Game Developers Arrested For ‘Spying’

Game Developers Arrested For ‘Spying’

According to reports out of Greece, two Czech citizens have been arrested for “spying”. They were caught with photos and video of a military installation and arrested in the Greek island of Lemnos and are supposedly claiming to be video game developers for Bohemia Interactive.

Reports state that Greek authorities charged the two with espionage; however, the developers were apparently collecting reference material for ArmA III, an upcoming military game that is set on a Greek Island.

Bohemia Interactive boss Marek Spanel confirmed that the story is true, adding that he preferred that the topic not be discussed on the studio’s forums “at least until we know more specific details about the case…”

Κατηγορούμενοι για κατασκοπεία δύο Τσέχοι που συνελήφθησαν στη Λήμνο []
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  • The exact same thing has happened to me ! Well, almost. I was making a shopping centre level and I thought it would be good to get some reference from the local Woolworths, but apparently they have just as strict prohibition on photography as military installations. I tried asking for permission but got a flat “No, we have to protect our shopping centre secrets!”, which is why I had to take photos on the sly. I felt like a real spy.

    I hope they get that sorted out, but they would have known that it was illegal to photograph military installations – very silly thing to do.

  • I think Greece honestly has bigger problems to deal with. As for “spies” well, I doubt greece has a large military expenditure.

  • BIS isnt stupid, im pretty damn sure they got permission from the government to take the photos. Im guessin the Limnos local government have had a tanturm because a year back there were reports that the island locals were not at all happy with their island being in video game.

  • Bohemia should just buy Greece – it’d be going cheap right now. Once they own it, they can then release their guys from prison and hold a garage sale to get rid of the rest.

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