only world is good however give me a reason to venture back near civilization without knowing everyone will kill me. I twice have found a guy who seemed friendly. I have been murdered countless times. Because of this I only play on low pop servers and live in the bushes eating animals and drinking dam water. I have forgotten what a town looks like.... sadly.

      You know Steve, When the standalone comes out, you will have even less reason to go to towns. Hall "Diseases will be implemented into the game, Higher population towns where players always visit will have more chance of giving you a disease, poop will be introduced too, and vommit, these things will carry diseases too" Does this mean that antibiotics and painkillers will become less rare (not painkillers) or will it be even harder to cure your cholera?

    im BUSTING to get this game but im on a mac and i dont wanna spend heaps of money on a pc. well my parents dont wanna anyway. pls can u tell me when this AWESOME game is coming out for mac. like hands down this would be my favourite game, and i have a LOT of games. or maybe it could come out for Xbox360 or ps3 or something? cuz Xbox is a microsoft based platform so...

    yeah pls tell me thanks

      Hey man, just letting you know i run on a mac too :) the only difference is i use Bootcamp, it's where you install windows side by side on your mac, so you get the best of both worlds (so to speak). Search "How to bootcamp your Mac" and then when you have windows, buy and play.. Good luck :)

      hahahha mac user, If you spent half of what you spent on your shiny piece of aluminium on a PC you would be playing now.

      As jake said yes bootcamp it. Yo dawg i head you like gaming so we put windows in your mac so you can actually get somthing done apart from perty sounds and facetime

    gee that guys is a terrible shot! Three zombies and 3 magazines, not a single headshot!

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