Strange Xbox Live Outage In The US Now In Its Second Day

This is the best part of internet outages — when the internet service provider blames the hardware and vice versa. The customers really don't care what the problem is. In the US, "a subset of Time/Warner ISP users" that haven't been able to connect to Xbox Live since noon yesterday still can't get into the system today.

The outage is now past its 24th hour, but because it doesn't seem to blanket a region or a particular internet subscriber entirely, it's tough to pin down what exactly is going on. I'm a Time/Warner cable internet subscriber myself and I have had no problem connecting to Xbox Live for the past day. I live in North Carolina. But readers in Texas and Kotaku staff in New York have reported problems making the services play nice.

"Time Warner is saying its not on their end and Xbox is saying its not on their end," says reader J.B. from Austin, Texas.

We've pinged Xbox Live representatives for some kind of followup.

Service Status [Xbox Live]


    I'm in Wichita Falls, TX and haven't been able to connect. It's frustrating. :/

      time warner stinks. all that aside found a workaround.
      check your ip address by typing "my ip" in google(note this address)
      Unplug modem
      login to your router
      change mac address on router so it clones your computer mac address
      restart modem
      pray for new ip address which will be likely as time warner appears to assign by mac address(if you get new ip go to xblox settings>system settings>network settings and test)
      worked for me
      new ip address
      it appears not all ip addresses are affected

    I'm a TWC customer and I can't get on. I only use TWC's high speed internet, so my Xbox Live Gold + Netflix serves as my tv entertainment. I went from wireless to wired and either way, I can get to the internet, but not Xbox Live. I can go sign on from my computer on the website, but I can't do it from the Xbox 360.

    I get this message on the Xbox website after I sign in and go to Support and click on Service Alerts:

    'XBOX LIVE Service
    Users may experience difficulties with the following services:
    A subset of Time/Warner RoadRunner ISP users will have intermittent issues connecting to Xbox LIVE.

    9/23/2012 10:18:11 AM PDT:
    If you're having issues connecting to Xbox LIVE and are using the Time Warner ISP, thank you for being patient and sticking with us while we work out the problem. Rest assured we are still working hard alongside Time Warner to fix it as quickly as we can. We will continue to update you as new information becomes available.'

    I was wondering why there weren't any 14 year old American kids tellin me about how they fucked my mother over the weekend. Now I know.

    It's been a cleaner, and greener, weekend of Live for us Aussies.

    I'm in ny and having this issue, I just got off the phone with twc they said maybe 3 to 5 hours. Xbox pointed the finger at twc. I just wanna play lol

    I suppose the real question is what you Americans are doing on the Australian site. I mean, we're happy to have you, we've got boundless plains to spare etc etc

      "Us Americans" are on "your" Australian site because "your" site just happened to start conversation about "our" XBOX Live service. If you really need to know...."my" google search on the issue just happened to pop up "your" article first. So what is it to you?

        lol What an emo

    Im from Costa Mesa California and this bullshit is happening. I just want to get back online as soon as possible. IM ON MY PS3 FOR CHIRSTS SAKE!

    Try This! This is definitly a Time Warner Cable issue but i found a fix and as you can see, others found it to. All you have to do is CHANGE your MAC address from your router or modem. I currently have a moden connected to a router. I changed my routers mac address, unplugged modem, waited 30 seconds, plug it back in and now i can connect to xbox LIVE. (CHANGE MAC ADDRESS) if youre having trouble changing the mac address search on google for how to do it.

    lol they got hacked

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