PAX Officially Coming To Melbourne For The Next Two Years

We've known for a while now that PAX Australia would be headed to Melbourne, but now it's official. For the next two years — 2013 and 2014 — PAX Australia will be held in Melbourne.

As we revealed earlier, the first event will take place at the Melbourne Showgrounds between July 19 and July 23.

Louise Asher, the Victorian Minister for Innovation, Services and Small Business, said bringing the even to Melbourne was a "major coup".

"This is the first time the event has been held outside of the United States," she said.

"PAX is the world’s premier gaming festival and the decision to choose Melbourne to hold PAX Australia represents a fantastic opportunity to highlight Victoria’s creative capabilities on a global scale.

"This is a great opportunity to showcase the gaming culture in Australia to the rest of the world, while promoting the talented game developers and creative studios to an international audience.

"Events like this bring a huge number of interstate and international visitors to the Victoria, delivering significant economic benefits."

And Louise Asher is absolutely right — one of the greatest benefits of PAX being held in Australia is the fact many of our talented local developers will get the chance to show their games of to a global audience.

According to Robert Khoo, President of Penny Arcade, Melbourne's previous history of playing host to major gaming events was a major part of the reason the team wanted to bring PAX to Australia.

"When we reached out to our international fans, the response from the Australian community for a local PAX was overwhelming," he explained.

"Melbourne has a long history of supporting the gaming scene, through showcasing cultural game exhibits to supporting world renowned game developers.

"Holding PAX Australia in Melbourne is the perfect fit for our show."

Speaking to Guy Blomberg, PAX Australia's communications and content manager, it was always the plan to make PAX an annual shindig here in Australia. The event will take place in Melbourne for the next two years, but after that? There are no concrete plans as to where the event will be held.

"I think the focus right now is on seeing how the initial shows go," he said, "and see where things go from there!"

Guy confirmed that Mike and Jerry would be attending the show, as you might expect, and said that — although nothing is confirmed at this stage — there might be other mini-events scheduled around the Expo.

Stay tuned to PAX Australia's official website for more info.


    1 - Why is it in the Showgrounds? It's going to be overcrowded to hell
    2 - Suck it Sydney!

      The only alternative in terms of size would be Melbourne Exhibition Centre, and they'd have to book the vast majority of the place out, or otherwise risk another Oz Comic-Con, where it was impossible to move. I'd guess tickets will be set to sell out, and they'll be expensive, to control the crowds.

        I've been working the convention circuit this year (Supanova, Manifest, Armageddon, etc) and I've noticed that the Exhibition Center is a lot better for business. Having it there gives people easy access to the building and also gets a lot of extra foot traffic due to it being near 2 top tier stations in Melbourne. Plus you have a variety of food options next door at Crown if you don't want to buy food in the building.

        The Showgrounds on the other hand feels a lot smaller when it fills up with people unless you hire out both halls and split the event, the facilities are a lot smaller and harder to plan around, plus the transport is horrible (Public Transport Victoria shut down the tram stops out the front of the Showgrounds due to safety issues during Manifest) as you have 1 tram line and a train line that requires special permission to run.

        Last edited 22/10/12 10:23 am

          Exhibition Center is the better venue. It's in the middle of everything and ridiculously easy to find. The only thing I don't like about it is Crown. That said I think I'm starting to understand why they went with the Showgrounds.
          Until now I've been thinking of this more like E3 but it's not your traditional expo it's a wider festival. They're going to want stages, showrooms, different areas, etc rather than just a big open showroom floor. The Exhibition Center can do that to a degree, but the Showgrounds were built for it.

            Actually that's a good point: the show floor is honestly the most boring part of the PAX format (and, being in Australia, it's going to be even less exciting than at PAX Prime if the EB Expo's tepid show floor was any guide), mostly there to tempt people to showing up. The actual fun part of PAX is the everything else, which mostly require their own little rooms. If the Exhibition Centre doesn't have enough rooms for panels, roleplaying, board games and BYO stuff it's not a good fit for PAX.

            Last edited 22/10/12 10:52 am

    Anybody remember the South Park ep with the hybrid cars? The cloud of smug that is Penny Arcade is going to hit the one in Melbourne and I don't think anybody is going to be safe.

      We'll all collectively take credit for the Civil Rights movement.

      Thank you, that comment just made my day!

      Mel-boring as my father says.

    Acquisitions Incorporated?

    Great! At least I know if I can't make it in 2013 I might still get a chance to go later.

    Hoping to pre-order a ticket, but uni might get in the way of this :/
    Happy PAX is coming to Australia at all.

    Would have preferred it to be at Jeff's shed, but I'll take what I can get.

      I actually think the Australia Beers and BBQs Festival is going to be at Jeff's shed that weekend.

    Well if you need photos, i will 100% be at this. and 100% taking photos of everything that does or does not move. :P

    I'd like Exhibition Centre much more. It would be classier also imo. Oh well, whatever PAX is PAX. Definitely will go!

    Really looking forward to this! I'm so glad it's in Melb, that way I don't have to fly anywhere hehe. Everyone was saying Brisbane, which is horrible.

    Ergh, Melbourne will be the worst place to hold an event during the winter.

    Can't wait. Exhibition centre would have been good though.

    2013 is gonna full of conventions. I've always been going to Supanova, Manifest and Armageddon, so time to add PAX to the list.

    I wonder how good the schedule/vendor list will be. If its going to be full PAX then we'll be sure to see the next generation of consoles here (If they are anounced @ E3 in June that is).

    I've never been to a Comicon, Armageddon, Supanova or any other gaming or sci-fi convention of any kind, so why the hell not. Booked.

    I really hope the roosterteeth senior crew keep their streak of perfect PAX attendance going with this one. Will be awesome!

      i'm pretty sure on a podcast burnie already confirmed that they are going to pax aus

    I wonder if they'll try to get Showgrounds Station open for the event. It would be nice to have a train there rather than finding the right buses.

    Outdoors? All the screens will have glare, then we'll get rained on; Also we'll be freezing because it's Melbourn in the middle of winter.

    But PAX is about the people, so it will be worth it. It just won't be comfortable.

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