I’d Totally Watch This Live-Action Final Fantasy VII Fan Film

I’d Totally Watch This Live-Action Final Fantasy VII Fan Film

Well done, don’t you think? This was directed by Italian filmmaker Gionata Medeot, who told me he hopes to send this teaser to producers and raise funds to turn it into an actual film.

“Aren’t you worried about Square Enix’s lawyers asking you to stop?” I asked him in an e-mail. Square shut down a fanmade Chrono Trigger project back in 2010.

“I know,” he said, “but my lady Tifa knows Hironobu Sakaguchi and when we finish the teaser we’ll send it to him and we hope to be blessed; if not we’ll put it on YouTube equally and fingers crossed.”

Good luck, Gionata! I hope your movie about Aeris doesn’t wind up like Aeris.


  • Very well made. But honestly. Trying to replicate the visual style of a game from 1997 in a live-action movie just comes across as clunky. If a company was REALLY going to do a movie based on a game like this, I’d hope that they’d be a bit more creative with the design… But then, in a fan-movie, that’s kind of missing the whole point, right?

        • Or better still, have the actors wearing really well made cardboard costumes with sharp edges and everything to properly reflect the original style of the game. I would so watch that movie.

  • After Advent Children, who would want a live-action FF movie? Props for a really well-made fan film, but I think that’s something I’d rather Square handles themselves. (Not that they ever will, but we can dream, right?)

  • For some reason the embedded video wouldn’t play for me, I needed to go to youtube to watch it.

    Also, a movie that follows the actual game story of Final Fantasy VII would be unbelievably long. Advent Children worked because it was a separate story to the game. But if you’re basing it off the actual real FFVII story and don’t want to leave anything important out, it would have to be a LOTR style trilogy of 3.5 hour movies 😛

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