Sweet Mother Of Assassin's Creed III, I Would Wear This Jacket Everywhere

I don't like most gamer clothing. They're usually tacky, or have a huge, ugly logo plastered everywhere. Plus, personally, they're usually all too large. I have a zillion gamer sleep shirts, but nothing I would actually ever wear outside the confines of my apartment.

This, though. This.

I've been following Volante Design for a while now. He's an incredibly talented designer and seamstress, a one-man show that's just recently taken on a few helpful hands. But this Kenway Jacket, designed after Assassin's Creed III's protagonist — Connor — is fabulous. And it's got just the right amount of subtlety and yet obvious connection to teeter that fine line that often tumbles over to horrendously ugly or obnoxiously over the top.

Also, zippers. You can't go wrong with a couple snazzy zippers.

Unfortunately it's $US320, and while I don't find the price unreasonable, I can't cater to my whims. If I did I'd have nowhere to put all the things I'd buy. Like a pool. I live in NYC, guys. Where would I put a pool?

Ancestors: Kenway Options [Volante Design]


    "He's an incredibly talented... seamstress"?

    He's a tailor. A seamstress is a woman.

      Why not seamster, I wonder?

        I was just thinking that :p

        Because the Teamster Guild got upset that people might confuse them with girly-men

    Looks awesome. Would buy it if it was 200 but 320 for a jacket that my fat belly might not make it kinda taking a big risk

    LOL it's still incredibly tacky

    "Also, zippers. You can’t go wrong with a couple snazzy zippers."

    Wow. Really?

    No Tina, just no.

    That colour.

    And it would be more than likely that I will not be able to fit into those nice tight pants that the ladies praised Ezio for wearing. So the effect would be somewhat undercut..

    Does it come with hidden blades/hooks?

    Hey Tina,


    You're welcome.

      Whilst they have some interesting designs they are incredibly cheap (quality wise) and over priced.

        Not sure what ones you've bought, but the quality on everything I own from them is epic and they are reasonably priced for what you get. The guys are super popular too. Don't think you get that with cheap/pricy merch eh?

    "Does it come in black...." .....with red trim instead of blue?

    I like it! If only it wasn't 320 :(

    I like it! If only it wasn't 320 :(

    Does it come in fat size?

    Would make an awesome suit for my wedding.

    Unlike some complaints here, I've got the right build for this, but that wouldn't stop it looking stupid.
    B+ for effort, C+ for result.

    Also, yeah... the zippers comment: how old is Tina? 16-17?

    I personally think it looks great, but I wouldn't pay more than $100AU for it. Red or Grey accents would be better.

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