The Battle Of Hoth Recreated In Minecraft, As An Incredible Animated Short

In December, reader Grahame made one of the coolest Minecraft videos I've ever seen, recreating Star Wars' famous "trench run". He's outdone himself now, though, with this animated rendition of Empire Strikes Back's Battle of Hoth.

It took him two months just to build the "set", and six days to film it and get it synced up with the movie soundtrack.

Those wondering, Grahame says he used no mods in the filming of the sequence, just his basic models, game effects and some camera work.

Minecraft - Star Wars - Battle For Hoth [ParadiseDecay]


    I think there were a few HUD errors he could've fixed but it was ok

    Aaaaaand now I want to play Battlefront 2.

    So much for "animated"

    Look at the effort they put into this like really, it is logo movie work but with Minecraft. a lot of rebuilding. I say give them a round of applause.

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