PAX Australia Is Heading To Melbourne

Previously we'd heard a rumour that PAX Aus was headed to Brisbane, but it looks as though that may have been a clever ruse. We've just been sent a document that all but confirms that PAX Australia is headed to Melbourne between July 19-21, 2013.

The event will be held at the Melbourne Showgrounds and is being organised locally by ReedPOP.

Kotaku Australia has been given access to a sales document providing all the information regarding booth space rates, and it confirms all the above information.

So there you have it — PAX Australia will be held in Melbourne in July next year. Excited? Disappointed? Surprised?


    Shocked it's not being held at Queanbeyan Showgrounds.


      Dang you lucky aussies, I might just make a trip there frm Singapore :)

      Ok Im sorry for hijacking this, just wanna test the reply system on my phone, the reply system is going crazy on te main site, keep asking me to login when I already have..maybe coz im on anyway sorry..

      Dang you lucky aussies, I might just make a trip there frm Singapore :)

      Ok Im sorry for hijacking this, just wanna test the reply system on my phone, the reply system is going crazy on te main site, keep asking me to login when I already have..maybe coz im on anyway sorry..

      Don't even joke about that, I want to enjoy my PAX experience without having to worry about being glassed.

      I'm from Queanbeyan, and I approve of this message.

      Is PAX that big?

    Eh. Would have preferred Sydney (on account of that's where I live), but I can't fault them the decision to use Melbourne - I'm sure they considered everywhere before they decided, and I trust them to have decided on the location that best suits them. And it's not that far for the weekend anyway.

      From what I understand, (been wrong before and will probably be again) Melbourne has more 'local' game developers than anywhere else (nothing big name, but places like Redtribe and Brawsome).

        We have local developers?
        Team Bondai and Irrational (who I dont think are even in Aus anymore) are the only ones I know of.

          Australia has the biggest IOS devs

            And the worst IOS games

              Obviously you've never played Jetpack Joyride.

          Bondi got shut down a while ago. We still have Irrational (they're in Canberra). We also have Straight Right, who are doing the Mass Effect 3 port for the wii u along with other unannounced wii u games (one of those is apparently a well known franchise if my memory is correct).

          We also have Half Brick, for those lovers of Fruit Ninja. Brawsome are responsible for the point and click Jolly Roger and that 3DS game (I think) MacGuffin's Curse

            And we have firemonkeys who make real racing, flight control and ea ports to ios.

              Firemonkeys comprises of two companies, Firemint (flight control, real racing) and Iron Monkeys (mass effect infiltrator, sims free-to-play). They recently joined to increase their market capabilities.

          Its not Irrational, its actually 2K Australia ( Now known as 2K Marin after merging with 2K California )
          Also, we have a MASSIVE Indie industry, only about 4-5 teams aren't making iOS Games, including myself.
          The Core Gaming Australia is Developing Galactic Destiny and Colonies
          Evil Aliens are developing Orbitor
          ( Convict Games? ) Developing Triangle man
          About 1-2 others doing solid Indies

    Once again, nothing comes to Adelaide.

      For good reason.

        Australia is the "Adelaide" of the world.

          I agree with your assessment.

      you guys have AVCON

      Why would they go to Adelaide? 5th largest city, very few game studios, almost zero PR presence, tiny convention centre, no direct flights to the US. The Gold Coast is smaller and made more sense than Adelaide.

      Supanova is coming to Adelaide in a bit over a month.

      Man it being in Melb is a gift to Adelaide - not far to go if you want to.

      Although july in Melbourne.... hope they realise they aren't going to be seeing 'sunny Australia'

    Kinda disappointed it's not in Sydney. Easier to get to for the tourists, nicer weather, more touristy stuff to do....... and I'm here. :P

      lol its not that there isnt as much touristy things to do ...we are just sneeky and hide ours. we make you work for it damn it lol.

      You guys have the EB Expo this year anyway.


      Until you realise Australian conventions are over priced shit holes that get second rate attendance by industry. This will cost 150 a day and you will get the b team. I'm going, I just hope it's not an over priced shambles.

        Except you fail to take into account that $150/day does not match the PAX model, something until now completely unknown to the continent. This is a primary reason behind the decision to choose Australia for the 3rd PAX. Many people wanted it in America, some in Canada, and many in Europe-- but regardless of those wants, the Australian market *needs* PAX.

    Well, crap. :(

    -.- Melbourne gets everything.

      'Cause we're better.

      Eventually people realise that and move here. Which means we get more of everything, and keep getting better.

        Until it turns into an overcrowded, unlivable cesspool. Which happened about 5 years ago, I believe :P

          So I guess it's like Sydney now? :P

          I wanted to move to Melbourne about 10 years ago. Wouldn't have met my wife if I did, so, there's that.

        Then why do we keep getting melbournites moving to bloody brisbane, keep them yourself

      Really? I hear EB Expo is in a few weeks...In Sydney

      Melbourne gets everything? The only gaming expo has been the eb expo , which melbourne hasnt had yet, while brisbane and sydney has. You might want to rethink that.

        Melbourne has had eGames in years gone by.

    PAX AU is probably the only reason to come to Melbourne in the middle of winter. But it's a pretty good reason!

      Melbourne is God damn miserable. Why the hell would they don't in bloody winter?

      Also how fuxk

    Sydney's getting the EB Expo, Gold Coast got it last year, so PAX in Melbourne is actually the right choice, hope PA can get some exclusives and make it a show for the fans and not a show for selling stuff (EB).

    Probably smarter choice than Brisbane, but bummed I won't be going. :P

      Better choice for winter is brisbane, warmer the melb


      Train Trip! Done the West Coast Train Trip for Prime the last few years. Never taken the Syd-Mel train, and the XPT Doesnt have a basement like the Amtrak Coast Starlight, but who knows? It might not be too poo.

    Awesome thats its going to be in Melbourne. Being from Perth i knew i was going to have to fly over East somewhere to attend PAX and since i have been to brisbane and sydney many times but never to melbourne this gives me a reason to finally see melbourne and attend PAX all at once.

    Now to arrange to move in for a weekend with my friends on the other side of town :P

    Sydney crowds are fickle so Melbourne is probably better.

      LOL. Melbourne is known as pretentious Hipster land and Sydney is fickle?

        What does that have to do with anything? I'm just saying that crowds in Sydney arent likely going to be spectacular compared to Melb.

          I don't think fickle means what you think it means.

            I think it does.

        Sydney would turn up the first year, having a penchant for being theatre-goers, but would drift away in any subsequent years.

    Seems like a good excuse to visit Melbourne next year! I would have preferred Canberra but that was never going to happen.

    Hey Melbournians, can we swap PAX for EB? EB will be better....I swear....

    Is it any surprise that its heading to Melbourne

    Obligatory "y u no come to Tasmania?" post.

      You have computers in Tasmania? 0_o

    Probably wise: Melbourne have the ACMI and a Mana Bar, the crowds are more willing to go to things, the public transport's slightly better and it has an international airport. While I did hope for Sydney, Melbourne was really the most likely choice.

    Thank god it's not Gold Coast bound anyway.

    Hoping there will actually be some good games next year to look at.

    AWESOME, when can we order tickets? Be there in a heart beat.

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